Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- 2nd Samuel ~~- chapter 13 of 24 (39 verses.)

2nd Samuel 13Wrench

King David's Son Amnon Rapes His Sister Tamar
1 [Time passes, ๐Ÿ˜‡. Prince] Amnon {Support}, [the firstborn] son of [king] David, [sits looking through his mansion bedroom window. He peeps into the adjacent mansion's bathroom window. He sees his] beautiful half-sister, [princess] Tamar {Tall-Palm}, the full-sister of AbShalom {Father-of-Peace}. [She glistens in the candlelight. She pours water over her perfect body.]
2 Amnon [flushes], vexed [with lust]. He feels love-sick for his sister Tamar {Tall-Palm}. But, her being a virgin, Amnon can't figure out a way to [bed her without getting caught].
3 So Amnon [consults] his [cousin] โ€˜friendโ€™ Jonadab {JAH's-Big-Man}, (the son of [king] David's brother Shimeah {Proclamation}). Jonadab [comes up with] a [devilishly] shrewd [plan].
4 Jonadab whispers to Amnon, โ€œWhy are you, the king's son, getting skinnier every day? [Dark circles grow under your eyes.] Tell me [your secret pain].โ€ Amnon answers [Jonadab], โ€œI'm hot for [princess] Tamar {Tall-Palm}. [But I can't bed her, because she's] my brother AbShalom's sister.โ€
5 So Jonadab {JAH's-Big-Man} [hisses] to [prince Amnon], โ€œGo lay down on your bed. Make yourself [look] sick. When your father [king David] comes to see you, beg him, โ€œPlease, [Dad], let my sister Tamar {Tall-Palm} come give me food. [She'll] prepare the [meal] before my eyes. Then I'll see it [and get hungry]. Then she can hand-feed it to me.โ€
6 So [that night prince] Amnon lays down [in his royal canopy-bed]. He [bruises his eyes to] make himself [appear] sick. So king [David] comes to see him. Amnon groans to the king, โ€œPlease, let my sister Tamar {Tall-Palm} come make me a couple of cakes in my sight, so she can hand-feed me. [I'm too weak to feed myself.]โ€
7 So [king] David sends [messengers] to Tamar's [mansion]. [The messengers] tell [her], โ€œGo [right] now to your brother Amnon's mansion. Make him some food.โ€™
8 So Tamar {Tall-Palm} [throws on her long, beautiful robe (the kind of robe the king's virgin daughters wear). She runs] to her brother Amnon's mansion. She [sees] him lying down [in his bedroom]. So she takes flour [to Amnon's kitchen]. She kneads it. She forms cakes. [All the] while, [prince Amnon] watches [her from his bed. His lust grows stronger every second. She] bakes the cakes. [Amnon stares at Tall-Palm's body moving beneath her beautiful robe.]
9 Tamar {Tall-Palm} takes a pan [from a kitchen rack]. She turns out the cakes [on the counter]. [Prince] Amnon can see [everything she does through his bedroom doorway]. But [Prince Amnon] refuses to eat. Amnon [whispers to Jonadab], โ€œ Send everybody away from me.โ€ So all of Amnon's [servants and hangers-on] leave [Amnon's mansion].
This is where the sin is sealed: the minute two people go behind closed doors alone. Righteous people NEVER go behind closed doors alone with anyone with whom sexual sin is a possibility. And they never put a media-viewer (phone, computer, TV) that could access pornography in a room where they go alone. That's the "Billy Graham" rule. Follow it, and you stay out of trouble.
10 [Prince] Amnon [croaks] to [princess] Tamar {Tall-Palm}, โ€œBring the food into the bedroom, so I can eat it [from] your hand.โ€ So Tamar takes the cakes she's made. She brings them [from the kitchen] toward her brother Amnon's bedroom. [Amnon grins to himself under the sheets.]
11 Tamar {Tall-Palm} brings the cakes to Amnon. [She smiles, โ€œEat, my brother.โ€] Amnon grabs Tamar. He [hisses] to her, โ€œCome. Lay with me, my sister.โ€
12 But Tamar {Tall-Palm} [claws] Amnon's [hands. She screams], โ€œNo, my brother, don't force me! No such [evil] ought to be done in Israel! Don't commit this wicked [crime]!
13 โ€”Think about me! How could I ever get rid of my shame? [If you rape me], you'll [never be king. You'll just be another] fool in Israel. Go now, please, speak to [Daddy] the king. He'll [give you permission to marry me even though I'm your half-sister].โ€
Probably a ruse to buy time.
14 But [prince] Amnon refuses to listen to [princess] Tamar's voice. Rather, his overpowering [muscles] force her [down beneath him on the bed]. He ravishes her.
15 Then Amnon hates Tamar {Tall-Palm} with [demonic] fire. The hatred Amnon [hurls at] her outdoes [all] the lust he'd [ever] felt for her. So he growls to her, โ€œGet up [from my bed]. Get out of here!โ€
Wrong use of sex produces hatred, not love.
16 But Tamar {Tall-Palm} objects to Amnon, โ€œHow can you [banish me]? The evil you're doing by [rejecting me hurts] more than your [raping] me.โ€ But Amnon refuses to listen to [Tall-Palm].
17 Then Amnon calls his helper-servant. [Amnon] shouts, โ€œGet his woman out of my room. Bolt the door after her. Now!โ€
18 Tamar {Tall-Palm} [gathers] her long, colorful robe on her [shaking body]. [Amnon's] servant hauls her out. [Amnon] bolts the door behind her.
19 Tamar {Tall-Palm} throws ashes on her head. She rips her long, colorful garment [into shreds] on her body. She lays her hand on her head. She goes on crying.
20 So (Tamar's full-brother) [prince] AbShalom {Father-of-Peace} asks her, โ€œHas your brother Amnon been with you?โ€ [She cries, whimpering, speechless. Her tears cascade down her tattered robe. AbShalom says,] โ€œKeep your rape a secret, my sister. Amnon is your half-brother. [Protect your reputation.] Forget it ever happened.โ€ So Tamar {Tall-Palm} stays [depressed and] lonely in her brother AbShalom's mansion.
21 Soon king David hears [about the incest-rape]. He boils over in rage.
Absalom Revenge-Kills His Rapist-Brother
22 Meanwhile, AbShalom {Father-of-Peace} [stews. He secretly plans his revenge.] [He shrewdly] refuses to say anything good or bad to his [pervert] brother Amnon. AbShalom hates Amnon for forcing his sister Tamar {Tall-Palm} [into his sin-stained bed].
23 Two full years [pass]. AbShalom [gallops his chariots to visit his] sheepshearers in Baal-Hazor {Lord's-Village}, beside [the] Ephraim {Double-Fruit} [hills]. There AbShalom invites all [his fellow] sons of king [David to an assassination-conspiracy meeting].
24 AbShalom [gallops his black horse] to king [David. AbShalom shrewdly] says, โ€œLook, [Dad. I,] your servant, have sheep shearers [working in the country]. Please, you and your staff come [on a vacation] with [me,] your servant.โ€
25 But king [David] answers [prince] AbShalom, โ€œNo, my son. Let's not all go [at one] time. You don't want to [have to] manage all of [my royal brats].โ€ So AbShalom presses David. Still, David refuses to go [on the royal holiday]. But David blesses AbShalom's [party-plans. David gives AbShalom permission and money and supplies.]
26 Then [prince] AbShalom {Father-of-Peace} says, โ€œIf [you won't go], please, let my brother Amnon go with us.โ€ King [David senses the revenge plot. He] asks AbShalom, โ€œWhy should Amnon go with you?โ€
27 So [prince] AbShalom presses [king] David. [AbShalom] manipulates David into letting Amnon and all the king's sons go on [โ€œholidayโ€] with him.
28 [Out in the country, at the banquet hall, Prince] AbShalom commands his servants. He whispers, โ€œMark the moment when Amnon's heart is happy-drunk on wine. Then I'll say to you, โ€˜Strike Amnon!โ€™ Then fearlessly kill him. That's an order from me, [the prince of Israel]. Be courageous! Be valiant!โ€
29 [As a belly-dancer flirts with Amnon, ] AbShalom {Father-of-Peace} [yells] the command. So AbShalom's servants [stab] Amnon [to] death. All the king's sons scramble [out in terror]! They jump on their mules. They flee [the murder scene]!
Absalom was within his rights to kill Amnon, because rape is a capital crime under Hebrew law.
30 Later, while the [princes flee] down the road, [a misguided informant runs into king] David's [throne room. The informant blurts], โ€œAbShalom {Father-of-Peace} murdered all king [David's] sons! Not one of [our princes] survives!โ€
31 King [David] jumps off his throne. He rips his royal robes. He lays [his body] on the [marble floor]. All David's servants gather near [him]. They too rip their clothes.
32 Then Jonadab {JAH's-Big-Man} (the son of [king] David's brother Shimeah {Proclamation}) answers [David's moaning], โ€œMy lord, don't believe that [AbShalom] killed all those young men, [your] royal sons. Only Amnon lies dead. AbShalom had this revenge-killing scheduled ever since the day Amnon forced his sister Tamar {Tall-Palm}.
33 โ€”So now don't let my lord the king take this [rumor] to heart. Stop imagining that all the king's sons lie dead. Really. Only Amnon died.โ€
34 Meanwhile, AbShalom flees [Judea]. Just then [David's palace] sentry on duty lifts up [his eyes]. He sees many [riders racing toward Jerusalem in a cloud of dust] on the road [from Horonaim {Double-Cave-Town}]. [The riders] skirt mount [Zion]. [The watchman runs. He alerts king David.]
35 [In the throne room,] Jonadab {JAH's-Big-Man} [shouts] to king [David], โ€œLook โ€” the king's sons approach. It's just like [I] your servant said.โ€
36 Later, as soon as Jonadab {JAH's-Big-Man} finishes [more annoying] yak-yak, [David] sees his royal sons [rush into the throne-room]. They scream their voices [raw]. They weep. The king and all his servants join [the princes]. They weep so bitterly [the whole city wakes up], ๐Ÿ˜‡.
37 Meanwhile, [prince] AbShalom gallops [his black race-horse north] to [his maternal Grandfather, king] Talmai {Terrace}, the son of Ammihud {People-Of-Splendor}, ruler of Geshur {Bridge}, [the area just east of the Sea of Galilee, heading toward Damascus]. [Days pass. Back at the palace in Jerusalem, king] David mourns for his son [Amnon] every day.
38 After [prince] AbShalom flees to Geshur {Bridge}, he stays there [hiding] for 3 years, ๐Ÿ˜‡.
39 [All this time,] the soul of [Loving] king David longs to ride out to [hug] AbShalom. For David [eventually] gets over the death of his [sister-raping] brat Amnon.