Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- Psalms ~~- chapter 136 of 150 (26 verses.)

Psalms 136Wrench

Solomon Commands You To Wave Your Hands High
1 Gratitude 😇, throw your hands [in the air to acclaim] YHVH! He's superb! His mercy [lasts] forever.
For context see 2Chr 7. "Yadad" means throw your hands in the air, not merely 'give thanks'. What lasts forever is: #2617 checed: [bending the neck down to show] loving-kindness; piety: beauty, favor, good deeds, mercy, pity. YAH is: #2896 tob: good, beautiful, best, better, bountiful, cheerful, fair, fine, glad, gracious, joyful, kind, loving, merry, pleasant, precious, sweet, wealth-endowing.
2 Praise 😇, throw your hands [in the air to thank YAH,] the Elohim {Authority} [above all] gods. His kindness [stretches past] forever!
3 Gratitude Throw your hands [in the air to thank YAH,] the Adonai {Sovereign} [above all chief] lords! His love [goes on] forever!
Hebrew: Adonim of the Adonim (ultimate chief of all sovereigns).
4 Supernatural Miracles 😇, throw your hands [in the air to thank YAH]. He alone does great wonders! His goodness [goes on] forever.
Everything anyone does, they do by the power of YAH.
YAH Makes Everything Exist
5 Origins [ 😇, acclaim YAH] whose intelligence creates the [3] heavens. His mercy endures forever.
6 Origins [ 😇, applaud YAH] who stretches out the earth to crown the [sea] waters. His graciousness outstretches eternity.
or: stretches the earth over dark matter
7 Origins [Cheer for YAH] who made [the universe's] great lights, 😇. [YAH's] mercy [shines] forever!
8 Origins [ 😇, cheer for YAH who creates] the sun to rule [our solar system] by day. His kindness [lasts] forever!
9 Origins [YAH makes] the moon and stars to rule by night. His mercy [stretches past] eternity!
Solomon Recounts The Miracles Of The Exodus
10 Yah's Protection [ 😇, thank YAH] who struck [down] Egypt's firstborn. [YAH's] mercy endures forever.
11 Freedom [YAH] brings Israel out from among the [pagans]. His good [deeds go on] forever!
12 Yah's Protection With [His] strong hand, with [His] outstretched arm, [YAH] saves [us] forever, 😇!
13 Yah's Protection [YAH] divides the Red Sea in two, 😇. He stoops [down to save us] forever!
14 Yah's Protection [YAH] lets Israel escape through the middle of the [sea floor]. His kindness [overflows,] boundless, 😇!
15 Yah's Protection [YAH] overthrows Pharaoh and his massive-forces in the Red Sea, because [YAH’s] compassion [for his people] lasts forever.
16 Guidance [YAH] leads his people through the wilderness. For his mercy [springs] eternal, 😇.
17 Yah's Protection [YAH] strikes [the] great sovereigns [who fight us Hebrews], 😇. [YAH's] grace [outlasts] eternity.
18 Yah's Protection [YAH] slaughters famous kings [for us believers, 😇]. His mercy [rolls on] forever.
19 Yah's Protection [YAH killed evil] Sihon {Tornado}, king of the Amorite {Mountaineers}. [YAH's] compassion [for us] never dies, 😇.
20 Yah's Protection [YAH annihilated fat giant] Og, the [child-sacrificing] king of Bashan {Fruitful}. [YAH's] pity [for us] never dies, 😇.
21 Yah's Provision (Assurance) [YAH] gives the [perverts'] land as an inheritance [to us saints, 😇]. [YAH’s] kindness outlives [the universe].
El Gives Us Everything We Need, So Praise Him
22 Yah's Provision (Assurance) El {Power} [gives the earth as] a heritage to his servants who will rule with him. His [love lasts] forever, 😇.
Israel = those who will rule with El, not any one genetic group.
23 Redemption [YAH] remembers us [believers even] at our lowest [beaten-down] state, 😇. He bends [past] eternity [to help us].
24 Redemption [YAH keeps smashing our chains,] breaking us away from our enemy-captors. He stoops down to permanently [rescue us], 😇.
lit. adversaries.
25 Yah's Provision (Assurance) [YAH] gives food to all flesh-creatures. His favor [flows] forever.
26 YAH (the Most High Creator) 😇, throw your hands [in the air to thank] the El {Power} of heaven. His mercy [lasts] beyond time's vanishing-point.