Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- NehemiYAH ~~- chapter 12 of 13 (47 verses.)

NehemiYAH 12Wrench

Names Of Priests Who Returned W/ Zerub-Babbel
1 Guidance The following is a list of the Cohanim {Priests} and the Levites who emigrate [back south] up [from Babylon to Jerusalem] with Zerubbabel {Born-From-Babylon} (the son of ShealtiEl {I-Ask-El}) and JahShua {YAH-Saves}: SeraYah {YAH-Wins}, JeremiYah {YAH-Rises}, Ezra {Aid}โ€”
2 Freedom โ€”AmariYah {YAH's-Promise}, Malluch {Remnant}, Hattush {Forsaking-Sin},
3 Freedom โ€”ShechaniYah {YAH-Lives}, Rehum {Compassion}, Meremoth {Heights},
4 Freedom โ€”Iddo {Timely}, Ginnetho [Gardener], AbiYah {Father-YAH},
5 Freedom โ€”Miamin {Right-Hand}, MaadiYah {Ornament-Of-YAH}, Bilgah {Breaker},
6 Freedom โ€”ShemaiYah {YAH-Hears}, Yahoyarib {YAH-Fights}, JediYah {Jah-Knows},
7 Guidance โ€”Sallu {Heavyweight}, Amok {Deep}, HilkiYah {YAH's-Inheritance}, JedaiYah {YAH-Knows}. The [aforementioned men serve] as chief-priests. They [manage] their relatives during the days of JahShua {YAH-Saves}.
8 Gratitude Plus, the Levites: JahShua {YAH-Saves}, Binnui {Built-Up}, KadmiEl {Presence-Of-El}, SherebiYah {YAH-Brings-The-Heat}, Judah {Celebrated}, and MattanYah {Gift-Of-Yah}, supervise all [of Jerusalem's] thanksgiving [services] with [their] relatives.
9 Music The Levites' relatives [named] BakbukYah {YAH's-Bottle} and Unni {Humble} stand opposite the [Levites singing antiphonally] during services.
High Priest Yahshua's Genealogy
10 Family [Here is the genetic lineage of High Priest] JahShua {YAH-Saves}: [Jahshua] fathers YAHoyakim {YAH-Raises}, who fathers EliYahhib {El-Restores}, who fathers Yahoyada {YAH-Knows}.
Or Jeshua (He-saves), meaning "YAH saves."
11 Family Yahoyada {YAH-Knows} fathers JAHnathan {JAH's-Gift}, who fathers Jaddua {Knowing}.
12 Family Here are the names of the head fathers of the priests who serve during the days of YAHoyakim {YAH-Raises}: Meraiah [Rebellion] leads [the family of] SeraYah {YAH-Wins}. HananiYah {YAH-Favored} leads [the family of] JeremiYah {YAH-Rises}.
13 Family Meshullam {Allied} leads [the family] of Ezra {Aid}. Yahohanan {YAH-Favored} leads [the family] of AmariYah {YAH's-Promise}.
14 Family JAHnathan {JAH's-Gift} leads [the family] of Melicu [Remnant]. Joseph {Increaser} leads [the family] of ShebaniYah {YAH-Prospers}.
15 Family Adna {Pleasure} leads [the family] of Harim {Secluded}. Helkai [Apportioned] leads [the family] of Meraioth {Rebel}.
16 Family ZechariYah {YAH-Remembers} leads [the family] of Iddo {Timely}. Meshullam {Allied} leads [the family] of Ginnethon {Gardener}.
17 Family Zichri {Memorable} leads [the family] of AbiYah {Father-YAH}. Piltai [Delivered] leads [the family] of MoadYah [and of] Miniamin {Right-Hand-Gift}.
18 Family Shammua {Stunner} leads [the family] of Bilgah {Breaker}. YahoNathan {YAH's-Gift} leads [the family] of ShemaiYah {YAH-Hears}.
19 Family Mattenai {Generous} leads [the family] of Yahoyarib {YAH-Fights}. Uzzi {Force} leads [the family] of JedaiYah {YAH-Knows}.
20 Family Kallai leads [the family] of Sallai {Weighed}. Ever {The-Other-Sider} leads [the family] of Amok {Deep}.
21 Family HashabiYah {YAH-Thinks} leads [the family] of HilkiYah {YAH's-Inheritance}. NathanEl {El-Gives} leads [the family] of JedaiYah {YAH-Knows}.
22 Education [Scribes] record the names of [Jerusalem's] chief Levite fathers and priests [who serve] during the terms of EliYahhib {El-Restores}, Yahoyada {YAH-Knows}, JAHohanan {YAH-Favored}, and Jaddua {Knowing}, up to the reign of Persian [Emperor] Darius [Hystaspis].
23 Authority In [Israel's genealogical] scrolls, [scribes also] record the [names of] the family heads descended from [ancient] Levi {Uniter}, up to the term of JAHohanan {YAH-Favored} (the son of EliYahhib {El-Restores}).
24 Praise The following head Levites lead their relatives in [clamorous celebrations of] praise, [throwing their hands in the air to] give thanks: HashabiYah {YAH-Thinks}, SherebiYah {YAH-Brings-The-Heat}, and JahShua {YAH-Saves} (the son of KadmiEl {Presence-Of-El}). As commanded by David {Love} the man of Elohim, [the vocalists sing antiphonally,] choir opposite choir.
The Hebrew words 'halal' and 'yadah' mean raving, foolish, wild shows of praise, with hands thrown in the air. It's a crime to translate these words as merely "praise" and "thanksgiving".
25 Responsibility MattanYah {Gift-Of-Yah}, and BakbukYah {YAH's-Bottle}, ObadiYah {Obey-YAH}, Meshullam {Allied}, Talmon {Smasher}, Akkub {Heel-Grabber}, serve as gatekeepers. They guard the supplies at the [temple] gates.
26 Guidance The [aforementioned men] serve during the days of YAHoyakim {YAH-Raises} the son of JahShua {YAH-Saves}, the son of YAHozadak {YAH-Righted}, and during the days of governor NehemiYah {YAH's-Comfort}, and of Ezra {Aid} the priest, [Israel's] scribe.
Jerusalem Rocks At The Wall-Dedication Party
27 Music And [to pump the noise at] the dedication of Jerusalem's wall, [the city leaders] seek out the Levites from [Israel's] settlements. The [leaders] bring these [Levites] to Jerusalem. The [Levites] light up the wall-dedication celebration with glee. [They] throw their hands in the air [to give thanks to YAH]. They sing while [they play] cymbals, guitars and harps.
28 Music The descendants of the [ancient] singers gather themselves together, from both the plain country surrounding Jerusalem, and from the villages of [the] Netophathi [Distillers].
29 Music Singers also come from the โ€œhouse of Gilgal {Wheel}โ€, and from the fields of Geba {Hillock} and Azmaveth {Strong-One-Of-Death}, where the singers had built themselves villages around Jerusalem.
The singers are to live separated and holy lives, away from the maddening corrupting crowd of society. Separation protects the fount of the huge influence the singing has over people.
30 Moral Purity / Childlikeness The Cohanim {Priests} and the Levites [sing songs with wild dances]. [They] morally-cleanse themselves. They brighten up the peoples' [spirits]. [They bless] the gates and the city wall.
31 Music Then I [Nehemiah] bring Judaea's leaders up onto [Jerusalem's] wall. We arrange two huge [choirs] to parade [around the city], hands waving [in thanks]. One [choir dances] to the right on the wall toward the Dung Gate.
32 Joy Behind the [choirs] march HoshaYah {YAH-Saves} and half of Judaea's leadersโ€”
33 Praise โ€” and AzariYah {YAH-Helps}, Ezra {Aid}, and Meshullam {Allied}โ€”
34 Praise โ€” [and] Judah {Celebrated}, and Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son}, and ShemaiYah {YAH-Hears}, and JeremiYah {YAH-Rises}.
35 Music Some of the priestsโ€™ sons [parade] with trumpets; namely, ZechariYah {YAH-Remembers} (the son of JAHnathan {JAH's-Gift}, the son of ShemaiYah {YAH-Hears}, the son of MattanYah {Gift-Of-Yah}, the son of MichaYah {Who-Is-Like-Yah}, the son of Zaccur {Memory}, the son of Asaph {Gatherer}).
36 Music [ZechariYah's] kinsmen [also parade]: ShemaiYah {YAH-Hears}, AzaraEl {El's-Aid}, Milalai {Talker}, Gilalai {Poopy}, Maai {Sympathy}, NathanEl {El-Gives}, Judah {Celebrated}, [and] Hanani {Gracious}. [They march] with the [ancient] musical instruments [made by] David {Love} the man of Elohim. Ezra {Aid} the scribe leads them.
37 Music And at the fountain gate, the [horde of musicians and singers] parade up the stairs of the citadel of David, where the wall rises above David's palace. The [paraders march] east to the water gate.
Parading around town as minstrels is a core function of worship. It's not some optional thing reserved for weirdos and salvation army bands.
38 Praise Meanwhile, the other [horde of] hand-waving [thanks-givers] parade [around the city in the] opposite [direction]. I [Nehemiah] follow this [choir]. Half of [the crowd of celebrants] follow me, atop the [city] wall. [We parade] from beyond the Tower of the Furnaces to the Broad-Wall.
39 Community Love Feasts [We parade on, shouting and dancing] over the gate of Ephraim, past the gate to the Old City, over the fish gate, [then] over the tower of HananeEl {El-Favors}, [then over] the tower of Meah [the 100], all the way to the Sheep-Gate. Finally [we all] halt [the parade] at the prison gate.
40 Community Love Feasts So the [two hordes of] hand-waving [thanks-praisers] stand at Elohim's sanctuary, flanked by me [Nehemiah], and [our] half of [Judaea's] rulers.
41 Music Then these priests [blow] trumpets: Eliakim {EL-Raises}, MaaseiYah {Work-Of-YAH}, Miniamin {Right-Hand-Gift}, MichaYah {Who-Is-Like-Yah}, El-Yahoenai {My-Eyes-To-Yah}, ZechariYah {YAH-Remembers}, and HananiYah {YAH-Favored}, along [with] MaaseiYah {Work-Of-YAH}, ShemaiYah {YAH-Hears}, ELeazar {El's-Aid}, Uzzi {Force}, Yahohanan {YAH-Favored}, MalchiYah {YAH's-King}, Elam {Hidden}, and Ezer {Aid}.
42 Music [Choir director] JezrahiYah [YAH-Shines] leads the singers [to stomp so] LOUD [the temple shakes, ๐Ÿ˜‡]!
Your church music should be so earth-shaking that people run outside fearing the building might collapse.
43 Community Love Feasts That day the [priests] slaughter and cook huge [quantities of animals for the feast]. The [celebrants] light up [the] whole [city with joy]. They [all spin around, delighted, singing and dancing]. Elohim brightens the [feasters] up. [He fills them with] overwhelming glee. [Jewish men's] wives and children [dance and sing] so [loud] that [people] far away hear Jerusalem [ringing] with partying.
That's what a church picnic is supposed to be like.
The Nation Supports Its Singers And Priests
44 Devotion [The people of] Judaea rejoice to [see their] priests and Levites serving [so wonderfully]. So [the high priests] immediately appoint [supervisors] over the [temple] treasure-chambers. The [supervisors] gather the [nation's] offerings, first-fruits and tithes from the fields around the [nation's] cities. [Managers] divvy the [donations] up as the law requires to [pay] the priests and Levites.
A wise nation pays YAH's workers. Foolish nations, like the nations around you, persecute YAH's workers.
45 Separation (Holiness) [Judea's] singers and gatekeepers keep the duty-schedules [mandated by] their Elohim. They [honor] the responsibility of [maintaining] purity, as commanded by [ancient king] David {Love} and his son Solomon {Peace-Man}.
46 Music *For in the ancient days of David {Love} and Asaph {Gatherer}, the head [strolling temple] minstrels [did more than just] sing. [They'd make] clamorous [tumults of wild, showy praise]. They'd thrust their hands [high in thanks] to Elohim.
  • Thilah = spontaneous, wild halah.
  • Halah = foolish, clamorous show.
  • Shiyr = parading singers, minstrels, mariachis.
  • Yadah = throw hands [in the air]
  • These words are translated dead wrong in all popular English bibles. The result is church services so boring they could be prescribed as sleep-drugs.

    47 Music *So in the days of Zerubbabel {Born-From-Babylon}, and in the days of NehemiYah {YAH's-Comfort}, the [whole nation of] Israel pays [generous daily] salaries to their [praise] singers and [temple] gatekeepers. And the [nation] dedicates holy donations to [pay] the Levites. And the Levites set aside [silver] to [reward] Aaron's descendants [for running the temple as a base for this wild, amazing music ministry].
    A proper society takes excellent care of its musicians and singers. Musicians are the key to the spiritual education of the community. Does your community provide for all of the needs of its spiritual musical educators? No.