Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- Psalms ~~- chapter 65 of 150 (13 verses.)

Psalms 65Wrench

YAH Hears our Quiet Prayer; He Buries Our Sin
1 Integrity Elohim, [I see now that] the stillness on [shining Mount] Zion is [more majestic than humanity's] wildest, most inspired praise-frenzies. [What you want is for us to quietly] make good on our promises to you.
An instrumentally-accompanied strolling-song which king David wrote to be presented by a skilled conductor/arranger. thillah = wild, improvisatory acclamation, not mere 'praise'. The standard translations settle for rendering this verse as gobbledygook.
2 Prayer All flesh-creatures eventually come to [face] you, the One [being] who hears [all] prayers.
3 Justice You eventually bury the campaigns which the [world's] perverts wage to overpower me. You wipe away all the rebellions [we humans wage against you].
4 Heaven Happiness floods the human you choose, [saints] you bring near to you, whom you let dwell in your courts. We [believers] eventually spring [out from the poverty of death] into the abundance of all-things-wonderful in your sacred home, your [heavenly] palace.
YAH Forms & Runs The Universe Via Miracles
5 YAH (the Most High Creator) You answer us [believers] with awesome righteous [miracles]. You are the Elohim who frees us. You are the refuge for [all beings] to the ends of the earth across the faraway oceans.
6 Origins Wrapped in [supernatural] force, [YAH raises and] establishes [all] mountains by his power, šŸ˜‡.
7 YAH (the Most High Creator) *[YAH] triumphs [over the] tumult of the raging seas. He [quiets] tsunamis, šŸ˜‡. [He hushes] the noise of the nations.
8 Origins *[YAH,] to the ends of the [universe, beings gasp in] terrified-awe of your miracles. You hurl the morning [sun] and the night [stars] screaming [in triumph over all planets].
YAH Lovingly Manages Our Earth's Ecosystems
9 Origins You supervise [our] earth. You [daily] run water over her. You grow her [lifeforms] from the [nutrient] rich [heavenly] river of Elohim. You prepare grain for [earth's people and animals]. You establish [the universe to nurture our little lives].
Deists imagine an absent-minded clock-maker god. But they're wrong. YAH is intimately involved in our lives. YAH makes the planet work perfectly. But we keep messing it up. The more technology humans acquire, the faster they destroy our beautiful blue planet.
10 Yah's Provision (Assurance) You soak our [mountain] ridges [with rain]. You smooth our valleys. You dissolve our [rocky ground] with showers. You bless our sprouting [crops].
11 Yah's Provision (Assurance) *You crown [our] year with your marvelous [harvest]. You circle [earth, scattering] fat [rich abundance in your every path].
12 Yah's Provision (Assurance) You make [desert] oases drip [with juicy fruit]. You dress [earth's] hills in joy. Then you spin the [planet around the galaxy dancing in your honor].
13 Yah's Provision (Assurance) [You] clothe [earth's] pastures with flocks. You drape grain across [our] valleys. [Fruit] splits our ears with [shouts of] joy. [Grain] strolls singing [across our beautiful blue planet].
If you listen close when the soil is rich and well watered, you can hear food growing.