Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- Ezekiel ~~- chapter 45 of 48 (25 verses.)

Ezekiel 45Wrench

Reserve Much Land For Sacred Government Use
1 Generosity [YAH's angel continues,] โ€œPlus, when you divide the land by lot to [assign] inheritance[s], offer as a qurban [present] to YHVH, a holy [sacred government] land portion measuring 25 thousand [cubits] [8 miles] in length, by 10 thousand [cubits] [3 miles] wide. Preserve this land's sacredness throughout its complete area.
Septuagint reads โ€˜20,000โ€™, therefore ~6 miles wide.
2 Generosity In this [sacred government land parcel, build a] sanctuary 500 [cubits] [875 feet] long and wide (square all around). [Reserve] 50 cubits [87.5 feet] of open land surrounding [this sanctuary].
3 Separation (Holiness) Within this [sacred] area of 25000 cubits [8 miles] by 10000 cubits [3 miles], [build] the sanctuary that houses the most holy place.
Or, following the Greek Septuagint, โ€˜in half of the 25000x20000 cubit area...โ€™
4 Separation (Holiness) This holy land portion will be [occupied] by priests who serve in the sanctuary, who approach [the ark of the covenant] to serve YHVH. This land zone will hold the [priests'] dwellings. [Sequestered land provides a spiritually-]quarantined area to keep the temple [from infections of profanity].
5 Separation (Holiness) The Levites who work the temple will share possession of this 25000 [cubit] long by 10000 [cubit] wide area. The [Levite gatekeepers] will [inhabit] 20 chambers within the [temple square].
6 Yah's Provision (Assurance) To the [south] of the sacred reserve, measure off a city-section 25000 cubits [8 miles] long by 5000 [cubits] [1.5 miles wide]. There any descendant of Israel can [live].
7 Yah's Provision (Assurance) The governing [priest] will [manage the symmetrical] portions [of land] on the east and west sides of the gifted sacred [temple] area and the [south] city-owned sector. The [governing priest's land protectorate] will extend from [the temple area] out east and west to the tribal areas on each side of the sacred zone.
Translations vary wildly on this verse. The basic idea is that priestly work is not just preaching. It requires a great deal of resources. But not personal possessions.
8 Authority The governing-priest's protectorate will be limited to the [aforementioned] strip of land in Israel. My leaders will no longer tyrannize my people. The [leaders] will apportion [the land's] remaining area to give to Israel's descendants [in amounts] proportional to their tribal [populations].
Eliminate All Injustice & Fraud From Society
9 Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority โญโญโญ Adonai YHVH says, โ€œOh, leaders of Israel, realize the treasure of [doing what's right]. Abolish violence and devastation. Execute fairness and justice. Throw away your [habit of] taxing my people [out of their homes],โ€ decrees Adonai YHVH.
10 Dishonest Weights & balances โ€œ[Only use] honest scales [of balance and justice]. [Fill] an exact ephah [dry bushel]. [Dispense] an accurate bath [5 liquid gallons].
Today's โ€˜foodโ€™ is doped with fillers, chaff and poisons.
11 Dishonest Weights & balances Establish the ephah [bushel] and the bath [5 gallons] as [unchanging] consistent [10%] fractions of the homer: the bath contains 1/10th of a [liquid] homer. Likewise, the ephah contains 1/10th of a [dry] homer.
Meaning that food should be 100% food.
12 Dishonest Weights & balances And the [silver] shekel equals 20 gerahs. 60 (20+15+20) shekels = 1 minah.
The dollar is weight of gold, not a piece of unbacked debt paper, not a packet of worthless electrons. Gerah is related to the word โ€˜grain,โ€™ which describes a metal weight of 1/5760 of a Troy pound. Thus 1 grain of silver or gold weighs approx .0648 gram, about the weight of one grain of wheat.
Give These Gifts To Provide For Holy Feasts
13 Generosity [Every harvest, to provide for the sacred government and for Hebrew feasts,] give up 1/6th of a bushel for every homer [10 bushels] of wheat you [grow]. Likewise, give up 1/6 of an ephah [bushel] for every homer [10 bushels] of barley [that you grow].
Usually translated as gobbledegook.
14 Generosity By law, offer [the sacred government] 1/10 of a [5-gallon] bath of oil, [that is, 1/2 gallon] from every cor (aka 10 baths aka homer) [which you produce].
15 Generosity And, from Israel's fat-irrigated pastures, [donate] one lamb per 200-lamb flock, ๐Ÿ˜‡. [All your] gifts [will] elevate, heal and cover [Israel],โ€ decrees Adonai YHVH.
16 Generosity โ€œAll the people of the [Promised] land will entrust these qurban [presents] to the principal [priest] in Israel.
No graduated tax. Everybody gives the same proportion of their yield. By contrast, the Communist manifesto's 2nd plank demands: โ€œA heavy progressive, or graduated, income tax,โ€ as now enforced by the I.R.S.
17 Community Love Feasts Then it will be the governing [priest's job to cook the peoples'] ascension-gifts and meat-donations, and [to juice] drink offerings [at the following times:] in the [Hebrew] feasts, and in each [month's full] new moon [party], and on the sabbaths, in all [other biblically-scheduled] events [celebrated by] the house of Israel. [The governing-priest's staff must] prepare the sin-donation, the grain-donation, the uplift-gifts, and the peace offerings. These [generous acts] cover [the guilt of] the house of Israel.โ€
More Passover Food Cooking Instructions
18 Community Love Feasts Adonai YHVH explains, โ€œOn the 1st day of the [Hebrew year's] first [lunar] month, [at the dawn of spring, butcher and cook] an unblemished young bull calf. [Symbolically] purify the sanctuary [as follows]:
19 Community Love Feasts โ€”The priest takes some of the blood from the [cooked] guilt-donation. He [brushes] it upon the temple's [door] posts, and upon the four corners of the cooking altar's ledge, and upon the posts of the gate of the [temple's] inner court.
20 Repentance Repeat this [ritual] on the 7th day of [the Hebrew year's first] month to [repent on behalf of] everyone who errs, and whoever [commits] foolish [sins]. This [act of contrition] covers the temple [with divine compassion].
21 Community Love Feasts โญโญโญ On the 14th day of the 1st month [of the year, that is, the beginning of spring], celebrate the Passover [festival], ๐Ÿ˜‡. For 7 days, feast by eating food without yeast.
Don't celebrate Ishtar. Celebrate Passover. Yes, you, Christian.
22 Community Love Feasts On the [first] day [of Passover,] the principal [priest] cooks for himself and for all the people of the land a young bull as a guilt-donation.
23 Community Love Feasts On each day of the [passover] feast's 7 days, [the high priest] cooks (as daily ascension-gifts to [honor] YHVH) 7 young bulls and 7 rams without blemish, plus a goat-kid as a daily guilt-gift.
This food amount corresponds to the number of feast-attenders who eat the food. These are not burnt-up animals.
24 Healthy Food And the [priests] bake a [grain] donation of one ephah [bushel] per young bull, and one [bushel] for a ram, and 1 hin [gallon] of oil [to moisten] each bushel [of grain].
Oiled-bread to go with the cooked meat. Yum.
Fall TentFest Food Preparation Instructions
25 Community Love Feasts โญโญโญ [7 months later, starting] on the 15th day of the [Hebrew year's] 7th month [~September], the [high priest] cooks the above [food] just as he cooked the sin-gifts, ascension-gifts, donated-grain and oil for [Passover's] 7 days of [spring fun and] feasting.โ€