Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- Psalms ~~- chapter 71 of 150 (24 verses.)

Psalms 71Wrench

David Begs YAH To Save Him From Attackers
1 Yah's Protection YHVH, I flee-for-protection in you. [Guard me] forever. Keep [my enemies] from shaming [me].
โ€™Insuranceโ€˜ policies are the world's counterfeit of the assurance that comes from true faith.
2 Yah's Protection [In] your justice, snatch me [away from my attackers]. Help me escape. Bend [down] your ear to [hear] my [prayers]. Save me.
3 Yah's Protection Be my cliffside stronghold, where I can always retreat. Give [your angels the] command to save me. You're my rock, my fortress.
4 Yah's Protection [Please,] my Elohim, deliver me out of the fist of all wicked [beings], out of the hand of distorted, acid-hearted [man].
5 Hope Adonai YHVH, you're my rope [of hope]. Since my youth, you've [remained] my refuge.
6 Praise From the womb, you've been the [only] one propping me [up]. You're the one who popped me out of my mother's belly. [That's why] I continually [bust out in wild improvised songs to] acclaim your [greatness].
Not mere โ€˜praiseโ€™ but: #8416 thillah teh-hil-law'.
7 Success You, my majestic shelter, [continually make my life] a wonder. Billions [of people marvel at the feats you do to keep me alive].
8 Praise All day, [every day,] you fill my mouth with songs raving about your sparkling [glory].
9 Aging Don't hurl me off in [my] time of old age. Don't forsake me when my strength fails.
10 Tribulation/Purification/testing My enemies hiss [threats] against me. They conspire together. They lie in ambush, [panting] to [snuff out] my life-breath.
11 Tribulation/Purification/testing The [terrorists] whisper, โ€˜Elohim has forsaken him. Chase him down. Grab him. [Take him out into the desert. Smash his head with a boulder.] No one's gonna' rescue him.โ€™
12 Prayer Elohim, stay close to me! Rush to help me, my Sovereign! Hurry!
13 Revenge โญโญโญ Shame and consume the [demons] who attack my life-breath. Bury them in ruin and dishonor for seeking my hurt.
Praise Will Get You Through Life's Nasty Pain
14 Patience Waiting [for your help, I pass the time] by continually applauding you with more and more [wild spontaneous songs].
thillah = bursts of wild, clear, improvised clapping praise-song.
15 Praise All day my mouth proclaims your justice, recounting [the limitless ways you] set us [believers] free.
16 Serving YHVH alone ๐Ÿ˜‡, I go [through life] on the power of my Adonai YHVH. I commemorate his incomparable [moral] integrity.
17 Guidance Elohim, since my youth you've continued to teach me [the secrets of life]. So since childhood I've told [everyone] about your marvelous [miracles].
18 Aging [YHVH,] Never forsake me. [Sustain me] through my gray-haired old age. I [want to] reveal your power-arm to [every new] generation, to [demonstrate] your mastery to all [people] yet to rise [from earth's dust].
19 YAH (the Most High Creator) Elohim, you worker of colossal [miracles], your ethical [stature] towers above [all] heavens. Who compares to you? [No one!]
King David Predicts The Resurrection
20 Resurrection โญโญโญ You [repeatedly drag] me through heavy, painful death-squeezes. But you [always] revive my [dead bones]. [So I know that after I die,] you'll beam me up from the depths of the earth.
21 Our Creator's Love You'll multiply my majesty. You'll surround me with your sighing [voice of comfort].
Throw Your Full Energy & Creativity At Praise
22 Music โญโญโญ So I keep on throwing my hands in the air [to thank you], Israel's Holy One. I [sing anthems celebrating] your faithfulness. I thwack percussion and drums and twang harps [and guitars to draw attention to you].
23 Praise My lips [always] jump for joy when I strike [guitar strings, serenading] you. You redeem my life-breath.
24 Yah's Protection โญโญโญ My tongue keeps talking about your righteousness all day long. I [rave] about how you shame and confuse the [jerks] who seek my hurt.