Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- Ezekiel ~~- chapter 26 of 48 (21 verses.)

Ezekiel 26Wrench

Ezekiel Foretells YAH's Destruction Of Tyre
1 Yah's Word On the 1st day of the [5th] month in the 11th year [of evil Judean king Jehoachin's exile], YHVH's Word comes [alive in] me:
2 Greed [YAH] says, โ€œโ€˜Son of Adam,โ€™ [the imps of] Tyre {Rock-Port} slander Jerusalem. [They each laugh,] โ€˜Ha ha! [Jerusalem,] the people's gateway [to heaven and to world-trade,] lies broken! She's open to me! Now that she's ruined, I'll rush in and get rich!โ€™
Jerusalem lies perfectly situated as the gateway to Africa, Asia, Europe and the Mediterranean sea (the Eastern Hemisphere's channel to the Americas). That's why the Creator chose the Judeans to preserve and propagate his word.
3 Punishment So Adonai YHVH decrees, โ€˜See [this vision of your future]! I fight you, Tyre {Rock-Port}. I drive hordes of nations to [march] up and attack you, like the sea hurls up his waves!
4 Punishment The [nations] destroy the walls of Tyre {Rock-Port}. They break down her towers. I scrape her soil from her. [I] reduce her to a bare rock [ledge].
Exactly a description of Tyre to this very day. A perfectly-placed seaport almost completely empty for 2000 years. Tyre's enduring abandonment is one of history's most powerful proofs of scriptural reliability.
5 Punishment [Tyre] devolves [from a major port-city] into a seaside ledge for spreading fish-nets. I'm telling [you Tyre's] future,โ€™ foretells Adonai YHVH. โ€˜[Tyre] becomes a plunder-pot for the beast-nations.
6 Punishment [Soldiers] sword-slay [Tyre's] mainland daughter-cities. Finally [Tyre's survivors] realize that I am YHVH {the-only-omni-temporal-Being}.โ€™
7 War For Adonai YHVH foretells, โ€˜Watch: Upon Tyre {Rock-Port}, I bring Emperor Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, an Arch-ruler over [many] kings. [He marches] from the north, with horses, and with chariots, and with cavalry, and a huge, organized army of [soldiers].
YAH gets dirty people to do his dirty work.
8 War With the sword, the [Emperor] slays your [Tyrian] daughter-cities. [Your blood runs down from your city walls] into [your] field[s]. The [Emperor] builds towers to [pelt] you. [He] erects siege-ramps against your [fort(s)]. [He] raises [a screen of] shields to repel [your weapons].
9 War The [Emperor] pounds [down] your walls with battering rams. [He] hacks apart your [defense] towers with his axe-blades.
10 Defeat [Babylon's] thousands of war-horses bury you in hoof-dust. Your walls shake at the noise of their horsemen, their cartwheels, their chariots. They dash through your [barred] city-gates as [effortlessly as] men race into a breach in a city-wall.
11 War With the hoofs of his horses the [Emperor] treads down all your streets. He slays your people by the sword. Your strong garrisons fall down to the ground.
12 War The [Babylonians] seize your riches. [They] loot your merchandise. [They] smash down your walls. [They] destroy your pleasant houses. They hurl your stones and your timber and [even] your soil into middle of the sea-floor.
13 War Thus I stop the noise of your [nasty] songs. The sound of your harps never [again reaches] anyone's ears.
14 Punishment Yes, I come to scrape you [Tyre] down to a rock ledge, a mere place [for fishermen] to spread their fish-nets. You never get rebuilt, because I YHVH say so,โ€ decrees Adonai YHVH.
15 War Adonai YHVH [also] foretells of Tyre {Rock-Port}, โ€œHow the coastlands quake at the sound of your fall, when [your] wounded cry, when slaughter [strikes] you to the core!
16 Punishment Then all the princes of the sea [lands] step down from their thrones. [They] lay aside their robes. [They] strip off their embroidered garments. They clothe themselves with quaking. They sit on the ground, trembling nonstop, stunned at your [demise].
17 Defeat The [world's princes] raise a funeral-dirge for you. [They] cry to you, โ€œOh, destroyed city, home of seafaring [heroes], famous ocean-power whose establishment terrified all mainland-dwellers!
18 Defeat How [our] coastlands tremble at your fall! The sea-islands [cry] in terror at your collapse!โ€™
19 Punishment For Adonai YHVH foretells, โ€˜I forever devastate your city into a ghost-town. I lift the deep up over your [head]. Great waters [come to] smother you, [Tyre].
20 Death I hurl you down [to lie in death] with your ancient predecessors who descended into the abyss. I bury you in the ancient ruins of underworld soil. So fall, [infidels]! [Cascade] into your pit where no one lives, while I [YHVH rise to] establish [my] glory in the land of the living.
21 Punishment I bring you [Tyre] to a horrifying end. [Explorers] come to hunt for you. But no one ever again finds you,โ€™ decrees Adonai YHVH.โ€
The modern Lebanese city of Tyre stands near, but not atop the site described here.