Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- Ezekiel ~~- chapter 44 of 48 (31 verses.)

Ezekiel 44:12Wrench


[But right now, Levites] serve people [under] the faces of idol-gods.
[Israeli priests] hurl the house of Israel down into ruin.
That's why I'm lifting up my hand to stop the [bogus priests],โ€ decrees Adonai YHVH.
โ€œ[Rogue religionists] must bear their guilt.

Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion

Other English Bible translations of Ezekiel 44:12:

Complete Jewish Bible (Sacred Name Version)CJB-SNBecause they served them in the presence of their idols and became an occasion of sin for the house of Israโ€™el, I am raising my hand against them,โ€™ says Adonai Elohim, โ€˜and they will bear the consequences of their guilt.
New International Version (Sacred Name)NIV-SRBut because they served them in the presence of their idols and made the house of Israel fall into sin, therefore I have sworn with uplifted hand that they must bear the consequences of their sin, declares the Sovereign YHVH.
New International Readers Version (Sacred Name)NIRV-SN'But they served the people of Israel while they were worshiping their gods. They made the people fall into sin. So I raised my hand and took an oath. I warned them that I would punish them because of their sin,' announces the Adonai and King.
New Living Translation (Sacred Name Version)NLT-SNBut they encouraged my people to worship other gods, causing Israel to fall into deep sin. So I have raised my hand and taken an oath that they must bear the consequences for their sins, says the Sovereign YHVH.
New Revised Standard (Sacred Name Edition)NRSV-SNBecause they ministered to them before their idols and made the house of Israel stumble into iniquity, therefore I have sworn concerning them, says the Adonai Elohim, that they shall bear their punishment.
The Message (Sacred Name Version)MSG-SNBecause they acted as priests to the no-god idols and made my people Israel stumble and fall, I've taken an oath to punish them. Decree of YHVH, the Master. Yes, they'll pay for what they've done.
Good News Translation (Sacred Name)GNT-SNBut because they conducted the worship of idols for the people of Israel and in this way led the people into sin, I, the Sovereign Adonai, solemnly swear that they must be punished.
New American Standard (Sacred Name Bible)NASB-SN'Because they ministered to them before their idols and became a stumbling block of iniquity to the house of Israel, therefore I have sworn against them,' declares the Adonai YHVH, 'that they shall bear the punishment for their iniquity.
King James Version (unedited)KJVBecause they ministered unto them before their idols, and caused the house of Israel to fall into iniquity; therefore have I lifted up mine hand against them, saith the Lord GOD, and they shall bear their iniquity.