Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- Psalms ~~- chapter 92 of 150 (15 verses.)

Psalms 92Wrench

Fall In Love With Physically Active Praising
1 Music *It [feels] awesome to throw my hands in the air, thanking [you,] YHVH. It's [a great privilege to] strike [guitar strings to praise] your name, Most High [Elohim].
2 Our Creator's Love [I love to] proclaim your loving-kindness in the morning, and your faithfulness every night.
3 Music [I love to] play to you [on anything from] a [priceless] 10-stringed [guitar], an orchestral harp, or a [simple minstrel's] lyre.
4 Yah's Protection [I sing because] you, YHVH, brighten me [up] by your actions. I keep triumphing because of the operations your hands perform.
5 Origins YHVH, your feats tower beyond awesome! Your designs delve infinitely deep.
Like never-ending fractals of awesomeness.
Wicked Beings Flourish Only To Be Destroyed
6 Refusal To Learn / Intentional Ignorance Irrational brutes stay blind to your [creative genius]. Fathead [fools] fail to grasp [your magnificence].
7 Hell (Annihilation) Wicked [beings] spring [up] like grass. Workers of evil [sometimes] flourish. But [you, YAH] destroy them forever.
Hell is eternal destruction, not eternal conscious torment.
8 YAH (the Most High Creator) You, YHVH, tower [above everyone] forever.
9 Punishment One look from your eyes, YHVH, and your enemies perish. All the hate-filled workers of evil [in the universe] scatter [like] dying [cockroaches].
10 Authority You lift up my 'horn' [of triumph] like [I'm] a wild-ox [charging through your fields]. You pour [fresh] green oil over my [head, to show that you're purifying me, enriching me, and giving me your authority].
11 Yah's Protection You [help] my eyes spy my ambushers. You [help] my ears hear the [whispers of] evildoers rising up to fight me.
Or, ‘My eyes eventually watch you [attack] my ambushers. My ears eventually hear you [destroy] the evildoers who rise up [to attack] me.’ Nothing resembling 'my desire' appears in the Hebrew for this verse.
12 Righteous Actions (Works) Right-walkers shoot-out-buds like palm trees, 😇. They grow great like cedars on the white-mountain[s of Lebanon].
13 Adoption YHVH transplants [right-walkers] into his family home, 😇. [Do-gooders] flourish in Elohim's courtyards.
14 Resurrection Past grey-haired [old-age], [right-walkers] keep shooting out seed-bearing fruit, 😇. [Kind people] grow strong and fresh [and fertile].
15 YAH (the Most High Creator) Right-walkers shout [to the world], “YHVH is my rock, 😇! There's no evil in the [Creator]! [He's more than fair all the time.]”