Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- Ezekiel ~~- chapter 46 of 48 (24 verses.)

Ezekiel 46Wrench

High Priest Cooks Feast Food For the Masses
1 Community Love Feasts Adonai YHVH says, โ€œThe [east-facing] gate of the [temple's] inner courtyard must stay shut all 6 working days. But open it every Sabbath. And open it on the day of every New Moon.
New Moon = Chodesh.
2 Community Love Feasts The governing [priest] will enter [the temple] via the outer gateway portico. He'll stand by the gate-post. The priests will cook [the governing-priest's] ascension [smoke-roast] and his peace-donations. Then he'll prostrate [himself] at the gate-threshold. Then he'll exit [the temple area]. The gate will stay open until evening.
Through this section, โ€˜governing-priestโ€™ can be rendered โ€˜exalted-one,โ€™ or โ€˜prince.โ€™ It may refer to the Messiah, among multiple levels of meaning.
3 Community Love Feasts Likewise, the people of the land will prostrate [themselves] before [me,] YHVH at the entrance to this gate every Sabbath and new [full] moon.
New moon = Chodesh, from #2318 chadash = to be new.
4 Rest And [every] Sabbath day, to [honor] YHVH, the high [priest] will cook an ascension-gift of 6 flawless lambs and 1 flawless ram, [to feed poor Hebrews].
5 Community Love Feasts Plus, [the high priest] will donate one ephah [bushel] of grain per ram, and as much grain as he wishes to give per lamb, plus a hin [gallon] of olive oil for every bushel of [grain he donates].
6 Community Love Feasts And on the day of each New Moon, the [high priest] will [donate] a flawless young bull calf, and 6 lambs, and 1 ram, all unblemished [animals].
7 Community Love Feasts And the [high Priest] will make a donation of one ephah [bushel] of grain for each young bull, and a bushel [of grain] for each ram. And he'll hand over as much grain as he can for each of the lambs [he provides]. And [he'll donate] a hin [gallon] of oil for each bushel [of grain he supplies].
8 Community Love Feasts And when the high [priest] enters [the temple,] he'll go up the road into the gate-vestibule. [Later] he'll leave the same way.
9 Community Love Feasts But when the [other] people of the country come to face YHVH at these solemn feasts, whoever enters and prostrates himself at the north road-gate will exit onto the south-gate road. Likewise, whoever enters via the south gate road will exit onto the north gate road. Don't exit by the gate you entered through. [Instead, pass through the temple.] Exit via the opposite side, [so people don't jam up in the middle].
10 Community Love Feasts The high [priest] will be among [his countrymen in] the temple. When they go in, he'll go in. Then when they leave, he'll leave.
11 Community Love Feasts At [both] the [annual] feasts and [other] festivals, [the high priest will donate] one ephah [bushel] for each young bull, another bushel for each ram, and as much [grain] as [he] can give to go with each lamb, and one hin [gallon] of oil per bushel of grain.
12 Community Love Feasts Now when the high [priest] presents a voluntary gift to [honor] YHVH, [either] an ascension [smoke-roast] or a โ€œpeace-donationโ€, a [gate-guard] must open the east-facing gate for [the high priest]. [There the high priest] will cook [and serve] his ascension [smoke-roast] and his peace-gifts, as he does each sabbath day. Then he'll go out [of the temple grounds]. After he leaves, a [gate-guard] will shut the [east] gate.
13 Community Love Feasts And every day, to [honor] YHVH, cook an ascension-gift of a flawless 1-year-old lamb. Roast it every morning [to feed the poor].
14 Community Love Feasts And as a side [dish] to go with the [lamb meat,] every morning prepare a grain-donation of 1/6 ephah [bushel] of fine flour, and 1/3 hin [1.3 quarts] of oil, to moisten the [flour]. This grain donation is an ongoing perpetual ordinance from YHVH.
15 Healthy Food So, [as a nutritional subsidy to keep poor people and sacred government workers from developing degenerative diseases, priests] must cook the lamb, and the grain-donation, and the oil, every morning as an ongoing smoke roast.
You don't have to eat meat to be a Hebrew. If you're wealthy or diligent enough to get all of your nutrition from plant-based sources, great! Happy vegetarianism. But you do have to provide meat for Hebrews who want or need to eat it.
Rules Regarding The High Priest's Heirs
16 Parents Adonai YHVH continues, โ€œIf the governing [priest] assigns a [stewardship territory] to any of his sons, the inheritance belongs to his sons, ๐Ÿ˜‡. It will remain their hereditary protectorate.
17 Debt But if the [governing priest] assigns a hereditary protectorate to one of his workers, then [the worker] will โ€˜leaseholdโ€™ [the property] until the [Jubilee] โ€˜year of independence.โ€™ Then the [property] will return to the governing [priest's stewardship,] unlike the inheritance that remains the protectorate of [the governing priest's] sons.
18 Oppression *Plus, the principal [leader] can never take any the peoples' inheritances by oppression, thrusting them out of their [own] homes. Rather, he must give his sons inherited [stewardships] out of his own protectorate, so not one man of [all] my people ever gets driven off his own [land].โ€™โ€
Designated Places For Cooking Sacred Food
19 Paranormal Phenomena Then, ๐Ÿ˜‡, the [angel-man flies] me through the entrance beside the [vision-temple] gate into the holy chambers of the priests. I look [out the window] to the north. I see a [courtyard] at the extreme west [of these rooms].
20 Community Love Feasts Then [the angel-man] says to me, โ€œThis is the place where the priests will cook the guilt-donations and the sin-donations, where they'll bake the grain-donations [for themselves and their families to eat]. The [priests] won't carry [their food] out into the outer court. [That way] the masses [won't be guilty of grabbing] sacred [food].
Again, very clear that these misnomered "sacrificial" animals are cooked and eaten, not destroyed. #1310 bashal : boil, cook, ripen, bake, bring forth, roast, seethe.
21 Paranormal Phenomena Then, ๐Ÿ˜‡, the [angel-man flies] me out [of the temple] into the outer courtyard. [He flies] me around its four corners. I see in every corner of the courtyard lies another [smaller] courtyard.
22 Art These 4 enclosed corner courtyards measure 40 cubits [70 feet] long by 30 [cubits (52.5 feet)] wide. All these corner courtyards [measure] the same size.
23 Community Love Feasts 4 walls surround each of the 4 [courtyards]. On stone ledges, open [cooking] hearths surround the bases of the walls.
Many hearths for cooking tons of food for giant feasts.
24 Community Love Feasts Then, ๐Ÿ˜‡, the [angel-man] says to me, โ€œThese are the cooks' kitchens, where the temple workers cook the slaughtered [meat] the people [give to support the sacred government workers].โ€
Do you provide food for YAH's servants? Or do you tell them to get a โ€˜realโ€™ job? Again, the โ€˜sacrificedโ€™ animals get eaten, not burned up! There never was any such thing as Hebrew โ€˜animal sacrifice.โ€™ Only โ€˜animal donation.โ€™