Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- Psalms ~~- chapter 8 of 150 (9 verses.)

Psalms 8Wrench

YAH's Name-Power Is So Big, Tiny-Praise Kills
1 The Creator's Name *O YHVH our Adonai, your Name-Authority [towers so] majestically, [it fills] the entire earth! You've [permanently] established your glory above the heavens!
Instead of the biblically accurate and more beautiful: โ€œYahweh Adonai, how majestic towers your name,โ€ most translations say the utterly retarded: โ€œO LORD, our Lord, how excellent is your Name.โ€ If the name โ€˜YHVHโ€™ is so excellent, why do Churchians cover it over with the placeholder:โ€œLORDโ€?
2 Praise Out of the mouth[s] of children and babies you send praise-power [to destroy] your enemies. [Praise-war] annihilates all [the world's] hater[s] and grudge-holder[s].
Unless you become like a little child, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
YAH Lifts Us, Mere Worms, To Angelic Heights
3 Origins *I watch your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars you [spin in space].
4 Humility *Why would you, [the Creator of the universe,] think about mortals? Why would you visit [any] โ€˜son of Adamโ€™?
5 Authority You [lift us worms] right [up to status] beneath [heaven's] angels! You crown [mankind] with glory and honor.
Mankind's Purpose Is To Care For The Earth
6 Environmentalism *[You created man] to steward the works of your hands. You put everything [on earth] under [our tiny] feet.
7 Environmentalism [You put us humans here to care for] all [earth's] sheep, oxen and wild animals.
8 Environmentalism [We humans live here on earth to steward] every sky-bird, sea-fish and whatever passes through the paths of the oceans.
9 The Creator's Name *O YHVH our Adonai, your Name-Authority dwarfs the whole planet!