Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- Ezekiel ~~- chapter 27 of 48 (36 verses.)

Ezekiel 27Wrench

YAH Predicts Tyre's Permanent Destruction
1 Yah's Word Again, ๐Ÿ˜‡, the word of YHVH comes [alive] in me:
2 Music [YAH] says, โ€œNow, you son of Adam, raise [your voice. Sing] this lamentation for Tyre {Rock-Port}:
3 Pride Say to [the people and king of] Tyre {Rock-Port}, โ€œYou [city sitting pretty] at the door to the sea, you merchant for the people of [earth's] many coastlands, Adonai YHVH decrees: โ€˜Tyre, you boast, โ€˜I'm perfect in beauty.โ€™
4 Pride Your territory lies in the heart of [earth's] seas. Your builders have perfected your beauty.
5 Destroying the Earth [Carpenters] make all your ship-boards of fir trees from Senir {Peak}. [Loggers] take cedars from Lebanon {White-Mountains} to make masts for your [yachts].
6 Money [Woodworkers carve] the oaks of Bashan {Fruitful} to make your oars. Cedar-working [craftsmen] make your decks [inlaid with] ivory exported from the isles of Chittim {Cyprus}.
7 Art You spread forth your sails of fine [shining] linen [boasting] embroidered artwork from Egypt. You cover your [ships] with blue and purple [royal fabric] from the isles of EliShah {El-Saves}.
8 Power The inhabitants of Sidon {Fish-City} and Arvad {Rover's-Refuge} serve as your mariners [rowers]. Tyre [bursts] full of cunning [intelligent] ship-pilots.
9 Money The wise men & elder-craftsmen of Gebal {Chain-Mountains} staff [your port] with caulkers who fix holes [in boat-hulls]. All the ships of the sea sail into you. They bring their mariners to mix in your marketplace.
10 Power [Mercenaries] from Persia and Lud and [African] Phut [fill out] your army. [Many] men of war hang their shield[s] and helmet[s] in you. [Their strength] adds to your shining-magnificence.
11 War The [fighting] men of Arvad {Rover's-Refuge} stand with your army atop your encircling city-walls. Gammadim {Capturers} [man] your towers. [Heroes] hang their shields surrounding your walls, completing your beauty.
12 Money To [reap] your cornucopia of riches, Tarshish {Gem} engages in commerce with you. [Spaniards] trade silver, iron, tin and lead in your fairs.
13 Bondage [Descendants of] Javan {Effervescing}, Tubal {Europe's-Ancestors} and Meshech {Turks} [mix among] your merchants. [Traders] barter the lives of human [slaves] alongside the copper-bronze utensils in your market.
14 Work [Ranchers from] the House of Togarmah {Armenia} trade horses and horsemen and mules in your bazaars.
15 Money Merchant-men [stream] from [North-African] Dedan to barter [in your stores]. You [hold] in your hand the customers of [earth's] coastlines. They pay you in horns of ivory and ebony.
16 Money Your thousands of products draw Syria {Highland-Plateau} to engage in commerce with you. [Syrians] busy your markets trading emeralds, purple-silk and embroidered clothwork, fine linen, coral and brilliant [agate].
17 Worldly Participation (Worldliness) Judea and the land of [north] Israel engage in [forbidden] commerce with you. In your market[s] the [Israelis] trade wheat of Minnith {Harmony}, and Pannag {Pastry}, and honey and oil and balm.
Hebrews cannot enter into business agreements over time with pagans. It's cash and carry, or cursing.
18 Money Damascus engages in commerce with you. They [trade] the thousands of valuable [products] you produce, including the wine of Helbon {Fruitful}, and dazzling [white] wool.
19 Money [Vicious northern Israeli] Danites, Arabs and Greeks rush back and forth doing business in your fairs. [Dealers from many countries] trade bright iron, cassia and calamus [grace] in your market[s].
20 Money Merchants from [north-African] Dedan exchange precious [flowing] clothes for chariots.
Or โ€˜trade saddle-blankets for riding.โ€™
21 Greed Arabia and all the princes of Kedar {Darkness} travel to do business with you. [They] specialize in merchandizing lambs, rams and goats.
22 Greed Brokers from [Ethiopian] Sheba and Raamah {Horse-Mane} engage in commerce with you. They busy your markets trading the finest of all aromatic [spices], every [kind of] precious stone, and gold.
23 Money [Wholesalers from] Haran {Dryland}, [Assyrian-controlled] Canneh and Eden {Pleasure} mix in your traffic with vendors from Sheba {Seven}, Asshur {Success} and [Assyrian] Chilmad.
24 Art These, your merchants, trade in your every conceivable type of merchandise: in blue [silk] clothes, in embroidered cloth-work, in rope-bound cedar chests storing rich apparel.
25 Greed The shipsmen of Tarshish {Gem} sing of you as they restock your [markets]. Soon you shine glorious in the heart of [earth's] seas.
26 Political Evil [But then] your [political] โ€œrowersโ€ bring your [nation] into heavy seas. The [evil] east wind breaks you in the heart of the ocean.
27 End Times Disasters *Your wealth, your markets, your merchandise, your mariners, your pilots, your leak-repairmen, the [traders] exchanging your merchandise, plus all your men of war in you, and everyone assembled in you, fall into the heart of the seas on the day of your ruin.
28 Punishment The pastures shake at the sound of the outcry of your [drowning] ship-pilots.
29 Punishment All [distant rowers] who handle oars, the mariners, and all the [nearby] sea-captains disembark from their ships. They stand upon the land, [gaping at your destroyed port-city].
30 Sorrow [Your mourning sailors] raise their voices. All over your [territory, shipsmen fill peoples'] ears with bitter cries. [Mariners] throw [clawfuls of] soil upon their heads. They wallow in ashes.
31 Punishment [Your commercial partners] shave themselves totally bald [in mourning] for you, [Tyre]. They wrap [their bodies] in sackcloth. They weep for you with bitter heart and ear-ripping lamentation.
32 Music Shrieking, [your partners] raise [their] breast-beating dirge for you, lamenting over you: โ€œWhat city is like Tyre {Rock-Port}, the destroyed [city] at the center of [earth's] sea-lanes?
33 Money Your markets flooded [earth's] seas with merchandise. You filled millions of people [with food]. You enriched the kings of the earth with your vast wealth.
34 Death Now you lie a wrecked [ship], broken by waves, [dead] at the bottom of the sea. All your merchandise and your crew fall [to die] with you.
35 Punishment All the inhabitants of the isles [fall to their knees,] stunned by your [destruction]. [Earth's] kings tremble in terror, faces [twisted] in distress.
36 Punishment The merchants of the nations gasp at [the thought of] your [demise]. Your [mention] inspires terror. [You symbolize all wicked cities who] cease to exist.โ€™โ€™โ€