Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- Psalms ~~- chapter 132 of 150 (18 verses.)

Psalms 132Wrench

David's Struggle To Take The Ark To Jerusalem
1 YHVH, remember [the promises you made to bless the dynasty of] David {Love}. [Reward] all the hardships [he suffered].
This appears to be good king Hezekiah praying for YAH's protection and for a son to be born to Hezekiah's childless Queen.
2 [David] seven [times, i.e. completely, declared his intentions of fidelity] to [you,] YHVH.
Not a recommendation of oath-swearing. Yahshua only wants you to obey him, not to make promises to him.
3 [David] promised the mighty [Elohim] of Jacob {Heel-Grabber}, β€œI won't enter the refuge of my palace, nor go up[stairs] and [crawl] into my bed [while your commands lie unfilled].
4 I'll deny sleep to my eyes, and rest to my eyelids, [until I obey you].
5 Before [I sleep] I'll find a place to [house the ark of] YHVH, a β€œdwelling” for the mighty Elohim of Jacob.
6 Our [Hebrew ancestors heard reports] from Ephratah {Fruitful}, [near Bethlehem]. So we [searched and] found [the ark] in the fields of the Jaar Woods.
Kirjath Yearim.
7 [My ancestors shouted,] β€œLet's rush into YAH's [festival] tents. Let's prostrate [our bodies] at his footstool!”
People say they go to worship, but they never get down on their faces. #7812 shachah means to get your face on the ground.
8 YHVH, rise. Inhabit your resting [place, at] the ark [through which you display] your strength.
9 Clothe your priests with righteousness. [Inspire] your kind-ones to screech [shouts of joy].
10 [Fulfill] your [promises to] your servant (David {Love}). Never turn away the face[s] of your anointed [people].
YAH's Promise To Send David's Son The Messiah
11 πŸ˜‡, YHVH swore his rock-solid, irrevocable [oath] to David {Love}, β€œFrom the fruit of your body I come to establish [a man] upon your throne.
Childless Hezekiah is asking YAH to give him a son.
12 If your children keep my covenant and my instruction that I teach them, their children will also sit upon your throne for evermore.”
Yahshua did guard YHVH's instruction. So he rules permanently over David's kingdom, in power far beyond anything David ever dreamed.
13 For YHVH chooses [Mount] Zion, πŸ˜‡. He picks it as his home.
The Hebrew and Christian scriptures are the light for the entire world, more important than the sun and the moon. No land but Israel has ever produced a body of literature comparable to the Torah. No Babylonian, Greek, Roman, Hindu nor Buddhist sacred writings come anywhere close to the factual, artistic and spiritual power of the original texts of the Bible. This fact is generally recognized by authorities on textual analysis.
14 [YAH decrees,] β€œ[Jerusalem] is my hand-picked global seat [of-authority] for [all earth's] ages.
15 I abundantly bless the [food] supplies [of the City-of-Peace]. I satisfy her poor [people] with bread.
16 I clothe the priests [of the City-Of-Peace] with salvation. Her kind-ones come to screech shouts [of ecstasy].
17 [In the City-of-Peace] I sprout the power-horn of David {Love}. I set-up [Jerusalem as] a lamp [to lead] my anointed [people].
18 I clothe [true Israel's] enemies with shame. [My] crown [eternally] shines from [the head] of [the Messiah].