Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- Ezekiel ~~- chapter 9 of 48 (11 verses.)

Ezekiel 9Wrench

YAH Sends Angels To Mark & Destroy Hypocrites
1 Punishment Then [YAH] cries in my ears with a loud voice. He says, โ€œThe [spiritual] authorities [who rule over] this city draw near! Every โ€˜manโ€™ [carries] his destroying weapon in his hand!โ€
Angels are sometimes referred to as โ€˜men.โ€™
2 Paranormal Phenomena Then, ๐Ÿ˜‡, I see 6 [supernatural beings manifesting like] mortals approach [Jerusalem's temple] from its north-facing higher-gate road. Each of the [6] wield an instrument of shattering in his hand. One man among them, clothed in linen, holds a writer's inkhorn by his side. The [men] enter [the temple]. They come to stand beside its brass altar.
3 Paranormal Phenomena The glory of the Elohim of Israel rises up from its place on the [Ark Of The Covenant's] cherubim. [The glory ascends] to the top of the Temple's [doorway]. Then [YHVH] calls to the linen-clothed man who holds the writer's inkhorn by his side.
4 Being Marked/Counted as YAH's YHVH says to the [writing-man-angel], โ€œGo throughout every part of the city of Jerusalem. Set a mark upon the foreheads of the people who cry and groan over all the abominations [people] commit there.โ€
Do you cry and groan over the abominations committed in your country? Do you even know what YHVH condemns as abominations? Here are a few: paying or receiving interest on loans, national I.D. numbers, believers swearing binding oaths, etc.
5 Punishment And to the other [5 angels], I hear [YAH] say, โ€œFollow the [scribe-angel] through the city. Smite [its infidels]. Don't let your eye spare [any sinner]. Take no pity [on any hypocrites]!
6 Being Marked/Numbered as the Beast's โ€”[Angels,] strike to kill old and young, including [teenage] girls, little children and women. But never come near any man upon whom lies [My] mark. Begin at My sanctuary.โ€ So, ๐Ÿ˜‡, the [angelic executioners] begin by [whacking] the [evil] elders in front of the temple!
7 Punishment [Elohim shouts] to [the angelic executioners], โ€œDefile the temple! Fill [its] courts with the [wicked] slain. Go on!โ€ So the [soldier-angels stomp] out [of Jerusalem's temple]. They murder [villains] in the city.
8 Punishment Later, as the [angels continue to] slay [Jerusalem's evil people], I [Ezekiel] stand alone [in the temple]. I fall upon my face, crying, pleading, โ€œOh, Adonai YHVH! Will you destroy all the rest of Israel [after] you pour out your fury upon Jerusalem?โ€
9 Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion Then [YAH] responds to me, โ€œThe house[s] of Israel and Judah wreak unimaginably twisted ruin. Their land [drips] full of blood. Their city brims full of perverted-justice. They say, โ€˜YHVH has forsaken the earth,โ€™ and โ€˜YHVH sees nothing.โ€™
10 Judgment So I cannot withhold my [judging] eye. I can't show pity [to the murderers]. I must repay their [crimes] upon their head[s].โ€
11 Obedience Then, ๐Ÿ˜‡, I see the angel-man clothed with linen carrying the inkhorn by his side. He reports the [damage], saying, โ€œI have achieved the commands you [issued to] me, [YHVH].โ€