Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- Daniel ~~- chapter 11 of 12 (45 verses.)

Daniel 11Wrench

SuperAngel Predicts The Persian Empire's Fall
1 Yah's Protection [The superman continues,] “I also came here [to earth] in the 1st year when [Cyrus {Sun}, aka] Darius the Mede, [your Emperor,] gained control of the Babylonian Empire. I confronted [the demon-lord who wanted to possess Cyrus {Sun}]. I withstood [the demon-lord until YAH] established Darius {The-Mantainer} as a strong [Emperor].
Or: “I stood with Michael, to strengthen Michael, who was protecting the Emperor.” ‘Darius’ is a title meaning ‘Maintainer’.
2 Oppression —Now I'll show you the truth.” [The superman waves his hands. A future-time portal opens before Daniel's wide-eyes.] “Look, 😇! See 3 Emperors [yet to] stand up [to reign over] Persia. Then [see] a 4th [Emperor,] who [by taxing everyone] grows far richer than [all the prior Emperors]. By his [mercenary military] strength (bought with his riches) this [last Emperor of Persia] stirs up everyone [in the Medo-Persian Empire] against the Greek Empire.
3 kings: Cambyses, pseudo-Smerdis & Darius Hystapes.
Alexander The Great Rises, the Dies
3 Oppression Now [see] a mighty Emperor [Alexander the Great] stand up. [He conquers the Persian Empire. Watch Alexander] rule with vast dominion. He does whatever he wants.
Alexander is the prototypical he-goat's little horn of Dan 8:9. The events of this chapter form a pattern which, like an expanding fractal, blow up larger at the end of the world. To us, this is an amazing history lesson. To Daniel, this was a detailed vision of future events!
4 Authority But as soon as [Alexander] rises to full power, [YAH] smashes [Alexander's] kingdom. [Alexander's] children enjoy no rule. [YAH] divides [the Empire between Alexander's Greek generals. They each rule one of the] the four winds of heaven: [north, south, east, west]. But the [Grecian] Empire never again spans dominion like [Alexander's dominion]. For [YAH] plucks up the Empire [from those 4 Generals]. [YAH] passes it to [Roman Czars].
Egypt's Nicator Dominates South Of Israel
5 War [Watch] the king over the south: [Ptolemy Soter, son of Lagus, king of Egypt] become strong… but [watch:] one of [Ptolemy's] princes, [General Nike-tor] overpowers [Ptolemy]. [Nike-tor] grabs dominion. [This] prince [Nicator] comes to rule [Egypt's Empire] with great power.
South = south of Judea. All Biblical thought centers around literal or metaphorical Jerusalem.
King Antiochus Cheats With Egypt's Princess
6 Political Evil After [63] years the [Greek General-kings] join themselves together, because [Berenice,] the daughter of [Ptolemy II (Philadelphus)] King of Egypt, travels to [Antiochus,] the king of northern Greece, to make a [devilish] agreement: [Berenice marries Antiochus. Antiochus divorces his wife Laodice and disinherits his own son.] But [this adulterous alliance fails: Berenice] loses her strength [when Laodice kills Berenice (and Berenice's son) in revenge for stealing her husband]. So [Emperor] Antiochus falls. His power dies with him. [The Grecians] surrender Berenice to their oppressors, along with everyone who brought [Berenice to Greece,] including [Ptolemy] who fathered her and who strengthened her in these [troubled] times.
See Chr. 18:2 and Dan. 11:8. Egypt = South = Negev.
Egypt's Ptolemy III Defeats Grecian Antiochus
7 War But out of a branch of [Berenice's] roots, [her brother, Ptolemy III, aka ‘Benefactor’] stands up in the estate of [king Antiochus. Ptolemy (Benefactor) advances to avenge Berenice's murder] with an army. He invades the fortress of [Antiochus,] the king of northern [Greece]. [Ptolemy] does [as he wishes] against the [Greeks]. He conquers them.
Euergetes = Benefactor.
8 Idolatry [South] To Egypt, [Ptolemy aka ‘Benefactor’] carries booty, including the [Greeks' precious-metal statues of their pagan] gods, their [other] metal images, and their valuable vessels of silver and of gold. [This ‘Benefactor’ reigns in Greece for 4 years, in addition to his 42 years in Egypt. He reigns] longer than [his adulterous Greek predecessor, Antiochus,] ‘king of the north’.
Euergetes was a benefactor to the Egyptians. For them he stole 40000 talents of Greek silver plus 2400 molten idols, many of which the Grecian king Cambyses had earlier plundered from Egypt.
9 Political Evil So [Ptolemy {Benefactor},] the king of the Negev, enters his dominion. He returns [triumphant] to [Egypt,] his own land.
Negev = south of Jerusalem.
Ptolemy III Conquers Antiochus' Warlike Sons
10 War But [the defeated Greek king's] sons [Seleucus II (Callinicus) and Antiochus III] rise up [to wage war on Egypt. See] them gather a throng of many armies. They sweep [south] like a mighty [overwhelming] flood. They conquer all the way to the [royal Egyptian] fortress.
In this war Antiochus III gets defeated. His brother dies from falling off a horse.
11 War Then the king of the south [Ptolemy III of Egypt] moves in rage. He storms forth to fight the king of the north [Antiochus III]. [Antiochus] throws his great forces [into the battle]. But [YAH hands] the [Greek] armies into the fist [of the king of Egypt].
War-Crazed Ptolemy III Destroys His Empire
12 War As the [grave-digging soldiers] clear the corpses [from the battle-field,] the [Egyptian] king, drunk [with arrogant bloodlust,] flies into a [manic] murder rampage. He massacres tens of thousands [of his enemies]. But [of course] this [insane war-making] only weakens his rule.
This massacre happens at Raphia, SW of Palestine's Gaza, still a world-famous war-zone today.
Greek King Antiochus 3 Defeats Jews & Egypt
13 War Watch: [after 14 years,] the [Greek] king of the north, [Antiochus III,] recruits a vast throng [of soldiers] greater than before. [Antiochus] returns [for revenge]. He invades [Egypt] with a huge army well-equipped [with war-machines and war-horses].
14 War And in those times many [enemies] stand up against the king of the south, [Egyptian boy-king Ptolemy #5 (Epiphanes)]. The violent sons [among] your [Jewish] people exalt themselves [in rebellion against foreign rule] to establish [their] dream [of Jewish independence]. Yet the [Jews] fall.
Translations vary widely in interpreting this verse. Apparently hothead Jewish ‘sons of the oppressors’ revolt against Egyptian control of Judea. But this revolt against Egypt strengthens Syria's Antiochus III. He repays the Jews with further oppression.
15 War So the king of the [Syrian] north, [Antiochus III, the ‘Great,’] invades [Egypt]. He erects [mighty] siege-works. He seizes [Egypt's] most fortified city. The armed-forces of the south [Egypt/Negev] fail to withstand [the Greek onslaught. The northern Greeks beat down even Egypt's most] elite troops. Eventually the [Egyptians] lose all strength to resist.
16 Oppression [Antiochus III] comes [to war] against [Ptolemy V]. [Antiochus] does whatever he wants. No one can stand before [Antiochus III]. [So he] stands [as oppressor] over the glorious country [of Israel]. His power-fist consumes [the promised land].
Antiochus3 Pimps His 11yo Cleopatra to Egypt
17 Betrayal *[Antiochus III] sets his face to [rule the entire Grecian Empire] with his mighty, [powerful] dominion. So he forges a [deceptive] agreement [with conquered Egyptian boy-king Ptolemy V. To Ptolemy, Antiochus] gives his [own beautiful 11 year-old daughter, Cleopatra. He rips her away from the caring hands of her mother and grandmother!] Antiochus corrupts [little] Cleopatra [with instructions to bed the boy-king, then to kill and/or make him her daddy's puppet]. But [Cleopatra] rebels [against her father's mad pedophilia & murder plot. She sides with the boy-king] against her father.
Cleopatra Switches Sides To Her Boy-Love-King
18 War After [his daughter Cleopatra betrays his evil plot, Antiochus] turns his face to [conquer] the [Mediterranean] coastlands [and islands]. He seizes many [cities]. But a [Roman General, Lucius ’Illuminator’ Scipio,] for his own interest, puts a stop to [Antiochus'] outrageous [invasions]. [The Mediterranean people hail Scipio] for [humbling] the arrogant [Antiochus].
Roman General Scipio Smacks Antiochus 3 Down
19 Punishment Then [Antiochus 3] turns his face toward [his] stronghold, his own land [of northern Greece / Syria]. But [Antiochus] stumbles. [Defeated by Scipio at Magnesia, Antiochus limps back north to Syria.] There [Antiochus 3] falls, never to be seen again.
Seleucus Philopator Rises To A Poison Death
20 Murder In the [royal] place [left vacant by the death of his father Antiochus, Seleucus Philopator] arises. He [sends out his General Heliodorus] to raise taxes throughout [Judaea,] the glorious Kingdom. But within a few days, [Seleucus’ treasurer poisons Seleucus to death in secret,] not in open conflict nor battle.
See 2 Macc 3,4. 187-176 BC.
AntiChrist Prototype (Antiochus 4) Arises
21 Manipulation And in the place of [Seleucus Philopator,] a vile man [Antiochus IV (Epiphanes)] arises. [The Greek people refuse to] honor his kingship. So he comes into [power] sneakily. Antiochus IV steals the [Greek] Empire [from its rightful heir] by flattery, [bribery, begging, murder-payoffs and lies].
Some say that there is a several-thousand-year time gap here where we skip to a future anti-christ. The text gives no indication of such a gap. However, the end-times plays as a large-scale projection of Daniel's prophecies. Prophecy unfolds in cyclical patterns, like fractal geometry. So this whole chapter probably has an end-times interpretation even greater than its unparalleled historical significance.
Greek Antiochus 4 Shamefully Perverts Israel
22 Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority [Antiochus IV (Epiphanes)] sends out his [Grecian] forces like a mighty flood. [He] breaks to bits the armies of his rival kings. [Epiphanes even deposes Onias III, the 3rd-Generation] High Priest of [YAH's] covenant. [In Onias III's place, Epiphanes installs puppet-priest Jason {Curer}.]
Jason buys the position of Jewish high Priest. Then Ephiphanes sells the same position to Menelaus, who in 171BC kills and steals the name of Onias III, the real High Priest. This line of Judea's false high Priests goes on to crucify Yahshua, the Messiah.
23 Betrayal [Nations] sign treaties with [Epiphanes]. But he deceitfully [breaks every treaty]. So he maintains a small but very forceful empire.
Devil-Posssesed Antiochus 4 Rages World War
24 War [Epiphanes] launches surprise attacks. He [burns and loots] the most prosperous regions [in and around the Greek Empire]. He commits [atrocities worse than all the evil deeds of his forefathers and predecessors. He scatters the bodies of his enemies.] He steals their houses, animals and riches. He redistributes the booty to [his loyal subject citizens. Thus he amasses popular political will to] seize all the fortresses of the [neighboring nations].
[Epiphanes] acts like a modern socialist/communist, for instance, a U.S. President or a Russian Czar. He invades other peoples' land, steals from his enemies, then redistributes wealth to his loyal citizen-subjects who "support their troops." Epiphanes, like modern leaders, also funds public entertainment, to keep the people's minds off of the evil their government wreaks. Sound familiar?
Antiochus 4 Conquers Egypt Via Bribery
25 Betrayal *Backed by a great [Grecian] army, [Epiphanes] stirs up his power and his bold heart against [his nephew,] the [Egyptian] king of the south [Ptolemy Philometor,] who stirs up into battle his [own] massive overwhelming [Egyptian] army. But [Ptolemy] falls, [not because Epiphanes is stronger,] but because [Epiphanes secretly] corrupts [Ptolemy's generals and authorities] with bribes.
See 1 Macc 1. Antiochus Epiphanes was the son of Antiochus the 'Great' and the brother of Cleopatra. She birthed Ptolemy Philometor (181-145 BC), one of the two sons from her childhood marriage to Ptolemy Epiphanes.
26 Betrayal [Ptolemy, the Egyptian king, has his power] cracked [into pieces] by the [bribed military, political and economic] courtesans who dine with him. So his massive army washes away in the flood of its own blood.
The resulting disarray leads the Alexandrian Egyptians to install (Ptolemy's brother) Eurgetes as king over Alexandria.
27 Family Division The hearts of both of these [rival] kings, [Antiochus and Ptolemy] overflow with evil [schemes]. They sit at the same [royal] table, speaking [cunning] lies [to each other]. But [their kingdoms] fail to prosper. Their power crumbles [to dust] at the time [YAH] appoints.
Antiochus exploits the political instability in Egypt that results from the division between his nephews (Philometor and Euergetes). Antiochus often ate with Ptolemy in Memphis, pretending to be a sympathetic uncle. Antiochus played Euergetes in Alexandria the same way, thus inciting his nephews to fight each other. And the nephews were also scheming to kill their uncle and each other, just like in modern international diplomacy: the diplomats sit down at a round table. They pretend to seek peace while they gather information to fuel plots to kill each other.
Antiochus Desecrates Israel
28 Oppression Then, [carting] great riches, [Antiochus] returns [north] toward his [Syrian] land. [As he passes through Israel,] his heart [rails] against [YAH's] holy covenant. He commits [atrocities to destroy the Hebrew religion]. Then he returns to his [Syrian] homeland.
Epiphanes strikes Jerusalem's temple, kills 80000 men, takes 40000 prisoners, sells 40000 Jews as slaves, and kills Jews who attempt to depose the fake, Greek-bought ‘High Priest’ Menelaus.
29 War At the time [YAH has] appointed, [Epiphanes and his Greco-Syrian armies] march back south [through Israel] to invade [Egypt]. But this 3rd invasion pales in comparison to past and future invasions.
Super-Angel Predicts The Greek Empire's Fall
30 Worldly Participation (Worldliness) For [Roman war] ships from Cyprus come against [Epiphanes]. They make him turn-tail and race for home [to Syria like a scared little girl. On the way back north, Epiphanes passes again through Israel.] There he wreaks menace against [anyone who obeys YAH's] Holy Covenant. Then, [in a scheme more destructive than any violent persecution, Epiphanes] makes beneficial agreements with any [Israelis] willing to forsake [YAH's] holy covenant. [He makes apostasy the cool, profitable, respectable thing to do.]
Like today, where you can get anything you want as long as you swear an oath [forbidden by Jesus] to get a bank account, a passport, a driver's license.
31 Tribulation/Purification/testing *[Epiphanes barks his order. Greek] armed forces rush [south into Judaea]. They seize the [Jewish] sanctuary [as their] stronghold. They pollute [YAH's temple. They] forbid the daily [food preparation. Thus they starve out the priests, the helpless and the worshipers. Greek soldiers slaughter men, women and children on the Sabbath. They install a statue of Zeus (theos) in the Holy Temple. They sacrifice a pig on the Holy Altar,] causing the abomination that brings desolation.
See 1 Macc 1:44-54. Sacrificing a pig on the altar is the same sin as feeding people hot dogs (pureed dead pig anus) at a church picnic. It's an abomination. This prophecy finds cyclical repetition throughout history. See Matt 24:15 and Dan 9:27. Wherever you see dead pig flesh willfully eaten and served by people who claim to serve the Almighty, it's highly likely that those people are imposters without authority. This history repeats itself: in 2020, demon-posessed leaders worldwide forbade the group-celebration of sabbaths, specifically targeting all 3 major Hebrew feast-weeks, even in Israel! Such lockdowns are prime, unmistakable end-times trigger events. Even worse than sacrificing pigs is the injection into human flesh of of aborted-baby cells and infected monkey-kidney pus, key ingredients in the the mandated vaccines.
All But True Saints Fall To AntiChristians
32 Worldly Participation (Worldliness) *With [privileges, entitlements, flattery, government benefits and other] slick trickery, this [Greek politician Epiphanes] corrupts everyone who commits wicked [acts] contrary to [YAH's] covenant. But the people who acknowledge [YHVH] their Elohim stay strong. [They] advance.
The Maccabees staged successful revolts against pagan oppression.
33 Tribulation/Purification/testing *[YAH's few remaining] wise people instruct many [saints in how to avoid falling for pagan benefit-traps]. Yet the [wise-ones] get [betrayed by their fellow ‘believers.’ So wise believers] fall by the sword, or [die in] flames, or [rot in] slave-camps, or [starve. Pagans and their appeasers] rob the [holy-ones] of [everything they need to sustain life. This oppression goes on for] many days.
Hasidean Jews resisted pagan encroachment, as do the Hasidic [holy] Jews today dancing in New York's streets while NYC cops push them into jail. Real Jews and real Christians suffer death rather than make contracts with pagans. So there are currently almost no authentic Jews nor authentic Christians on planet earth. Every bite that goes into most peoples' mouths comes directly from slave-contracts with the world-system. (Did you ever think about what atrocities you agreed to when you signed that application for a bank account or a driver's license?)
Weak Judeo-Christians Betray The Saints
34 Betrayal Now when the [wise-ones] fall, they [barely receive] any help [from their foolish ‘brothers and sisters’]. Rather, their [fellow ‘Judeo-Christians’ and ‘government’ employees] who are obligated to help them [slickly] flatter them, [then abandon them].
35 Tribulation/Purification/testing *And some [believers] who understand [YAH's will] still fall, to test them, and to purge them [of evil], and to make them pure [as the driven snow]. This [testing] continues until the end [of the world, because YAH has] so appointed.
This is a pivotal transition verse. Here the story moves on to the end-times. Many scholars mistake the end of Daniel 11 as continuing to refer in error to Antiochus Epiphanes.
The Super-Being Predicts The New World order
36 End Times Disasters *[For the ensuing 2000 years, each successive Satanic] ruler prospers by doing whatever he wants. He exalts himself. He spirals [high] his [fame] above every El {Power}. He speaks amazing [blasphemies] against [YHVH], the El {Power} over [all] Elohim {Authorities}. In the end, [YAH finally puts a] stop [to the menace of human disobedience]. But first, everything that [YAH] has pre-ordained must be done.
This is an overview of the succession of Satanic powers that dominate the planet to the very end times, the end of the world. See Dan 9:27.
37 Pride *[The parade of evil world-sovereigns terminates in an unprecedented Tyrant-Power. This anti-Christian demagogue] fails to understand [or appreciate] the Elohim of his fathers. [As a trans-sexual pedophile, he rejects] the desire of women. [He disrespects] every Elohim {Authority}. [He fails to understand the warnings given by the messengers of YHVH the Eloah {Supreme-being}.] [The Anti-Christ power] magnifies himself above all.
This is summarizing the events of Daniels "70th week." Now you understand why the evil world is pushing so hard to normalize pedophilia and transgenderism.
38 War In the place [where YHVH should be honored, this arch-ruler] honors “the almighty god [over our armed] forces.” With gold, silver, precious stones and coveted treasures, [this ruler] honors [a being who is actually Satan,] a [counterfeit] super-war-god whom his fore-fathers did not [consciously] recognize.
When Jews and Christians bless their boys and send them out to kill and die in pagan wars, they are offering human sacrifices to the "god of Forces," right there in a "Christian" church or Jewish synagogue. Today, the people of the world survive merely to maintain the debt their oppressors have incurred to fund and supply mercenaries who blow up the planet, wreaking the havoc that gives Satan his only fun. World War honors the ‘god of forces’ on a grand, global scale. If these lunatics could take their insane destructiveness to other planets, they would. But despite human space-travel propaganda, they can't, because earth is a prison for evil spirits.
39 Oppression *With the power of a pagan supergod, [this ruler] attacks and seizes [earth's] strongest fortresses. He acknowledges and glorifies the people who [bow to him]. He installs his [conquered rats] as rulers over millions. He divides the land [into counties and states. He sets property valuations on each parcel, so that he can tax all real estate] to gain [money to fund his satanic world-takeover].
This has already happened: Look on your house-deed. Notice that ‘your’ land on which you live has been apportioned. You must now pay mandatory, forced property tax for the privilege of living as a ‘tenant’ on your ‘own’ land. The more you fix up your house, the more tax you have to pay for the privilege of living there! In 2020, even the Pope called for the Marxist abolition of private property!
The Super-Being Predicts The End Of The World
40 End Times Disasters *In the era of the end [of the world,] the king of the [African] south thrusts the “horns” of [his armies into battle against the satanic arch-power,] the northern sovereignty. [So the arch-power dispatches his troops. They rain down] against [Africa & The Middle-East] like a whirlwind, with chariots [tanks], horsemen, and many [battle] ships. [The arch-power sweeps on to] invade countries like an overwhelming violent flood. [He tramples down] the earth.
North of Jerusalem could be: Russia, China, Europe, even North America. This account bears similarities to Ezekiel 39's Gog & Magog War. This arch-power is probably not a President nor king nor prime-minister. It is more likely the devil's banker-master(s) who control politicians.
41 End Times Disasters [This arch-power then] invades the glorious land [of Israel]. [He] overthrows many countries. But the following [countries] escape out of his hand: Edom, Moab and the best parts of the [land belonging to the inbred] descendants of Ammon.
These Arab/Muslim people get spared, possibly because they already bow to the arch-ruler's satanic power. Remember that Islam is a branch from Roman Catholicism.
The Anti-Christian Forces Take World Power
42 End Times Disasters Then [the anti-Christ arch-power] lifts up his fist upon [many more] countries. The land of Egypt can't escape [his military claws].
43 End Times Disasters [This arch-power confiscates] and controls the treasures of gold and silver and all the [other] precious possessions of Egypt. [So] the Libyans {Dry-Landers} and the Ethiopians [walk in the footsteps of his satanic command].
The AntiChristian World Cabal Fails
44 End Times Disasters *Then [military rumblings] rise out of the east [China] and out of the north [Russia], to trouble [the arch-power]. So he [flies] forth [with his armies] with great fury to exterminate [his enemies,] to utterly doom many [people to death].
Rev 9:16, 16:12.
45 End Times Disasters *[Then the arch-power] plants his royal structures [in Palestine,] between the [Mediterranean] Sea and the glorious holy mountain of Zion. Yet [in the end,] he comes to his end. No one [comes] to help him.
By some interpretations, this signals the end of the U.S. Empire.