Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- Psalms ~~- chapter 70 of 150 (5 verses.)

Psalms 70Wrench

King David Begs YAH To Fight Off His Enemies
1 Prayer Fast, Elohim, rescue me! Please rush to help me, YHVH.
2 Yah's Protection Shame and confuse the [evil beings] who chase down my soul. Flip them backward. Throw into confusion the [sickos] who crave my hurt.
3 Betrayal They [cackle,] โ€œAha! Aha! [We've trapped him now!]โ€ Reward them by spinning them back [into oblivion].
4 Praise [Send] your bright [life-energy to] light up everyone who seeks you. Let we (who love your salvation) [live] to [shout], โ€œSpiral Elohim's [fame to the sacred sky]!โ€
5 Desperation I'm [drowning] in depression. I'm destitute. So rush to [save] me, Elohim. Surround me [with your supernatural forcefield]. Help me escape [the jaws of death]. YHVH, please don't [wait]!
King David, one of the richest men in history, realizes that he's destitute. Material wealth means nothing. Real wealth is health, happiness, peace and love.