Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- Psalms ~~- chapter 36 of 150 (12 verses.)

Psalms 36Wrench

Criminally-Insane Beings Hate Truth & Justice
1 Rebellion hisses [lies] inside the evildoer's heart. [The ruiner's] eyes hold no awe for Elohim.
A song [written] by David (YHVH's obeyer) for Jerusalem's temple music director to arrange and present using instrumentally-accompanied voices at sacred festivals.
2 [The miscreant] flatters himself in his own eyes. He hates recognizing his own corruption.
3 The words of the [criminal's] mouth drip with evil and deceit. He swerves away from wisdom. Thinking about reforming [makes him want to vomit].
4 [The fraudster] hatches lawlessness on his bed. He stations himself on the path of crime. He refuses to reject evil.
YAH Is 100% Different From The Jerks You Know
5 YHVH, your kindness [stretches to] the [uttermost] heavens. Your faithfulness surpasses [our] skies.
6 YHVH, your righteousness towers above the mightiest mountains. Your justice runs deeper [than the deepest oceans]. Your [breath keeps all] humans and animals [alive].
7 Elohim, Your [forgiving] love is more [precious] than the weightiest [gold]. That's why all us children of Adam take refuge under the shadow of your wings.
8 We feast on the abundance of your [family] palace. You give us [all we can] drink from the river of your [Edenic paradise of] delights.
9 You hold the fountain of life. Only by your illumination do we recognize light [from darkness].
10 Keep [pouring out] your unfailing-love to we [believers] who know you. Keep [flowing] your righteousness into [we saints who are trying to] be right-hearted.
11 Stop the foot of pride from stomping me [to death]. Block [all] lawless hands from thrashing me.
12 Hurl the workers of evil [into the abyss]. Push them [down so hard that] they can never get up again.