Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- 2nd Samuel ~~- chapter 24 of 24 (25 verses.)

2nd Samuel 24Wrench

David Institutes A National ID Number System
1 Yet again YHVH's anger flares up against Israel, [because king] David incites [his Generals] to order [scribes] to conduct a human-numbering census [to measure the fighting-strength of north] Israel and Judea.
All the commercial translations botch this verse. YAH gets mad because David tells his generals to conduct a forbidden human-enumeration census, a forerunner of modern (SSN/SIN) Socialist Slave Number systems. YAH does not command you to do things he forbids.
2 Joab {JAH-Dad} (the General of [Israel's] Army) [stands before David's throne]. The king orders [Joab], β€œGo now through all the tribes of Israel, from [northland] Dan all the way [south] to Beer-Sheba {Well-Of-Seven}. Enumerate [Israel's] people. Then I'll know how many [fighting men I have].”
David's sin equals the modern practice of national ID numbers, aka "SINs / SSNs". If you've got such a personal I.D. number and you're using it to buy things, you will suffer terrible, painful diseases. Exponentially moreso when experimental vaccination is tied to I.D. Probably David intended to use his census information to collateralize a loan from foreign bankers. That's the purpose of modern human enumeration. Such systems are evil because they end in war.
3 But [General] Joab {JAH-Dad} objects to king [David], β€œNow [I pray that] YHVH your Elohim multiplies [our Hebrew] people (however many they are) 100 times, so [that your] eyes (my lord the king) may view [our multitude]. But why does my lord the king delight in this [forbidden national I.D. nightmare]?”
4 But [sadly,] king [David's] word prevails against [General] Joab, and against [his subordinate army] commanders. So Joab and [the] army's leaders [ride] out from the face of the king, to number the people of Israel.
5 The [commanders and census-takers] cross [east] over [the] Jordan [river]. They pitch [camp] in Aroer {Exposed}, on the south side of the city that lies in the middle of the Gad-river-valley. [They move on ~20km north to] Jazer {Help-Town}.
6 Then the [census-takers ride ~40km further north] to Gilead {Monument-Mound}, and on to the land of Tahtim-Hodshi {Low-Moon}. Then they [continue on] to Dan-Jaan {Attentive-Judge}. Then [they loop] around west to [coastal] Sidon {Fish-City}.
7 Then [David's census-takers ride] to the stronghold of Tyre {Rock-Port}, and to all the cities of the Hivite {Villagers}, and of the Canaanite {Mercenaries}. Then the [census-takers ride] out south of Judah's [territory], all the way to Beer-Sheba {Well-Of-Seven}.
8 For 9 months and 20 days, the [census-takers ride] through the [whole Promised] land. Then they [return] to Jerusalem, [bearing their sinful record-books, filled with an inventory of human flesh].
9 [General] Joab reports the gross number of [fighting] men to king [David]: north Israel contains 800 thousand valiant sword-drawing men. Judea adds another 500 thousand [fighting] men.
YHVH Punishes Israelis For Getting ID Numbers
10 But as soon as [king] David numbers the people, his heart [feels like he's been] stabbed. David confesses to YHVH, β€œI've sinned terribly by [enumerating your people]. Now I, your servant, beg you, YHVH: take away my sin. I've committed extreme folly.”
11 The next morning, [king] David wakes up. [Simultaneously] YHVH's Word comes alive in the prophet Gad {Troop}, [king] David's seer.
12 [YAH says to Gad,] β€œGo [to Jerusalem's palace]. Tell [king] David, β€˜YHVH says, I offer you [these] 3 [penalties for your crime of human-enumeration]. Choose one of the [penalties]. I'll execute it against you.’”
13 So Gad [runs] to [king] David. [Gad] asks him, β€œ[Do you want]:
  • 7 years of famine to [starve] you and you land?
  • Or would you [rather] flee for 3 months before your enemies, while they chase you?
  • Or [do you choose] 3 days [of] plague [to ravage] your land?
  • Now consider [these 3 punishments]. Decide what answer I'll relay to [YAH] who sent me [to you].”

    14 [King] David answers Gad {Troop}, β€œI'm caught in a huge vise. But let's fall into the hand of YHVH. His mercies are great. Don't let me fall into the hand of man.”
    15 So that morning YHVH sends a plague on Israel. [It lasts for 3 days.] From [northland] Dan [all the way south] to Beer-Sheba {Well-Of-Seven}, 70 thousand [enumerated] people die.
    Those Israelis could have refused to take part in the national ID program, just like you can refuse. But they chose the plague, like you choose the plague. As in Revelation, great and painful sores break on and in everyone who gets the mark or number of the beast. Exact same principle here.
    16 Just as the angel stretches out his hand over Jerusalem to destroy it, YHVH relents. [YAH] stops the disaster. [He] commands the population-destroying angel, β€œThat's enough. Now hold [back] your hand.” At that [moment] the angel of YHVH stands near the threshing-floor of Araunah {Strong} the Jebusite {Thresher}.
    17 [King] David sees the angel striking the [numbered] people. David prays to YHVH, [crying], β€œLook, I sinned [by cataloguing individual humans]. I committed a wicked [crime]. But these sheep, what have they done? Please let your hand [war] against me, and against my father's family.”
    The people signed up for national ID numbers. That's what they did wrong. ID-numbers birth interest-bearing loans which birth war which births tyranny. Witness the collapse of the U.S. dollar since the institution of Social "Security" Numbers.
    David Builds An Altar To Cook Sacred Feasts
    18 So Gad immediately [runs] to [king] David. [Gad] advises him, β€œ[Ride] up to the threshing-floor of Araunah {Strong} the Jebusite {Thresher}. There erect an altar to [honor] YHVH.”
    19 So [king] David follows the advice of Gad {Troop}. [David rides] up as YHVH commands.
    20 Araunah {Strong} looks [out his window]. He sees king [David] and [David's royal] workers [galloping] up toward him. So Araunah [runs] outside. He bows himself on his face on the ground before the king.
    21 Then Araunah {Strong} asks, β€œWhy has my lord the king come to [me,] his servant?” [King] David replies, β€œTo buy this threshing-floor from you, to build an altar to [smoke-roast feast-food in honor] of YHVH, so the plague will stop [ravaging our] people.”
    22 Araunah {Strong} answers [king] David, β€œMy lord and king, grab and smoke-roast whatever seems good to [you]. Look: here are oxen for ascension [meals]. [Burn my] threshing-sledges and oxen's yokes as fire-wood.”
    23 Araunah {Strong} gives all these [gifts] to king [David]. Then Araunah says to the king, β€œ[I pray that] YHVH your Elohim accepts you.”
    24 So king [David] answers Araunah {Strong}, β€œ[I] can't [accept freebies]. But I'll definitely buy [this farm] from you at a price. I won't offer ascension [gifts] to [honor] YHVH my Elohim unless I pay for them.” So [king] David buys the threshing-floor and the oxen for 50 shekels [1.25 pounds] of silver.
    Never take a free benefit. Always pay for what you get. A free benefit implies a contractual obligation to repay the benefactor, usually with allegiance.
    25 So [king] David builds an altar there to [honor] YHVH. On the [cooking altar] he smoke-roasts ascension-gift-meals and thanksgiving [fixins for poor feast-attenders]. So YHVH [hears David's] prayers for the land. [Then YHVH] lifts the plague from Israel.
    There are two methods of funding a government:
  • Throw sacred celebrations where you feed poor people and you teach scriptural principles. (This method procures heaven's blessings and protection.)
  • Number your people as collateral for loans to fund military expansion. (This method ends in disaster.)