Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- 1st Kings ~~- chapter 19 of 22 (21 verses.)

1st Kings 19Wrench

Evil Queen Jezebel Swears To Murder EliJah
1 Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority [King] Ahab [thunders his chariots into JezreEl city. He runs into his palace. He] tells [Queen] Jezebel everything EliJah did, including how [Elijah got] all [her demon] prophets killed with the sword!
2 Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority *So Jezebel {Baal-Seeker} sends a messenger to [threaten] EliJah: โ€œ[I pray] the gods [kill me] and worse if I haven't made your carcass as [dead as my prophets] by this time tomorrow.โ€
EliJah Runs And Prays To Die In The Desert
3 Fear [EliJah] sees [he's under a serious death threat]. So he jumps up. He runs for his life. [He runs 45 miles south] to Beer-Sheba {Well-Of-Seven}, in Judaean [territory]. He leaves his helper there.
An Angel Feeds EliJah For His 40 Day Fast/Run
4 Desperation *Then [EliJah] runs on another day's journey into the wilderness. He staggers, [exhausted]. He plops down under a juniper tree. He prays to die. He cries, โ€œEnough! Now, YHVH, take my life. I'm [a dead man,] no better off than my [dead] ancestors.โ€
5 Paranormal Phenomena *[EliJah] lies asleep under the juniper tree. Suddenly an angel touches him. [It] says, โ€œ[EliJah,] get up. Eat.โ€
6 Yah's Provision (Assurance) *ELiJah looks. By his head, he sees a cake baked on hot stones, with a jug of water! So he eats and drinks. Then he lays back down.
7 Paranormal Phenomena *A second time, the angel of YHVH comes [to EliJah]. It touches him. Then [it] says, โ€œGet up. Eat. [Tomorrow's] journey is too big for you [to take without nutrition].โ€
YAH Meets EliJah On Mount Sinai
8 Paranormal Phenomena *So [EliJah] gets up. He eats. He drinks. Then he [travels south] on the strength of that [miracle] food for 40 days and 40 nights, [180 miles] to [Mount] Horeb {Desolation}, the mountain of Elohim, [where Moses got the 10 commandments]!
9 Fear [ELiJah] enters a cave. He sleeps there. Then [he] sees the Word of YHVH come [alive] to him. [YAH] says, โ€œWhat are you doing [hiding] here [in a cave], EliJah?โ€
10 Tribulation/Purification/testing *[EliJah] replies, โ€œI've been very zealous for [you,] YHVH Elohim over armies. But the sons of Israel have forsaken your covenant. They've thrown down your altars. They've slain your prophets with the sword. Only I, just me, am left. And [Jezebel's soldiers are] hunting my life, [dying] to take it away.โ€
YAH Sends A Hurricane, Earthquake & Fire
11 Paranormal Phenomena *So [YHVH's angel] replies, โ€œGo out [of this cave]. Stand upon the mountain. Face YHVH.โ€ Then [EliJah] sees YHVH's [power] pass by. A huge, powerful strong spirit-wind rips the mountains. [The gale force] breaks the rocks into pieces before YHVH. But YHVH is not in the wind. After the wind, an earthquake [rocks the landscape]. But YHVH is not in the earthquake.
See amazing song dramatizing this event: Whisper.
12 Paranormal Phenomena *After the earthquake, a fire [ravages the mountainside]. But YHVH is not in the fire. Then, after the fire, a gentle, quiet voice [reassures EliJah].
Literally: the sound of stillness.
13 Spiritual Vision *EliJah {JAH-Is-El} hears [the Spirit-voice]. So he [immediately] wraps his face in his cloak, [believing that if he sees YAH he will die]. He goes outside. He stands in the cave-entrance. He sees a voice coming to him, asking, โ€œWhat are you doing here [in this cave], Elijah?โ€
Moses similarly wrapped his face at the burning bush. (Ex 3:6.)
14 Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority *Again [EliJah] replies, โ€œI've been very zealous for [you,] YHVH Elohim-over-armies. But the sons of Israel have forsaken your covenant. [They've] thrown down your altars. They've slain your prophets with the sword. So I, only me, am left. And [the royal armies] are hunting my life, to take it away!โ€
15 Perseverance So YHVH replies to [ELiJah], โ€œGo, get back on your path. [Run hundreds of miles north] to the wilderness of Damascus. When you get there, anoint HazaEl {El's-Sight} king over [Highland] Syria.
16 Authority Then appoint JAHu {JAH-Is-He} (the descendant of Nimshi {Extricated}) as king over [north] Israel. And anoint EliShua {El's-Salvation} (the son of Shaphat {Judge} of Abel-Meholah {Meadow-Of-Dancing}) to be prophet in your place.
17 Authority Then [north Israel's king] JAHu {JAH-Is-He} will kill any [criminal] who escapes the sword of [Syria's king] HazaEl {El's-Sight}. And EliShua {El's-Salvation} will [declare the death penalty on] any [criminal] who escapes Jahu's sword.
This Hebrew idiom โ€˜killโ€™ here means that EliSha will declare who is to be slain. EliSha doesn't actually kill them.
18 Separation (Holiness) *I've still preserved for myself 7000 [people] in IsraEl whose knees have never bowed to Baal {Demon-Master}, and whose mouths have never kissed him.โ€
Whenever you feel lonely, remember, there are others serving Yah as you are. You will meet them in heaven.
The Prophet EliJah Teams Up With EliSha
19 The Body of Believers So [EliJah] leaves [Mount Horeb. He hikes ~200km north into Israel.] He finds EliShua {El's-Salvation} (the son of Shaphat {Judge}). Elishua plows. He [and some companions] drive 12 yoke-pair of oxen before [themselves. EliShua grips the whip as he trudges behind] the 12th [ox-pair]. EliJah passes by [EliShua]. [ELiJah] throws his [prophet's] cloak over [Elishua's head].
12 = 7 separate plows following each other. Common. EliSha moves from last-place ox-farmer to first-place prophet. Humility comes before honor.
20 Parents So [EliSha] leaves [his] oxen. He runs after EliJah {JAH-Is-El}, saying, โ€œPlease let me [wrap up my family matters. Lemme'] kiss my father and my mother [goodbye]. Then I'll follow you.โ€ So [EliJah] says to [EliSha], โ€œGo back. [Wrap up.] I'm not [stopping] you.โ€
21 Forsaking All *So [EliShua] turns back from [EliJah]. [EliShua] grabs a pair of oxen. He slaughters them. He cooks their meat using the ox-yokes as [firewood]. He gives the meat to the people [of his town]. So they eat. Then [EliShua] jumps up. He follows EliJah. EliShua [comes to serve as EliJah's] assistant.