Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- Daniel ~~- chapter 12 of 12 (13 verses.)

Daniel 12Wrench

Daniel Prophesies Deliverance for Israel
1 End Times Renewal *During [earth's final] period, [the archangel] MichaEl {El-Is-Incomparable} stands up. [Michael is] the great [heavenly] prince. He champions the children of your [Hebrew] people. [He defends them against invisible demonic powers.] Then [earth endures] a time of trouble such as never existed since the founding of the [Hebrew] nation until that [end] time. Then [YAH] rescues everyone one of your [Hebrew] people [whose name the Messiah] finds written in the book [of Life].
2 Resurrection *Then [billions of dead people] who sleep in the dust of the earth awake, some to everlasting life, and some to [the] shame of being forever repulsed by YHVH.
But humans will not suffer eternal conscious torment.
3 Missions/Outreach *Finally, [believers] who make [other people] wise shine like the brightness of the atmospheric [galaxies]. [Believers] who turn many [sinners] to righteousness [blaze] like stars for eons into the endless future.
Being wise is not enough. And not sinning is not good enough. You have to help other people to get wise and to stop sinning.
Super-Being Predicts Internet & Modern Travel
4 End Times Disasters *But you, DaniEl, [neither publish nor explain] the words [of this prophecy]. Seal the book until the time of the [world's] end, [when] many [humans] run [madly] back and forth [searching for money and meaning, traveling in planes, ships and trains across the planet, turning aside from the truth to lies, even though] knowledge multiplies [via books, media and the internet].โ€
โ€˜Many shall run to and froโ€™ may imply: โ€˜the billions will go stark raving mad.โ€™
5 Paranormal Phenomena Then I (DaniEl) look. Suddenly there appear two other [angels]! One [angel floats] above [my] side of the [Tigris] river. The other [angel floats] over the far river-bank.
6 Paranormal Phenomena One [angel] asks the super-man clothed in linen who [hovers] on the waters of the river, โ€œHow long will it be until the end of these marvels?โ€
7 End Times Disasters *The linen-clothed man who [hovers] on the waters of the river raises up his right hand and his left hand to heaven. I hear him declare 7 times: [YHVH] who lives forever [says] that โ€œa time, times, and a half,โ€ must pass until [the evil arch-ruler] completely shatters the power-hand of [YAH's] holy people. Then all these [prophecies] reach fulfillment.
See Dan 9:27, Rev 11:2, Rev 13:5. This refers to the final 3.5 โ€˜yearsโ€™ of Daniel's 70th โ€˜weekโ€™ of years. When every servant of YHVH is completely marginalized, then the Judgment Day comes. And that day may not be far away. The world is not getting progressively more Christian. The world is growing progressively more anti-christian. That's why in 2020 Biblical worship was shut down worldwide, with shamefully little protest. Church is just a whitewash. Look at the social statistics. You'll easily see that, by any objective measure, churchgoers as a whole are at least as evil as non-churchgoers.
8 End Times Renewal Even though I hear the superman say [all this], I fail to understand it. So I ask, โ€œMaster, what will be the outcome of all these [prophesied events]?โ€
9 End Times Renewal The superman says, โ€œGo your way, DaniEl. For [these] words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end [of the world].
10 Wisdom *Many [believers] come to purify [themselves. YAH] makes them into [living] stones [of His true temple]. He refines them. Meanwhile the violaters keep on [carelessly] doing ruinous acts. Not one wicked [being] ever understands [YAH's Word]. But the wise eventually comprehend [everything].
True believers have the Creator-endowed capacity to sift truth from lies. For instance, to know that face-masks do not prevent microbial-transmission. And that injecting your muscles with aborted-baby cells, snake-venom and monkey-pus cannot possibly make you healthy.
11 End Times Disasters And from the time that [the evil ruler] abolishes the daily [Hebrew] food-donations, and sets up the โ€œabomination that causes desolation,โ€ 1290 [prophetic] โ€˜daysโ€™ pass.
in 2020, the Hebrew feasts were โ€˜criminalizedโ€™. Armageddon is coming soon!
Angel Predicts Daniel's Death & Resurrection
12 Perseverance Blessed [and happy] is the [saint] who waits, and reaches the [end of the] 1335 [symbolic] โ€˜daysโ€™ [of persecution].
13 Resurrection But go your way, [Daniel,] until the end [of the world]. You [soon] rest [in death]. Then at the โ€˜end of daysโ€™ you rise to receive your allotted inheritance.โ€
Death puts you into a pseudo-sleep. Thenโ€”POOFโ€” you rise to experience Judgment Day.