Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- 1st Kings ~~- chapter 18 of 22 (46 verses.)

1st Kings 18Wrench

YAH Sends Prophet Elijah To Killer King Ahab
1 Environmentalism Many [months] pass, 😇. In the 3rd year [of the famine], the word of YHVH comes [alive again] in EliJah {JAH-Is-El}. [YAH] says, “Go [to north Israel]. Reveal yourself to [evil king] Ahab {Father-Friend}. I'll [soon] send rain on the earth.”
2 Destroying the Earth So EliJah {JAH-Is-El} travels [east] to confront [evil king] Ahab {Father-Friend} [face to face]. [As EliJah goes, he sees] severe famine [ravaging] Samaria.
Evil King Ahab Sends ObadYah To Find Water
3 Responsibility [Meanwhile,] Ahab {Father-Friend} summons his palace governor, ObadiYah {Obey-YAH}. (ObadiYah greatly fears YHVH.)
4 Tribulation/Purification/testing ⭐⭐⭐ (For when Jezebel {Baal-Seeker} [had earlier] cut [down most of] the prophets of YHVH, ObadiYah {Obey-YAH} [risked his life]. He smuggled 100 prophets [out of Samaria]. He hid them in 2 groups of 50 in [2] caves. He supplied them with food and water.)
5 Destroying the Earth [Evil king] Ahab orders ObadiYah {Obey-YAH}, “Go search the [whole] land [of northern Israel]. Find all [running] water-springs, and all brooks. Maybe we can find grass to save the lives of [our] horses and mules, so we won't lose all our animals.”
Today's worldwide famine and drought result from ignoring the Hebrew Law.
6 Responsibility So [Ahab and ObadYah] divide the land to be surveyed between them: [king] Ahab {Father-Friend} [leads] in one direction. ObadiYah {Obey-YAH} [leads] in another.
ObadYah Risks Death To Summon Evil King Ahab
7 The Body of Believers As ObadiYah {Obey-YAH} [rides down] the road, EliJah {JAH-Is-El} meets him! [ObadiYah] recognizes [EliJah]. So [ObadYah] falls prostrate. His face [presses] the [ground at EliJah's feet]. [Obadyah] asks, “Are you my lord EliJah?”
8 Authority [EliJah] answers [ObadYah], “I am [EliJah]. Go, tell your master [Ahab], ‘Look! EliJah {JAH-Is-El} is here.’”
9 Death Threats But [ObadYah] protests, “How have I sinned, that you would hand [me], your servant, into the fist of Ahab? He'll kill me!
10 Oaths As YHVH your Elohim lives, my master [Ahab] sent [his assassins] into every nation and kingdom [near Israel]. All their leaders said you weren't in [their territories]. Then [Ahab] made [those foreign leaders] of every kingdom and nation swear on oath that they couldn't find you.
11 Fear And now you [order me], ‘Go, tell your master [Ahab], “Look, EliJah's back.”’
12 Death Threats Just as soon as I leave you, the Spirit of YHVH will carry you who knows where. So when I go and tell [king] Ahab, and he can't find you, he'll murder me! [Why would you want to kill me?] I've devoutly served YHVH since I was a boy!
13 Tribulation/Purification/testing ⭐⭐⭐ Has no one told [you,] my lord, what I did when [Queen] Jezebel {Baal-Seeker} murdered [almost all] the prophets of YHVH—how I hid 100 of YHVH's prophet-men in groups of 50 in [two] caves, and [I] supplied them with bread and water?
14 Death Threats So [how can] you now say, ‘Go, tell your master [Ahab], “Look, EliJah {JAH-Is-El} is here”’? [You know that Ahab] will murder me!”
15 Oaths So EliJah {JAH-Is-El} replies, “As YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies (before whom I stand) lives, I will definitely show myself to [Ahab] today.”
This is a promise, but not an imprecatory oath because it has no penalty of perjury.
Evil King Ahab Confronts True Prophet EliJah
16 Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority So ObadiYah {Obey-YAH} [gallops] to meet [evil king] Ahab. [ObadYah] tells [Ahab that EliJah waits nearby]. [Furious,] Ahab [races his chariot] to meet EliJah.
17 Blame [King] Ahab sees EliJah. Immediately Ahab [yells] at him, “Is that really you, Israel's trouble-maker?”
18 Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority [EliJah] answers [Ahab], “I've never troubled Israel. But you, and your father's dynasty, keep [troubling Israel by] forsaking the commandments of YHVH, and following Baalim {Sovereigns}.
EliJah Summons Baal's Prophets To A Showdown
19 Idolatry ⭐⭐⭐ So now dispatch [your soldiers] to summon all [the leaders of northern] Israel to [a showdown] with me on mount Carmel {Fruiting-Garden}. And [bring] the 450 prophets of Baal {Demon-Master}, and the 400 Easter-Steeple [worshipping] prophets who eat at the [royal] table of [evil Queen] Jezebel {Baal-Seeker}.”
20 Idolatry So [king] Ahab sends [soldiers and messengers out] to [summon] all [rebel north] Israel’s [leaders]. [The soldiers also] gather [Baal's evil] prophets together [~20km northwest of Samaria] on mount Carmel {Fruiting-Garden}.
21 Serving YHVH alone ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Then EliJah {JAH-Is-El} comes [before] all the [assembled] people. He [yells], “How long will you straddle two belief-systems? If YHVH is [your Sovereign] Elohim, follow him. But if [you love Demon-Master] Baal, then follow him!” But the people answer [EliJah] not one word.
22 Idolatry Then EliJah {JAH-Is-El} says to the people, “I'm the sole remaining prophet of YHVH [here]. But [Demon-Lord] Baal has 450 [false] prophet-men [here].
23 Paranormal Phenomena [So you, Baal's prophets,] bring up two oxen. Choose one [ox]. Butcher it. Lay [the unused portions] on an altar on firewood. But don't put fire under the [altar]. I'll take the other ox. I'll cut it up. Then [I'll] lay [the unused portions] on the wood. None of us will light the fire.
It's possible that the meat was burned up in this unusual demonstration. But normally you would eat the meat, then burn the refuse for sanitary reasons and to make ash (as alkaline soil amendment).
24 Idolatry ⭐⭐⭐ —Then you call out the name of your god. [Then] I'll invoke YHVH's Name-Authority. Whichever ‘Elohim’ answers by fire [is the true] Elohim.” All the people answer, “Well spoken.”
25 Paranormal Phenomena Then EliJah {JAH-Is-El} says to the prophets of Baal {Demon-Master}, “You choose one young bull for yourselves. Cook it [and eat it], to [feed] your many [hungry people]. Then call on the name of your god. But put no fire under [the wood on which you lay the unused remains].”
N. Israel's Demon-Prophets Fail To Rouse Baal
26 Idolatry ⭐⭐⭐ So, 😇, [the demon prophets] take the young bull [Ahab] gives them. They prepare it [for cooking]. Then they call on the name of Baal {Demon-Master}. All morning until noon, [they] cry, “O Baal, hear us.” But no voice nor [action] answers. [Eventually] the [desperate demon-prophets] leap [somersaults] over the altar [they] made!
27 Idolatry ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Then around noon, EliJah {JAH-Is-El} mocks the [demon-prophets]. [He yells,] “Cry louder! Your god must be daydreaming, or pooping! Maybe he's away on vacation. Or maybe he's [just] asleep, and you need to [yell really loud] to wake him up!”
28 Circumcision ⭐⭐⭐⭐ So the [demon-prophets] cry louder. They slash their [own flesh] with knives and swords! Blood gushes out on [all over] their [bodies]!
Anytime non-medically-necessary flesh-cutting is happening, demons are involved. That includes male circumcision.
29 Idolatry ⭐⭐⭐⭐ The sun crosses noon. The [demon-prophets] go on ranting-and-raving until the time [Hebrews normally] slaughter the evening [sacred-feast meal]. And of course, no voice nor action answers the [demon-prophets]. [Even the crowd stops] paying attention [to the lunatics].
ELiJah Prepares Altar For A Sacred Fire-Show
30 Paranormal Phenomena So EliJah {JAH-Is-El} [shouts] to all the people, “Come near to me.” So all the people approach him. Then he repairs YHVH's broken down altar.
31 Authority EliJah {JAH-Is-El} takes 12 stones, one for each of the tribes of the sons of [ancient] Jacob {Heel-Grabber} (whom the word of YHVH came and re-named, “Israel.”)
32 Paranormal Phenomena With these [12] stones, [EliJah] builds an altar. [He dedicates it] to the name-Authority of YHVH. [Then] around the altar [EliJah] digs a trench big enough to hold 2 seahs [3+ gallons] of seed.
33 Paranormal Phenomena Then [ELiJah] lays the firewood in order. He cuts the young bull's [uneaten parts] into pieces. He lays them on the wood. He says [to his helpers], “Fill 4 barrels with water. Then pour it on the ascension-gift, and on the wood.” [His helpers pour the water over the bones, the bull's hide and the wood.]
34 Paranormal Phenomena Then [EliJah] says, “[Pour on the water] again.” So again the [workers pour water all over the bones and hide]. Then [ELiJah] says, “[Pour the water on] again!” So, a 3rd time, [the workers pour water all over the ox's bones and hide].
35 Paranormal Phenomena So the water runs down, 😇. It surrounds the altar. Water fills the trench.
36 Paranormal Phenomena Then, at the time [Hebrews normally] cook the evening meat [for sacred feasts], the prophet EliJah {JAH-Is-El} approaches [the dead ox's remains]. He prays, “YHVH (Elohim of Abraham {Father-Of-Billions}, Isaac {Laughter} and Israel), today let [everyone on earth] know that you're [the only true] Elohim in Israel, and that I'm Your servant, and that I've done all these things at Your command.
Again, the crowd probably ate the meat, thus EliJah was only burning up the unused remains.
37 Prayer ⭐⭐⭐ Hear me, O YHVH. Hear my [prayer,] so [that] these people can know that you are YHVH Elohim, and that you are turning their [wicked] hearts back to you.”
EliJah's Prayer Shoots Fire Down From Heaven
38 Paranormal Phenomena ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Then the fire of YHVH falls! It consumes the ascension-gift, and the wood, and the stones, and the dust. [The fire even] licks up the water from the trench!
39 YAH (the Most High Creator) ⭐⭐⭐ All the people see [the supernatural fire]. They immediately fall on their faces. [They shout], “YHVH! He is the Elohim! YHVH! He is the Eloah!”
40 Punishment ⭐⭐⭐ So EliJah {JAH-Is-El} says to [Israel's leaders], “Capture the prophets of Baal {Demon-Master}. Don't let one of them escape!” [So the soldiers] arrest [the child-sacrificing demon-prophets]. Then EliJah brings the [satanists] down to the Kishon {Hard-Ground} brook. There [EliJah does or says something that] causes [some human or spirit force] to slaughter all [the false prophets]!
Again, YAH did not command EliJah to kill those people. Yet YAH was probably happy to see them dead. ַוִיּ ְשׁ ָח ֵטם (u·ishcht·m) is a Hebrew idiom, meaning EliJah does something that leads other people or supernatural forces to kill the false prophets. (Maybe EliJah pointed out to some Israeli soldiers that as long as those evil religionites were alive, it wouldn't rain.) Perhaps EliJah praised YAH, triggering a supernatural force that killed the false prophets. At any rate, EliJah does not himself kill anyone.
YAH Sends Rain To End Israel's Drought
41 Environmentalism ⭐⭐⭐ Then EliJah {JAH-Is-El} says to [evil king] Ahab, “Get up. Eat and drink. [Celebrate! The sky is thundering.] It's gonna' to rain [like crazy]!”
Once the evil religious leaders are gone, rain can come. As long as the world is run by evil religionists, we suffer famine and drought.
42 Prayer So [evil king] Ahab goes off, [intending] to eat and drink. Meanwhile, EliJah {JAH-Is-El} hikes up to the top of [mount] Carmel {Fruiting-Garden}. There he casts himself down upon the ground. He kneels with his face [on the dirt] between his knees.
Saints pray while sinners eat.
43 Hope Then [EliJah] says to his servant, “Quick. [Climb] up [that tree]. Look toward the sea.” So the helper climbs up. He looks [west about 15km toward Haifa on the Mediterranean coastline]. He says, “No [clouds].” So [EliJah] says, “Go again.” 7 times the worker climbs.
44 Loving Enemies [Finally,] the 7th time [the worker climbs the tree], he [shouts], “Look! A little cloud, about the size of [my] hand, is rising out of the sea.” So [ELiJah] says, “Run up to [king] Ahab. Say, ‘Prepare your chariot. [Ride] down the mountain, or you'll get [your wheels] stuck [in mud] from the rain.’”
45 Paranormal Phenomena ⭐⭐⭐ Soon spirit-wind [howls]. The sky fills with black clouds. Torrential rain dumps [over Israel]. Meanwhile, [king] Ahab rides on toward [his palace in] JezreEl {El-Plants}.
46 Paranormal Phenomena ⭐⭐⭐ Suddenly the hand of YHVH [falls] on EliJah {JAH-Is-El}. So he belts in his cloak. He sprints ahead of Ahab's [chariot-horses] all the way [east ~20km from mount Carmel] to JezreEl {El-Plants}!
Trained athletes can run long races at about 6 miles per hour. Horses at 20 to 30. So Elijah was presumably running at about 4 to 8 times the naturally possible speed.