Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- Ezekiel ~~- chapter 44 of 48 (31 verses.)

Ezekiel 44Wrench

The Angel Tells Zeke How To Run The Temple
1 Paranormal Phenomena Then, 😇, [the angel-man flies] me back through the sanctuary's outer gate which looks toward the east [highway]. [Some power] shuts the gate [behind me].
2 Separation (Holiness) Then, 😇, YHVH's [angel] says to me, “This gate will stay shut. No one will open it. No man will enter [the temple] through it, because [I,] YHVH, the Elohim of Israel, passed through it. That's why it [must] stay shut.
3 Authority [This gate] is [reserved] for the Prince [Messiah]. The Prince will sit in [the East Gate] to eat [his] meal[s] before YHVH. [The prince] will enter [the temple] by the road [outside] the porch of the [East] gate. He'll exit [the temple] by that same [road].”
"Prince" can be construed to mean anything from ‘Messiah’ to ‘resurrected David’ to ‘king’ to ‘exalted one’ to simply ‘high [priest].’ This may indicate a dual fulfillment of this prophecy.
4 Paranormal Phenomena Then, 😇, [the angel-man flies] me [up] the road that leads to the [temple's] north gate. [I] face the [massive building]. I look. I see the glory of YHVH fill YHVH's temple. So I fall [down] on my face.
5 Separation (Holiness) And YHVH's [angel] says to me, “‘Son of Adam,’ mark well. See with your eyes and hear with your ears all my enactments and laws regarding YHVH's temple. Take to heart [who can] enter the temple and who must be excluded from its [inner] sanctuary.
6 Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion And, 😇, tell the rebel house of Israel, ‘Adonai YHVH says, “Oh house of Israel, enough of all your abominations!
7 Worldly Participation (Worldliness) ⭐⭐⭐ Stop bringing (into my sanctuary) non-Hebrews with ‘un-trimmed’ hearts and exposed flesh. They pollute my sanctuary. [Sinners] shouldn't be in my temple when you serve my bread, steak and wine. [Paganized Judeo-Christians] shatter my covenant. They add to you [religionists' long list of] abominations.
Sacred feasts are for relatively sacred people. Sacred feasts are not forums for evangelizing the unwashed masses. That's what street-dancing is for. #6189 `arel = exposed / loose. #1320 Basar means ‘flesh’, not necessarily ‘foreskin’. "Wine" = dam, therefore a usual translation would be, "[perform rituals symbolically using] blood.
8 Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion Instead of watching and guarding my sacred [laws and sacred people,] you [apostates] keep appointing [incompetent sinners] to supervise and guard my sanctuary.”
9 Circumcision Adonai YHVH explains, “No non-Hebrew brat with a loose heart or exposed flesh can ever enter into my sanctuary, even if he lives among the descendants of Israel.
#6189 `arel = exposed, loose. #1320 basar = flesh. Bad translators frequently wrongly and narrowly interpret these words to imply that you had to have your penis cut to enter YAH's temple. What this verse really means is that you shouldn't let worldly recidivist sinners into your fellowship.
10 Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion ⭐⭐⭐ The Levite [priests] wander far away from me as Israel goes astray, abandoning me, chasing their idols. They [always] eventually bear [the consequences of] their evil.
11 Community Love Feasts But [one day, Levites] eventually return to serve in my sanctuary. They guard the temple gates and maintain the premises. They butcher [Grade-A] smoke-roast meat to [feed my] people. They stand before [crowds of saints] to serve [physical and spiritual food].
12 Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion ⭐⭐⭐ [But right now, Levites] serve people [under] the faces of idol-gods. [Israeli priests] hurl the house of Israel down into ruin. That's why I'm lifting up my hand to stop the [bogus priests],” decrees Adonai YHVH. [Rogue religionists] must bear their guilt.
13 Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion So [for now I] won't let the [Levites] approach me to do priestly work. They're banished from my sacred [people and things, especially] in the Most Holy place. First the [rogues] have to carry the guilt for all the abominations they've committed.
14 Work Meanwhile, I'll let [repentant Levites] watch and guard the temple, and maintain and run its [basic operation].
15 Community Love Feasts And,” Adonai YHVH continues, “I'll allow the approach of Levitical priests [who are spiritually] descended from Zadok {Righteous}. [Zadok] guarded and watched my sanctuary when the brats of Israel careened astray from me. [Righteous priests] can still serve me. They can stand before me, serving choice [cuts of steak] and juice [to poor saints].
“Juice” is #1818 “dam”, literally meaning “blood,” therefore usually interpreted as referring to rituals that use blood to symbolize the death that comes from sin. Choice = cheleb, which can mean “fat” or “choice cuts of steak.”
16 Community Love Feasts [Only righteous priests] can enter my sanctuary, and approach my meal-table to serve me [by feeding poor people] and by watching and guarding [my temple].
17 Community Love Feasts And once the [righteous priests] enter the inner gates of the [temple] court, they must wear [only cool] linen clothing, with no [hot] wool content, whether they're serving just inside the gates of the inner courtyard, or inside the [temple].
Because of the heat of the giant cooking fire.
18 Community Love Feasts The [priests] will wear linen turbans upon their heads, and linen underclothes on their waists. They won't wear anything that makes them sweat.
You don't want a sweaty cook or sweaty waiter, do you?
19 Separation (Holiness) And before the [priests] leave [the holy areas] to venture into the [temple's] outer court(s), [especially] into the outer court where the people [eat], the [priests] must strip off their [sacred] garments. They'll lay the [sacred clothes] in the holy chambers where they worshipped [me]. Then the [priests] must put on [relatively] normal clothes. Don't dignify the common [rabble's meals by wearing] supremely sacred clothes [while serving messy, dripping steak to homeless vagabonds].
20 Modesty ⭐⭐⭐ And [my] priests must not shave their heads, nor let their locks grow crazy-wild. [My obeyers must] cut & groom their hair.
The Bible does not forbid men from having long hair. The word normally translated ‘long’ is: wild = 7971 shalach shaw-lakh': to send/cast away, shoot (forth, out), spread, stretch out.
21 Sobreity ⭐⭐⭐ Nor may any priest drink wine when they enter [my temple's] inner court.
So no true believer should bring any addiction into his life.
22 Divorce No [priest] can marry a widow [of a non-priest]. Nor [can a priest marry] a divorced woman. [Priests] can only marry either a virgin seed-daughter from an Israelite family, or the widow of a deceased priest.
Christian believers are priests. So believers must not engage in serial wife-swapping, aka divorce & remarriage.
23 Guidance ⭐⭐⭐ [Priests] must teach my people the difference between sacred and profane, 😇, to help [people] discern between unclean and clean [things, practices and ideas].
24 Law Priests must stand up to govern [during] controversy, to defend my laws, to build a hedge around my principles and instructions, [including my] scheduled feasts and hallowed Sabbaths.
Usually mistranslated to set priests up as judges over common disputes, a function that Jesus himself disclaimed. Most modern ’Christians’ overturn this verse. They spurn the laws of the Old Testament.
25 Death ⭐⭐⭐ And [priests, being food preparers and health workers,] must not approach any dead human. [The rotting corpse could] contaminate [the priest and the community he serves]. But [a priest can risk] contamination to [give one last hug to] his [dead] father, or mother, or son, or daughter, or brother, or unmarried sister.
26 Illness ⭐⭐⭐ But [any priest who touches even a dead immediate relative] must thoroughly wash then count 7 days [without infection before he can perform food or health services].
Most Biblical regulations have public health motivations.
27 Community Love Feasts Then, on the day [the cleansed priest] goes into the sanctuary, to the inner court, to minister in the holy-place, he brings his guilt-donation,” says Adonai YHVH.
28 Forsaking All ⭐⭐⭐ [The items people donate] will serve as the [priests'] inheritance[s]. I am the [priests'] inheritance. So don't award [priests] inherited [land] ownership in Israel. [The priests' special relationship to] Me IS the [priest's] possession, [worth more than anything a man can own].
Holy people must sell all they own and give to the poor.
29 Community Love Feasts ⭐⭐⭐ The [priests] will eat the food-donations, including the sin-gifts and the guilt-gifts [earlier described]. Every consecrated item in Israel belongs to [the priests].
Catch that: the priests EAT the sin offerings and the guilt offerings! Priests can't eat food they ‘burned up’ in Ezekiel 43:21-22! Most English bible translations need to be corrected on this and hundreds of other points.
30 Generosity And the first [and best] of all your firstfruits of every kind, including each and every type of the qurban [presents] you give [to anyone], belong to the [Hebrew] priests. Also, give the priest the first and best of your dough. Your [generosity] causes [YAH's] blessing to rest on your home [and family].
True spiritual leadership in a healthy society fulfills the roles now usurped by your commercial baker, butcher, cook, doctor, nurse, physical therapist, nutritionist, preacher, lawyer, mediator, political advisor, teacher, composer, musician, singer, music producer, playwright, film director, etc. Today's churches and synagogues properly fulfill none of these functions. Today the state taxman seizes your firstfruits, which which he funds a bankrupt sham called the Social Security System, a mockery of the Levitical system.
31 Unhealthy Diet And priests won't eat anything, bird nor beast, that dies by itself or gets ripped [apart by wild animals, chariot-wheels, whatever].”