Bible ~~- Older Testament

1st Samuel Wrench

Ch. 1
1 Samuel's Dad Picks Barren Wife Over Breeder Giving Birth 1100BC
9 Priest & Hannah Pray For Samuel's Birth Giving Birth
19 EL-Kanah Gets Hannah Pregnant With SamuEL Giving Birth
24 Hannah Dedicates Baby To Lifelong Priesthood Devotion
Ch. 2
1 Hannah Sings As She Dedicates Her Baby Yah's Protection 1100BC
12 Eli's Priest-Sons Fornicate & Rob The Temple Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion
18 YAH Blesses Samuel's Family; Hannah Has Kids Giving Birth
22 Eli's Sons Keep Abusing The Priesthood Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion
27 Mystery Prophet Foresees Doom On Eli's Family Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion
Ch. 3
1 Boy Samuel Hears YAH's Audible 'Voice' Paranormal Phenomena 1070BC
11 YAH Curses Eli's Evil Religionist Family Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion
15 Samuel Tells Priest Eli His Family Is Doomed Spiritual Vision
19 Samuel Grows Up; Prophesies Israel's Doom Yah's Word
Ch. 4
1 Philistines Massacre Israelis & Capture Ark Praise 1070BC
12 Old Fat Eli Dies Hearing Of Israel's Defeat Defeat
19 Snake-Mouth's Wife Dies Bearing Ichabod Giving Birth
Ch. 5
1 YAH's Ark Conquers The Fish-God Idol Idolatry
6 YAH Curses The Idolaters With Genital Tumors Punishment
8 Philistines Pass Around The Hot-Potato Ark Paranormal Phenomena
Ch. 6
1 YAH Smites The Philistines For 7 months War 1070BC
3 Sorcerers Say, 'Warlords, Return The Ark' Repentance
10 WarLords Send Ark Home w/ Gold Tumors & Mice Paranormal Phenomena
19 YAH Strikes People For Looking Inside The Ark Paranormal Phenomena
Ch. 7
1 Israel Spends 20 Years Mourning Defeat Fear 1070BC
3 Israel Finally Resolves To Serve Only YHVH Serving YHVH alone 1050BC
7 The Palestinians Attack The Penitent Ekklesia War
10 YAH Smashes The Attackers With A Voice-Bomb Yah's Protection
15 Samuel Guides Israel Guidance
Ch. 8
1 Samuel's Sons Turn Corrupt Electing Leaders / Trusting in Man 1043BC
4 *Israel Ousts YAH To Elect A Man Head Of State Electing Leaders / Trusting in Man
Ch. 9
1 Young Saul Goes Looking For His Dad's Donkeys Defeat
6 Saul Consults The Supernatural Prophet SamuEL Spiritual Vision
17 YAH Tells SamuEl Saul Will Be King Authority
22 SamuEl Honors Young, Humble Saul Above All Success
Ch. 10
1 Samuel Blesses Saul & Predicts His Near Future Spiritual Vision
9 Young Saul Gets Born Again YAH's Spirit (Holy Spirit)
17 Samuel Announces Saul's Kingship To Leaders Electing Leaders / Trusting in Man
21 Saul Hides From Kingship In The Baggage Pile Electing Leaders / Trusting in Man
Ch. 11
1 King Snake-Hiss Makes War On Arid Jabesh War 1042BC
5Saul Drafts Israel's Men To Fight Snake-Hiss War
11 Saul Crushes The Armies Of King Snake-Hiss War
14 Samuel Crowns Saul The First King Of Israel Electing Leaders / Trusting in Man
Ch. 12
1 Samuel Warns Israel Their Government Will Die Electing Leaders / Trusting in Man
Ch. 13
1 Young King Saul Begins His Reign Of Terror War 1041BC
8 King Saul Usurps The Role Of High Priest Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority
16 The Philistines Besiege Saul's Unarmed 'Army' Oppression
Ch. 14
1 JAHnathan Eerily Sneak-Attacks The Enemy Fort Courage 1041BC
15YAH Throws The Enemy Into Suicidal Confusion Yah's Protection
24 Saul Makes Soldiers Swear A Death-Curse Oaths
27 Saul's Son Jonathan Eats Honey; Death-Cursed Oaths
47 Saul Morphs His War-State To A Killing-Empire War
49A Brief Genealogy Of King Saul Family
Ch. 15
1 Corrupted King Saul Banishes The Amalekites War 1028BC
9 Saul Holds Onto Prize Loot & Evil Enemy King Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority
22 Samuel Says King Saul's Terror-Reign is Over Repentance
32 The Prophet Chops The Beast-King Into Pieces Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority
Ch. 16
1 YHVH Chooses David To Replace King Saul Authority 1024BC
4 The Prophet Samuel Goes To Anoint David King Authority
14 YAH's Spirit Leaves Evil King Saul Demonic Possession
17 David's Music Exorcises Saul's Evil Demons Authority
Ch. 17
1 Palestine's Giant (Goliath) Challenges Israel War 1024BC
12 Shepherd Boy David Goes To The Battlefield War
26 Young David Offers To Slay The Giant Perseverance
32 Young David Refuses King Saul's Armor Courage
40 *David Kills Goliath, The Demon-Spawned Giant Courage
Ch. 18
1 *Jonathan Betrays His Dad-King To Save David Companionship 1015BC
5 *Young David's Fame Shames Evil King Saul Jealousy
10 Demon King Saul Hurls A Javelin To Kill David Success
17 Saul Tricks David Out Of Marrying His #1 Girl Humility
20 Saul Makes David Chop Penises To Get His Girl Betrayal
Ch. 19
1 Demonic King Saul Attempts To Murder David Integrity 1014BC
7 David & King Saul Temporarily Reconcile Yah's Protection
9 Saul Tries To Murder David With His Javelin Murder
11 David's Wife Lies To The Cops & The King Privacy / Secrecy
Ch. 20
1 David & Jonathan Plan A Lie To Fool King Saul Companionship 1013BC
11 Jonathan & David Make A Protection Pact Companionship
18 Jonathan's Arrow-Shot Secret-Code Spy-Trick Privacy / Secrecy
24 Saul Sees Through JAHnathan's & David's Lies Privacy / Secrecy
33 *Saul Attempts To Murder His Son JAHnathan Murder
35 JAHnathan Shoots The Secret-Message Arrow Privacy / Secrecy
41 *Prince JAHnathan & David Part Companionship
42 David Flees From King Saul's Murderous Rage Companionship
Ch. 21
1 David & Outcasts Eat Forbidden Sacred Bread Privacy / Secrecy 1012BC
10 David Runs To Hide In Philistine Land Privacy / Secrecy
11 David Pretends To Be Insane To Avoid Death Privacy / Secrecy
Ch. 22
1 David Assembles A Wild Following Parents 1011BC
9 Saul's Dog-Boy Murders 85 of YAH's Priests! Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority
Ch. 23
1 David Saves A Citadel By Supernatural Power War 1011BC
7 Saul Drives His Assassin-Army To The Citadel Spiritual Vision
13 On YAH's Advice, David Flees The Citadel Privacy / Secrecy
16 JAHnathan & David Renew Their Alliance Companionship
19 Ziph's Tattle-Tales Rat Out David To Saul Betrayal
25 Bad King Saul Chases David Through The Desert War
27 Philistines Attack Israel, Diverting Mad Saul War
Ch. 24
1 Saul Hunts David On The Wild Goat Rock Lands Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority 1011BC
3 In A Cave, David Refuses To Kill Pooping Saul Nonresistance
8 David & King Saul Reconcile, Temporarily Loving Enemies
Ch. 25
1 The Prophet Samuel Dies Death 1011BC
2 Mr. Stupid Rich Man Snubs David Blessing
12 David Vows To Murder Mr. Stupid Rich Guy Ungratefulness
18 Abigail (Mr. Stupid's Wife) Saves Her Family Nonresistance
Ch. 26
1 Mad Saul's Army Hunts David Like A Desert Dog Demonic Possession 1011BC
5 David Steals Saul's Spear, But Avoids Killing Courage
17King Saul Again Reconciles With David Loving Enemies
Ch. 27
1 David Escapes To Live With Enemy Philistines War 1010BC
8 David Evicts Pagans From The Promised Land War
Ch. 28
1 The Philistines Make War On Saul's Israel War 1010BC
7 *King Saul Holds An Occult Seance With A Witch The Occult
14 Demon Poser “SamuEl” Prophesies Saul's Death The Occult
Ch. 29
1 Philistine WarLords Boot David From The Army War 1010BC
Ch. 30
1 David Finds His Town Burned, Wives Kidnapped Bondage 1010BC
8 David Recovers Israelis & Kills Kidnappers War
21 David Showers Generosity On All, Even Cowards Generosity
Ch. 31
1 The Pagan Army Kills Saul & His 3 Sons War 1010BC