Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- Ezekiel ~~- chapter 1 of 48 (28 verses.)

Ezekiel 1Wrench

Zeke Sees The 4-Faced Flying Spirit-Creatures
1 Spiritual Vision It's the 5th day of the 4th month of [513B.C.], the 30th year [since king Josiah found Judea's lost Law books]. I, [Ezekiel (the exiled priest) sweat, breaking rocks] with the [other] slaves by [Iraq's] river of Chebar, [45 miles north of Babylon]. [Suddenly, šŸ˜‡,] the heavens open. I see visions of Elohim. [The following is my record of those visions:]
2 Freedom [It's] the 5th day of the [4th] month of the 5th year since [Babylonian soldiers dragged Judea's evil] king JeconYah [into] captivity.
3 Spiritual Vision The word of YHVH rushes to [me,] Ezekiel the priest, the son of Buzi {Shamed}, in the land of the Chaldeans by the Chebar river. There, šŸ˜‡, the hand of YHVH comes upon [me].
4 Spiritual Vision I look [into the darkening sky, šŸ˜‡]. I see a whirlwind fly [toward me] from the north: a colossal [twisting] cloud. It flashes lighting. Bright light encircles the [cloud]. Amber [light] beams from its inner fire.
5 Paranormal Phenomena *Out of the middle [of the fiery whirlwind] fly 4 [beings! They resemble] living creatures, with some humanoid features.
6 Paranormal Phenomena *Each of the 4 creatures have 4 faces, and 4 wings, šŸ˜‡!
7 Paranormal Phenomena The creatures' legs stand straight, šŸ˜‡, [like human legs]. But their feet look like calves' hooves that sparkle like burnished bronze.
8 Paranormal Phenomena On their four extremities, the [creatures] have human-like hands. [Now I'll describe] their 4 faces and their wings, šŸ˜‡:
9 Paranormal Phenomena Each of the creatures' wings touch the wings of the next creature. They fly straight forward, šŸ˜‡, never turning.
10 Art The creatures' faces blow my mind, šŸ˜‡: look at them from the front, you see a human face. But from the left, you see a lion's face. From the right, you see a bull's face. And from the rear, you see an eagle's face!
11 Spiritual Vision The creatures' [upper] two wings stretch high and out to touch the wings of their companions. And each [creature] covers his body with his two lower wings.
12 Obedience Each of the creatures move straight forward together, šŸ˜‡. They go wherever [YAH's] spirit leads, never turning away.
13 Paranormal Phenomena *The living-creatures look like burning coals of fire. Between the creatures, lamp-like light (brilliant as fire) shoots back and forth, then bursts out like lightning, šŸ˜‡!
or "up and down on the creatures". Imagine a Tesla-coil.
14 Paranormal Phenomena The living creatures speed to-and-fro like flashes of lightning, šŸ˜‡.
15 Paranormal Phenomena *Now as I look at these four-faced living creatures, šŸ˜‡, I see wheels [spinning] on the ground under the creatures.
16 Paranormal Phenomena *All four wheels look the same, šŸ˜‡: their inner parts sparkle like diamonds [in the sun], each beautifully structured as a wheel within a wheel, [i.e. gyroscopes].
17 Paranormal Phenomena This four-creature [coalition] jets straight ahead, never swerving, just moving [fast].
Most translations of this verse imply that the wheels never turn. To be specific, they turn only when the Spirit leading them turns. As we should.
18 Paranormal Phenomena *The wheel-rings tower so high [over my head that I shake in] dread, šŸ˜‡, seeing the 4 wheel-rims full of eyes all around.
19 Paranormal Phenomena *Wherever the living creatures go, the wheels [roll] under them. Then the living creatures lift up off the ground, šŸ˜‡. So the wheels lift up [with the creatures]!
20 YAH's Spirit (Holy Spirit) *Wherever [YAH's] spirit goes, the spirit-creatures move with [YAH's] spirit. The wheels rise with the creatures, because the spirit of the creatures lives inside the wheels.
21 Paranormal Phenomena *When the wheels stand still, the creatures stand still. When the wheels lift off, the creatures lift off with the [wheels], proving that the spirits of the creatures live in the wheels.
22 Heaven *Above the heads of the living creature[s], the Sacred-Sky shines: a huge dome glittering with ice-crystals, stretching out over the [beings'] heads [into eternity].
23 Paranormal Phenomena Under this Sacred-Sky, each creature stretches out his two wings straight toward his fellow-creature. [Beneath these wings,] each creature uses his other two wings to cover the two sides of his own body.
24 Paranormal Phenomena *As the [creatures] fly, I hear the noise of their wings. It rushes like massive waters, like the voice of the Almighty, like the tumultuous noise of a shouting army, šŸ˜‡. Finally the [creatures] stand. They let down their wings.
25 Paranormal Phenomena As the [creatures] stand and let down their wings, a voice [booms] from the Sacred-Sky above their heads.
26 Paranormal Phenomena *Above the Sacred-Sky over the [creatures'] heads, something like a throne appears, gleaming like sapphire-stones. Above this throne-like apparition a man-like being appears.
27 Paranormal Phenomena *I see [energy] gleaming like amber-coloured fire surrounding and inside of the [man-like being, šŸ˜‡]. From his waist down, flame-like [spirit] radiates brilliant light all around him.
28 Paranormal Phenomena *The brightness surrounding the [man-like being] radiates like a rainbow in a cloud on a rainy day, šŸ˜‡. [I realize] I'm looking at an apparition of YHVH's glory! As soon as I see it, I fall upon my face. Then I hear the voice of a heavenly [speaker].
Humility comes before hearing heaven's voice.