Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- Ezekiel ~~- chapter 22 of 48 (31 verses.)

Ezekiel 22Wrench

Zeke Condemns The Filthy Sin Of Your Nation
1 Yah's Word Again, ๐Ÿ˜‡, Yahweh's word comes [alive in] me.
2 Political Evil [YAH] says, โ€œNow, you โ€˜son of Adamโ€™, are you ready to pronounce [the death] sentence on this bloody city? Then go expose all her abominations [before] her [eyes].
We are not to judge. But we are to pronounce the verdict of the judge.
3 Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority Announce, โ€˜Adonai Yahweh decrees, โ€œ ๐Ÿ˜‡, [your] city sheds blood [not just at its lunatic fringe, but] at its core. [Your leaders] speed [your society's] doom! [Your city] makes idols that defile her.
4 Political Evil You [Jerusalem] grow increasingly guilty. [You wallow] in the blood you keep shedding. You keep defiling yourself by making and [worshipping] your demon-idols. You bait your [death] day to draw near. You've reached the end of your years. So I've made your [name] an insult to the beast-nations. Every country [on earth] mocks you.
Certainly true of Washington and Los Angeles.
5 Political Evil Countries nearby and countries far away taunt your cursed infamy.
6 Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority Look, ๐Ÿ˜‡: every leader in Israel comes to [Jerusalem] to [amass] power to shed [innocent] blood!
7 Political Evil *In you, [Jerusalem,] leaders usurp [parental powers from] fathers and mothers. Right at your core [of political power, leaders] oppress and defraud foreigners. In you, [Jerusalem, your leaders] harass fatherless [orphans] and widows.
8 Rest You [Judeo-Christians] continually despise my holy [treasures]. You profane my sabbaths.
9 Political Evil In you, [Jerusalem,] dwell men who testify falsely so they can spill [innocent peoples'] blood. In you, [occultists] gobble [pigs] on hilltop-shrines. At your city-core [your leaders and people] wallow in perverse crimes.
10 Incest In you, [Jerusalem, fake Jews] strip their father[s] naked. In you, perverts ravage women sequestered during their [menstruation].
11 Incest *[Every hour I see] one [of your citizens] commit disgusting [perversions] with his neighbor's wife, ๐Ÿ˜‡. Another lewdly defiles his daughter-in-law. Another of you humbles his sister, his father's daughter!
12 Debt *In you (Jerusalem) [leaders] take bribes to shed blood. You take [interest,] both predatory interest [that fatally stings poor people], and smaller interest charges [that debase your currency]. You amass greedy gain from your neighbors by extortion. You've forgotten me,โ€™ rules Adonai Yahweh.
13 Greed Look out! I'm striking my hand [down on] the dishonest gain[s] you've made. I'm [avenging] the blood that you [as a political mass keep] shedding.
Most of the time, murder is committed through corporate political means. You may have much more blood on your hands than you realize.
14 Punishment Can your heart endure, can your hands stay strong, in the days I'm dealing to you, ๐Ÿ˜‡? I Yahweh foretell and actualize your future.
15 Punishment I come to scatter you [hypocrites] among the beast-nations. I disperse you into [earth's] countries, to burn your filthiness out of you.
16 Punishment You inherit [not riches but] wounds, while the beast-nations watch [and laugh]. Then you grasp that I am Yahweh, [the Almighty who speaks your future].โ€
YAH Says Israel Is Like Impurity In Silver
17 Yah's Word Again, ๐Ÿ˜‡, the word of Yahweh comes [alive in] me:
18 Corruption [YAH] says, โ€œโ€˜Son of Adam,โ€™ the house of Israel has become dross to me. [No longer valuable] silver, they're just base brass, tin, iron and lead. [They] clog up my furnace.โ€™
19 Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion So Adonai Yahweh decrees, โ€˜You've all devolved into trash-metal. So I'm heaping you into [a recycle bin] in the middle of Jerusalem.
20 Hell (Annihilation) *Just like scavengers gather silver, brass, iron, lead and tin into the middle of a furnace, to bellow fire on it, to melt it, I gather you [infidels] in my anger. I leave you [screaming] in my fury until you melt.
Or, โ€˜I blow my fury on you 'til you melt.โ€™
21 Hell (Annihilation) *[That's] right. I come to gather you [Israeli infidels]. I blow on you in the fire of my rage. You melt right in the middle of [your burning town].
22 Punishment Like silver melts in the center of a [hot] furnace, you liquefy in the middle of [your city]. Then you grasp that I, Yahweh, poured out my fury upon you.โ€™โ€
YAH Exposes The Conspiracy Of False Preachers
23 Yah's Word Again, ๐Ÿ˜‡, the word of Yahweh comes [alive in] me:
24 Punishment [YAH] says, โ€œโ€˜Son of Adam,โ€™ say to [your nation], โ€˜One day [soon] I come to brighten your dull and dirty [drought-stricken] country. I rain [fire] from my mouth [onto your cities].
25 Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion *There is a conspiracy of [false] prophets at [your society's] core. Like roaring lion[s], [your religious leaders] rip their prey, ๐Ÿ˜‡. They keep devouring souls. They steal [holy] treasures and [other] valuables. They make many citizens into widows.
26 Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion *[Your city's] priests [and pastors] keep violating my law and profaning my holy [treasures, ๐Ÿ˜‡]. They never acknowledge distinctions between sacred and profane. They never show [people] the difference between clean and unclean [foods and practices]. They hide their eyes from my Sabbaths. So blasphemy against me flows [out from them to the general population].
A perfectly biting and accurate condemnation of โ€˜Christianโ€™ culture.
27 Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority *At the core [of your city, ๐Ÿ˜‡,] her leaders [prowl,] wolves tearing prey. They shed [innocent] blood. [They] destroy souls. [They] grab dishonest gain.
28 Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion *[ ๐Ÿ˜‡, your city's] preachers daub its [murderous politicos] with whitewash. [The preachers] see ruinous [false visions]. [They] divine lies for [bigwigs. The priests] says, โ€˜Adonai Yahweh says [go right ahead and kill people for money].โ€™ [But] Yahweh never speaks to [those fake religionists].
29 Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion * ๐Ÿ˜‡, the mortals of [your Judeo-Christian] land cruelly violate, flay, rob [and plunder innocent people]! [The rogues commit] outrages against poor and needy [saints. The bigots] unlawfully crush foreigners.
30 Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority *I search for a man among [your nation] who can rebuild the guard-wall, ๐Ÿ˜‡, to stand in the breaches [in your spiritual defenses], to keep me from destroying [your nation]. But I find zero [honest leaders].
Recall the last election in the worldly nation around you. Zero leaders.
31 Punishment So I, Adonai Yahweh, pour out my mouth-frothing [fury] upon [your nation, ๐Ÿ˜‡]. I devour the [villains] with the fire of my rage. I repay [their crimes] upon their heads.โ€
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