Bible ~~- Newer Testament ~~- Luke ~~- chapter 5 of 24 (39 verses.)

Luke 5:16Wrench

So Yahshua often withdraws to solitary places to pray, 😇.

Other English Bible translations of Luke 5:16:

Complete Jewish Bible (Sacred Name Version)CJB-SNHowever, he made a practice of withdrawing to remote places in order to pray.
New International Version (Sacred Name)NIV-SRBut Yahshua often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.
New International Readers Version (Sacred Name)NIRV-SNBut Yahshua often went away to be by himself and pray.
New Living Translation (Sacred Name Version)NLT-SNBut Yahshua often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer.
New Revised Standard (Sacred Name Edition)NRSV-SNBut he would withdraw to deserted places and pray.
The Message (Sacred Name Version)MSG-SNAs often as possible Yahshua withdrew to out--of-the-way places for prayer.
Good News Translation (Sacred Name)GNT-SNBut he would go away to lonely places, where he prayed.
New American Standard (Sacred Name Bible)NASB-SNBut Yahshua Himself would often slip away to the wilderness and pray.
King James Version (unedited)KJVAnd he withdrew himself into the wilderness, and prayed.