Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- 1st Kings ~~- chapter 6 of 22 (38 verses.)

1st Kings 6Wrench

King Solomon Builds YAH's Temple In Jerusalem
1 Work In the 480th year since the descendants of Israel emigrated [north] from the land of Egypt, in the 4th year of Solomon's reign over Israel, in the month [of] Zif {~April} (the second month [of Spring]), [Solomon and his hordes of construction workers] begin to build the temple of YHVH.
Solomon's temple layout is double the size of the similar original sanctuary tent.
2 Devotion King Solomon {Peace-Man} builds YHVH's temple 60 cubits [105 feet] long [by] 20 cubits [35 feet] wide, by 30 cubits [52.5 feet] high.
3 Devotion A front-porch extends across the 35-foot width of the Temple. [The porch] extends out 17.5 feet [toward Temple Street].
4 Art Solomon lines the temple walls with narrow clerestory windows [to let in sun] light.
5 Art [Solomon] builds buttressing chambers all along the back and sides of the temple walls. He also builds chambers surrounding the [Most Holy Room].
6 Art On the first floor, the side rooms span 7.5 feet wide. On the second floor the [side-rooms] span 9 feet wide. The third floor [side-rooms] span 10.5 feet wide. Solomon makes the walls of the temple thinner as they go up floor by floor. So [floor] ledges run along the walls. So the floor beams of the side rooms rest on the ledges. The beams don't run inside the temple walls.
7 Work [At the quarry], stone-masons pre-finish the stones used in the construction of the Temple. Then [workers] haul the stones [to Jerusalem]. So no one ever hears the sound of hammer, ax nor any other iron tool at the building site during construction.
8 Art [Solomon places] the entrance for the middle chamber on the right [south] side of the temple. [From the entrance,] a spiral staircase winds up through the middle floor and onto the 3rd [floor].
9 Work After completing the Temple structure, [Solomon] installs a ceiling made of beams and planks of cedar.
10 Art The cedar beams of the buttressing structure rest on the outside walls of the Temple. The rooms in the buttressing structure stand 8.75 feet tall.
11 Yah's Word Then [as the temple nears completion,] the word of YHVH comes to Solomon {Peace-Man}.
12 Obedience [YAH] says, โ€œConcerning this temple you're building: if you'll live out my statutes, and execute my verdicts, and guard all my commandments and walk in them, then I'll perform the promise[s] I spoke to your father David {Love}. [I'll prosper] you [beyond any mortal before or since].
13 The Kingdom (Dominion) Of Heaven Then I'll dwell among the Israelites; [I'll] never forsake my people, [true spiritual] Israel.โ€
14 Work So Solomon {Peace-Man} constructs and finishes [Jerusalem's] temple.
15 Work Solomon lines the temple's inner surfaces (floor, walls and ceiling) with cedar planks. He covers everything inside the temple with wood. [For water-resistance, he] covers the floor of the temple with cypress [decking].
16 Work In the rear of the Temple, Solomon builds a 35-foot-long inner oracular room, (the Most Holy Place). [He] partitions this [sacred room] with cedar boards that reach from the floor to the ceiling-joists.
17 Art In front of the [most-holy-room,] the temple stretches 70 feet [to the front porch].
18 Art [Solomon's artisans] carve the cedar inner [walls] of the temple with buds and open flowers. The cedar completely covers all the temple's inner stone.
19 Art [Solomon] prepares the oracle-room inside the temple to receive the ark of the covenant of YHVH.
20 Art The oracle-room measures 35 x 35 x 35 feet. [Solomon's men] completely overlay it with pure gold. A gold-covered cedar altar [stands in front, for burning incense].
20 cubits โ‰… 35 feet.
21 Art Similarly, Solomon {Peace-Man} overlays the entire inner temple with pure gold. His [artisans] craft chains of gold. [These chains form a curtain] in front of the gold-plated oracle-room.
22 Art [That's right, ๐Ÿ˜‡:] Solomon gold-plates every last inch of the whole temple! And he also overlays with gold the entire main altar near the oracle-room.
23 Art Within the oracle-room, [Solomon's wood-carvers] sculpt 2 cherubim from olive tree-wood. Each [angel] stands 10 cubits [17.5 feet] high.
Or oil-tree wood.
24 Art Each wing of each cherub measures [about] 8 feet. Thus each cherub's wingspan extends about 16 feet.
25 Art The cherubim perfectly match each other, ๐Ÿ˜‡.
26 Art [Again, visualize this:] each cherub stands [about] 17 feet tall.
27 Art Solomon's [craftsmen] install the cherubim in the Most Holy Room inside the temple. Their wings stretch out perfectly, so that the wing-tip of one cherub touches one wall, and the wing-tip of the other [cherub] touches the other wall. The tips of their wings touch each other in the middle of the [oracle] room.
28 Art And [Solomon] overlays the cherubim with gold.
29 Art And [Solomon's artisans sculpt] all the walls surrounding the temple with carved figures of cherubim and palm trees and open flowers, inside and out.
30 Abundance Solomon even plates the floor of the temple with gold, inside and out!
31 Art For the entrance to the oracle-room, [Solomon] makes doors out of olive-tree-wood. [Carpenters set the doors] into a lintel, with side posts shaped as a 5-sided [arch].
32 Art *On the two olive-wood doors [Solomon's artisans] carve figures of cherubim, palm trees and open flowers. [The workers] overlay the doors with gold. [Artists] paint the gold into the shapes of the cherubim and palm trees.
33 Art And for the door of the temple, [Solomon's artisans make] 4-sided doorposts of olive tree-wood, [giving the doorway a roughly octagonal shape].
34 Art [Solomon's artisans] craft the temple entry door from cypress wood. Each door [sports] two folding leaves.
Or: โ€˜fir/pine woodโ€™.
35 Art [Solomon's artisans] carve cherubim, palm trees and open flowers [on the entry doors]. [Metalworkers] cover the [doors] with gold inlaid into the carvings.
36 Work [Solomon] builds the inner court using 3 rows of cut stone plus one row of cedar beams.
37 Work 4 years into the [construction process], in the month of Zif {~May}, [Solomon's swarms of workers] finish laying the foundation of YHVH's temple.
38 Work Finally, in the 11th year [of the temple's construction process] (7 years [after laying the foundation]) in month #8 (Bul {October}), [Solomon's workers] finish every part of the temple. [It stands] completely as [Solomon] designed it.