Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- Daniel ~~- chapter 1 of 12 (21 verses.)

Daniel 1Wrench

Babylon Invades Israel, Capturing Daniel
1 War In [497 B.C.,] the 3rd year of the reign of Judea's [evil] king JAHoiakim {YAH-Raises}, Nebuchadnezzar (Emperor of Babylon) besieges and invades Jerusalem.
Daniel is probably about 16 years old when Nebuchadnezzar's armies leave Babylon to attack Israel in 497BC. About a year later, Jerusalem lies defeated. The Apocrypha contains an amazing story purporting to describe Daniel's pre-adolescence before the Babylonian invasion.
2 Defeat YHVH hands Judea's [villainous] king JAHoiakim into Nebuchadnezzar's control-fist. [Nebuchadnezzar] also confiscates his 1st load of precious [gold] utensils from Elohim's [Jerusalem] temple. Nebuchadnezzar's [troops] carry JAHoiakim [~650km northeast] into the land of Shinar [a plain in Babylonia] to the temple of [Babylon's pagan] god. Nebuchadnezzar's [administrators] carry [Jerusalem's temple] utensils into the treasure house of [the same demonic] โ€˜godโ€™.
Sopherim [wise-guy-clerics] here replaced โ€˜YHVHโ€™ with โ€˜Adonai.โ€™ Later Persian Emperor Cyrus, [probably descended from Esther,] ultimately gives Jerusalem's temple's utensils back to Ezra.
King Forces Daniel Into Palace Training Camp
3 Success The Emperor also orders Ashpenaz (the master of [Babylon's Imperial] eunuchs) to deport [to Babylon] some of the [best and brightest] youths of Israel, including some of [Jewish] king [JAHoiakim's] seed [children] and some [Hebrew nobles].
Quite likely Daniel was castrated here, to make him docile.
4 Education [To populate his extraordinary palace school, the Emperor demands] flawless, handsome [Hebrew] youths, skillful in all sorts of wisdom, cunning in knowledge, [men] who grasp science, and who are qualified and able to [obediently] serve in the royal palace. [The Emperor appoints teachers to open these boys' minds to] the [enormous advanced library of] literature [written] in the Chaldean language.
5 Success The Emperor awards these [top-notch Hebrew boys] a daily provision of royal food, and of the [same] wine [or juice] which the Emperor drinks. [Stewards] nourish the [boys] for 3 years, preparing them to officially serve the Emperor.
6 The Creator's Name Now among these [special] Judean [boys shine] DaniEl {El-Judges}, HananiYah {YAH-Favored}, MishaEl {Who-EL-Is} and AzariYah {YAH-Helps}.
7 Names of False Gods *The chief of the eunuchs [strips the Hebrew boys of their Hebrew names, because each of their names refer to the Hebrew deity: YAH]. The eunuch re-names the [boys]. DaniEl {El-Judges} becomes Belteshazzar {Baal-Save-His-Life}. HananiYah {YAH-Favored} [becomes] Shadrach {Command-Of-Aku-The-Sun-God}. MishaEl {Who-EL-Is} [becomes] Meshach {No-One-Equals-Aku}. And AzariYah {YAH-Helps} [becomes] Abed-Nego {Servant-of-Nego}.
Some dictionaries also list Aku as a moon god.
Daniel Refuses To Eat Unclean Royal Food
8 Unhealthy Diet *But DaniEl {El-Judges} resolves in his heart never to defile himself [by eating] the Emperor's meat, nor [by drinking] the wine the Emperor drinks. So, to avoid polluting himself, [DaniEl] asks the prince of the eunuchs [to excuse him from eating the royal food].
The royal food probably included pork, shellfish and other unclean meats. Also, the meat was probably from animals that had been ritually โ€˜sacrificedโ€™ to Baal-gods, and prepared with the blood still in it.
9 Yah's Protection [YHVH] the Eloah {Supreme-Being} brings DaniEl {El-Judges} into [the] favor and sympathy of the chief of the eunuchs.
10 Unhealthy Diet The Chief of the eunuchs says to DaniEl {El-Judges}, โ€œ[Don't let your Hebrew food regulations endanger me]! I fear my lord the Emperor. He [ordered me to give you] your [unclean] meat and drink. The Emperor might chop off my head if he sees your faces thinner and sadder than the other youth your age [in the training program. Just eat the royal food!]โ€
โ€˜We already cut off your genitals! Don't make us cut off your head!โ€™
11 Healthy Food So DaniEl {El-Judges} [cunningly] replies to [the steward/butler/guard] whom the prince of the eunuchs set over himself and [over] HananiYah {YAH-Favored}, MishaEl {Who-EL-Is} and AzariYah {YAH-Helps}:
12 Healthy Food โ€œPlease! Try an experiment on your slaves. For 10 days have the [cooks] give us [Hebrews] only [food] from seeds to eat, and water to drink.
Daniel was not a strict vegetarian. But seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables are the most healthy food. The largest and strongest animals on earth (rhinoceros, bulls, etc.) eat only plants. The quickest way to get in shape is to drink freshly extracted veggie/fruit juice and to power-walk.
13 Healthy Food Then gather all us youth before you, and compare how our [vegetarian] faces look compared to the faces of the boys who feast on the Emperor's food. Then [let your eyes decide what you'll feed us].โ€
14 Healthy Food So the steward consents to the Hebrews. He tests them [by feeding them kosher veggies, seeds, nuts and water for] 10 days.
15 Healthy Food And at the end of 10 days the Hebrew's faces look better and more muscular than all the youths [pigging out on] the king's [rich, occult-related] food!
Perhaps but not necessarily because the vegetables were better food. Try it out, use fruit/veggie/nut/seed shakes and water for 10 days, and see if you're in better health. You almost certainly will be.
16 Healthy Food *So the guard stops bringing the Hebrew youths the royal [occult-connected] feast-food and prescribed wine. He just gives [the Hebrews] seeds [and produce grown from seeds].
Seeds are nutrient-dense powerhouses. Seeds are alive even in storage. If you plant seeds, they grow. So seeds contain life-producing properties which dead foods lack. Seeds contain a spark of life, a fire from heaven necessary to your digestive process. Modern genetic modification has, in service to Satan, stripped seeds of their ability to grow, just like modern mRNA-vaccines are making humans infertile. 4 ounces of organic veggie juice 4 times a day will do wonders for your health. The seed-based diet immediately precedes Daniel & his friends receiving unparalleled wisdom. This, however, falls short of a commandment to enforce strict vegetarianism.
17 Wisdom *Elohim gives these 4 [Hebrew] youths knowledge and skill in every aspect of learning and wisdom. DaniEl {El-Judges} [learns to discern the meanings of] all [kinds of] visions and dreams.
Such comprehensive knowledge & wisdom (sophia) are necessary for identifying the Mark, name and number of the Beast.
Daniel Becomes A Babylonian Official
18 Education Now at the end of the [training] days (that the king had scheduled to lead up to the presentation of the youth), the chief of the eunuchs ushers the youths into [the throne-room] before [Emperor] Nebuchadnezzar.
19 Authority The Emperor [interrogates] the youth. He sees that among all the [Empire's] youth there are none [equal to] DaniEl {El-Judges}, HananiYah {YAH-Favored}, MishaEl {Who-EL-Is} and AzariYah {YAH-Helps}. So the [Hebrew slave-boys] enter the [Babylonian Emperorโ€™s] service.
20 The Occult *In all matters of wisdom and understanding in which the Emperor interrogates these [4 Hebrew boys], he finds them 10 times superior to all the magicians and astrologers in all his realm.
21 Authority *So DaniEl {El-Judges} [stays working in the Imperial palace even after the Medo-Persians conquer Babylon, for 69 years,] until the 1st year of [the reign of Esther's likely son, Persian] Emperor Cyrus {Sun}.