Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- Ezekiel ~~- chapter 21 of 48 (32 verses.)

Ezekiel 21:26Wrench


Adonai YHVH says, โ€œStrip off the diadem.
Hurl away the crown! Times are changing. Exalt the lowly. Abase the high-and-mighty.

Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority

Other English Bible translations of Ezekiel 21:26:

Complete Jewish Bible (Sacred Name Version)CJB-SNFor the king of Bavel is standing at the fork in the road, where the two roads separate, about to use divination โ€” he is shaking the arrows, consulting the household gods, examining the liver.
New International Version (Sacred Name)NIV-SRthis is what the Sovereign YHVH says: Take off the turban, remove the crown. It will not be as it was: The lowly will be exalted and the exalted will be brought low.
New International Readers Version (Sacred Name)NIRV-SNThe Adonai and King says, 'Take off your turban. Remove your crown. Things will not be as they were in the past. Those who are not important will be honored. And those who are honored will be brought down.
New Living Translation (Sacred Name Version)NLT-SNTake off your jeweled crown, says the Sovereign YHVH. The old order changes--now the lowly are exalted, and the mighty are brought low.
New Revised Standard (Sacred Name Edition)NRSV-SNthus says the Adonai Elohim: Remove the turban, take off the crown; things shall not remain as they are. Exalt that which is low, abase that which is high.
The Message (Sacred Name Version)MSG-SNYHVH says, Take your royal crown off your head. No more 'business as usual.' The underdog will be promoted and the top dog will be demoted.
Good News Translation (Sacred Name)GNT-SNI, the Sovereign Adonai, have spoken. Take off your crown and your turban. Nothing will be the same again. Raise the poor to power! Bring down those who are ruling!
New American Standard (Sacred Name Bible)NASB-SNthus says the Adonai YHVH, 'Remove the turban and take off the crown; this will no longer be the same Exalt that which is low and abase that which is high.
King James Version (unedited)KJVThus saith the Lord GOD; Remove the diadem, and take off the crown: this shall not be the same: exalt him that is low, and abase him that is high.