Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- Daniel ~~- chapter 2 of 12 (49 verses.)

Daniel 2Wrench

King Nebuchadnezzar Dreams Of A Metal Statue
1 Prophetic Dreams (in Sleep) In [495B.C.,] the 2nd year of his reign, [Emperor] Nebuchadnezzar dreams [such intense, lucid] dreams that his breath [heaves in and out like he's being] beaten. He [tosses and turns all night, unable to] sleep.
2 The Occult So the Emperor commands [his attendants] to call [Babylon's] magicians [exorcists], spell-conjurers, sorcerers, Chaldean [astrologers and future-tellers], to [see if they can read his mind, to] tell both the content and meaning of his dreams. So [hundreds of famous] occultists strut [into the throne-room]. They stand before the Emperor.
3 The Occult The Emperor [barks] to his [royal] occultists, โ€œI had a nightmare. It'll keep troubling my spirit until I know what it means.โ€
4 The Occult The Chaldean [astologers] say to the king (in Syriac [Aramaic]), โ€œO king, live forever. Tell [us,] your servants the dream. Then we will show you what it means.โ€
These impostors can't read the Emperor's mind.
5 The Occult The king answers his Chaldean [astrologers,] โ€œBy my irrevocable [Imperial] command: if you [occultists] fail to [immediately] tell me what I dreamed, and what it means, [my executioners will] cut you in pieces. Then [my armies will] make your houses into dunghills.
Nebuchadnezzar didn't play around with bogus occultists. It was โ€˜play or pay with your life.โ€™
6 The Occult But if you [read my mind and] tell me that I dreamed, and interpret the dream, I'll give you gifts and rewards and great honor. So show me what I just dreamed. And reveal to me what it means.โ€
7 The Occult The [astrologers] answer again, begging, โ€œPlease, Emperor, tell [your] servants what you dreamed, and we will show you its interpretation.โ€
These charlatans have been living high on the royal hog for decades, pretending to have psychic powers, when they're really just demon-toy tricksters.
8 The Occult The Emperor answers, โ€œI can see [through your occult tricks]! You're stalling for time because you know I just irrevocably [decreed your death sentence].
9 The Occult But if you won't [read my mind] and tell me what I dreamed, [you're dead-meat,] because you're conspiring to speak lying and corrupt words in my face, trying to delay, [hoping an assassin will kill me so you'll be off the hook]. So [for the last time:] tell me what I dreamed. Then I'll trust that you can show me its interpretation.โ€
10 The Occult The astrologers answer, facing the Emperor, crying, โ€œNo man on earth can [mind-read] the Emperor's [dreams]! Never has a king, lord or ruler ever demanded such feats of any magician, exorcist-sorceror or astrologer!
11 The Occult Your majesty requires a [humanly impossible] miracle! There is no human who can [telepathically read the Emperor's dreams! The only beings who can read minds are] the [high] Elohim {supernatural-authorities}. But [unlike lower demons, the higher-powers refuse] to live among fleshly [mortals].โ€
Nebuchadnezzar Condemns His Wise Men
12 The Occult At this [dogde,] the Emperor explodes in fury. He screams, โ€œ[Executioners,] destroy all the sages of Babylon!โ€
13 Tribulation/Purification/testing The decree trumpets [across Babylon,] โ€œKill all the wise-men!โ€ Executioners rush [into the bedrooms of] DaniEl {El-Judges} and his friends. [The attackers drag the Hebrew boys out of bed, down the halls, bumping down the stairs, scraping their faces down the rocky street, to the public execution square. The soldiers lay the sagesโ€™ necks on the chopping blocks] to murder them.
14 Wisdom Then, with prudence and wisdom, DaniEl {El-Judges} [looks up from the chopping block]. He addresses Iri-Aku {Servant of the Sun-God}, the General of the Emperor's guard, [at whose command the executioners are lifting their swords] to slay [Daniel and the other] scholars of Babylon:
Arioch = Iri-Aku, see Gen 14:1.
15 The Occult DaniEl {El-Judges} asks Imperial General Arioch, โ€œWhy has the Emperor [sentenced us to death without a trial]?โ€ So [General] Iri-Aku explains [the death sentence] to DaniEl.
16 Supernatural Miracles Then DaniEl {El-Judges} [jumps up from the execution block. He] rushes, [outrunning the screaming executioners who chase him] to the throne-room. DaniEl begs the Emperor, โ€œPlease give me time [to pray to YHVH]. I [intend to supernaturally, telepathically] reveal to you the meaning of your dream, [without even hearing it].โ€
17 Companionship Then DaniEl {El-Judges} runs [back] to [the execution block in front of] his quarters. He explains [the dilemma to] his companions: HananiYah {YAH-Favored}, MishaEl {Who-EL-Is} and AzariYah {YAH-Helps}.)
18 Prophetic Dreams (in Sleep) *[DaniEl begs his friends to] pray for the mercies of [YHVH], heaven's Elah {Supreme-Being}, [to reveal to DaniEl] the Emperor's mystery [dream,] so DaniEl and his fellows won't perish with the rest of the wise men of Babylon.
The Aramaic 'Elah' here (Hebrew 'Eloah') is the same root as the Muslim 'Allah.' Just an insignificant change of vowel sound. Praise to 'God of Heaven' repeated by Emperor Cyrus in 2 Chr 36:23.
Daniel Interprets The Emperor's Statue Dream
19 Spiritual Vision [Daniel falls on his face. His chest slams the ground. He stretches out his arms. He begs YHVH for revelation. Time passesโ€ฆ] Then, in a night vision, [YHVH telepathically] reveals the [Emperor's] secret [dream] to DaniEl. Then DaniEl [jumps up. He runs for the palace, shouting] praises to [YHVH] the Elohim of heaven.
20 Praise DaniEl {El-Judges} shouts [as he runs down the palace streets toward the Imperial throne-room. He sings,] โ€œKneel [and adore] the Name of [YHVH] Elohim forever and ever! [All] wisdom and power [belong to YAH]!
Risking his life for praising the forbidden God.
21 YAH (the Most High Creator) *[YHVH] alters the times and the seasons! [YHVH] installs kings. He knocks Emperors off [their thrones]! [YHVH] grants wisdom to the wise. He [gives] intelligence to people who teach knowledge.
โ€˜Times and seasonsโ€™ includes everything from ordering history to appointing calendars and holidays and festivals.
22 YAH (the Most High Creator) *[YHVH] reveals the [universe's] deep and secret [truths and treasures. YHVH] knows what lies in the darkness. The light dwells with [YHVH].
23 Spiritual Vision I thank you, and praise you, [YHVH] Elohim of my fathers. [You] give me wisdom and power. [You] revealed to me what we asked you: you displayed to us the King's [secret] dream!โ€
24 Spiritual Vision So DaniEl {El-Judges} sprints into [the fortress of General] Arioch {Servant of the Sun-God-Aku}, (whom the Emperor had commanded to destroy the sages of Babylon). Daniel runs in [past the guards]. He shouts, โ€œDon't destroy Babylon's wise-men! Escort me in before the Emperor! I'll interpret the Emperor's [secret] dream!โ€
25 Spiritual Vision [General] Arioch immediately whisks DaniEl {El-Judges} [into the throne-room] before the Emperor. Arioch says, โ€œ[Emperor,] I've found a [visionary] man among the captives from Judea! [DaniEl] will [telepathically] reveal to [your] Majesty the meaning [of your dream].โ€
Arioch seizes the opportunity to credit himself.
26 Prophetic Dreams (in Sleep) The [skeptical] Emperor [addresses] DaniEl {El-Judges} by his pagan name, โ€œBelteshazzar, are you able to [telepathically] reveal to me the dream-vision I've seen, and interpret it?โ€
27 Prophetic Dreams (in Sleep) The Emperor's face [bears down on DaniEl like a searchlight]. DaniEl answers, โ€œThe secret the Emperor has demanded can't be telepathically [mind-read and recounted] by any wise man, astrologer, magician nor soothsayer.
28 End Times Disasters But there is an Elohim {High-Power} in heaven who reveals secrets: [YHVH] makes known to the Emperor Nebuchadnezzar what will occur [from now until] the final days [of world history]. Your dream, and the visions [you saw in] your head upon your bed, are these:
29 Prophetic Dreams (in Sleep) "Your majesty, [last night,] as you lie in bed, thinking about what's coming in [earth's] future, [YHVH] the revealer of secrets shows you what's going to happen:
30 Humility Now [YHVH] explained the mystery to me, but not because I have greater wisdom than anyone else alive. [YHVH just] wants you to know what your dream means, Emperor. [YAH] wants you to understand what went through your mind:
31 Prophetic Dreams (in Sleep) You, Emperor, see a vision of a great statue. This huge image, whose brightness [shines like the sun], stands before you, looming, terrifying.
32 Prophetic Dreams (in Sleep) *This statue's head is of fine gold, his breast and his arms of silver, his belly and his thighs of brass.
Gold=Babylon, Silver=Medo-Persia, Brass=Greece. Note that there are 5 parts to the statue, not 4 as is often cited by people who miss that today's New World Order and the mess that preceded it are part of the doomed statue, and not in any sense 'Christian' nations. The metals are listed in descending order of specific gravity, making the statue top-heavy and therefore doomed to fall from the beginning. Meaning that today's world-government is more unstable and unreliable than all previous empires. it's time for true believers to stand up and lead the frightened masses.
33 Political Evil *[The dream statue stands on] legs of iron [supported by] feet partly of iron and partly of [baked] clay.
Iron legs: Roman empire. Feet of iron (military power) + clay (popular vote) = Democratic Republics of the United Nations. (A fragile, worthless iron-ceramic mixture.) The only strong form of government is a benevolent dictatorship run by YHVH's Laws. Ben Franklin rightly proposed that the United States be run by Mosaic Law.
34 The Messiah *As you watch, [some unseen force,] without hands, cuts a stone [out of the earth. The unseen force hurls the stone at the statue]. [The rock] strikes the statue on its iron-clay feet. The [impact bursts the feet] into pieces.
The stone is Yahshua, the Hebrew Messiah, who destroys the evil human empire to which your neighbors pledge allegiance: the revived Roman Empire. No human being contributes to Yahshua's rule. It is YAH's work alone. We believers are kids whom Daddy lets come to work and mess up the office.
35 End Times Renewal *The statue's iron, clay, brass, silver and gold collapse and shatter, [pulverized together] like the chaff on a summer [grain] threshing-floor. The wind [of YAH's Spirit] carries the [powder of the world's empires] away, leaving no trace. Yet [the Messiah,] the stone who struck the statue, becomes a great โ€˜mountainโ€™ who fills the whole earth.
The final beast kingdom is the amassing of this powder into one beastly last hurrah. See Rev 13.
36 Prophetic Dreams (in Sleep) That was [your] dream. Now, Emperor, we will tell you what the dream signifies.
37 Authority You, Emperor [Nebuchadnezzar], are Emperor over [many] kings. For [YHVH] the Elohim of heaven has given you dominion [over the Babylonian Empire,] with power, and strength and glory.
King of kings is a title meaning 'Emperor,' shared by Jesus, YHVH, Nebuchadnezzar, etc.
38 Authority *And wherever [within your Empire] the children of mortals dwell, and the beasts of the field [roam,] and birds of the sky [fly], [YAH] has given [them] into your hand [of stewardship]. He has made you governor over them all. You are the [dream-statue's] head of gold.
YAH blesses Imperial beneficent dictatorship as the best form of worldly government. YAH is not impressed by Democracy. Nebuchadnezzar was not the first Emperor of Babylon. But he was the first to control Jerusalem. The statue is primarily concerned with who has control of Jerusalem.
39 Authority And after you, a [silver] Empire, [Medo-Persia] arises. [But it proves] inferior to you. Then a 3rd Empire [Greece, represented by] brass, comes to wield rule over all the [civilized] earth.
2Chr 36:22. The Medo-Persian Empire falls to Alexander of Greece. The โ€˜earthโ€™ mentioned here is that portion of the globe that affects Israel. World history not affecting Israel is of low priority.
40 Oppression *Then a 4th Empire [Rome] rises, strong as iron: iron which dashes in pieces and crushes everything. Like iron ruins [gold, silver and brass, the Roman Empire] breaks [the world's populations] to pieces. It bruises [and ultimately destroys the whole earth].
As the Empires become more democratic, they become less valuable.
41 End Times Disasters *[Finally,] you saw the [dream-statue's] feet and toes, partly of pottersโ€™ clay, and partly of iron. [This foretells that] the [End-Times New-World-Order] Dominion will be divided, [an unstable, regressive Christian-Pagan half-breed]. But there will remain in [United Nations] the [brute] strength of [Roman military] iron. [That's why] you saw the iron mixed with muddy clay.
Today's 5th world Empire includes the formidable Mohammedan [Islamic] power, schizophrenic in its promotion of peace (Salam) mixed with insane violence. See Luke 21:24, Acts 3:18-26. The Mohammedans conquered Jerusalem in 636, exactly *666.6* years after Rome conquered Egypt and Greece, thus gaining middle-east control in the battle of Actium in 31BC. Muslim feet have trod down Jerusalem for 14 centuries, unlike the previous 4 Kingdoms which merely invaded Jerusalem then left.
42 End Times Disasters *Just as the toes of the [dream-statue's] feet were part-iron & part-clay, so the [the Muslim Bloc/New World Order's] Dominion becomes partly strong, and partly broken.
A schizophrenic, debt-crushed Empire in which, one Sunday, the preacher teaches you to love your enemies, and the next Sunday he sends your boy off to kill your enemies in a war.
43 End Times Disasters *And just as you saw iron mixed with miry clay, the [end-times world leaders] mingle themselves [using democratic socialist republics and publicly traded corporations] with [later generations] of men. But the [elitists] won't [be able] to [share authority] with the [greedy, covetous voting masses], just as iron can't mix with clay.
The United Nations' political alliances will not hold together. 10 toes = 10 kings of Rev 17:12-18. The Muslims never truly partner with 'Christians' and pagans.
44 The Kingdom (Dominion) Of Heaven *And in the days of these [New World Order] political-powers, [YHVH] the Elohim of Heaven comes to establish a Kingdom that will never be destroyed. YAH's kingdom won't be left to [non-Hebrew] people. It breaks in pieces and consumes all [worldly] dominions. [The Dominion of YAH] stands forever.
45 End Times Disasters *You, [Emperor] saw an [invisible force] cut the stone [Yahshua] out of the mountain, and [hurl it,] shattering into pieces the [statue's] iron, brass, clay, silver and gold. [YHVH] the Supreme Elohim has made known to [you,] Emperor, what happens [in the world's future]. [Your] dream is [an exact representation of the future of the human race]. The interpretation [I've given you is rock-solid].โ€
Emperor Makes Daniel Deputy King Of The World
46 Spiritual Vision *Then Emperor Nebuchadnezzar falls [down] on his face. He worships DaniEl {El-Judges}. [Nebuchadnezzar] commands the [Babylonians] to pour in food offerings to [DaniEl], and to burn fragrant incense [in worship of] Daniel.
Worldly leaders crave spiritual insight to help them make decisions. Don't hide your light!
47 Prophetic Dreams (in Sleep) *The Emperor [shouts], โ€œTruly, [Daniel, YHVH] your Elohim {Diety} is the Eloah {Supreme-Being} over [all] Elohim. [He's the] Adonai {Sovereign} [over all] kings. He's a revealer of secrets!โ€
48 Success *Then the Emperor makes DaniEl {El-Judges} a [top Babylonian] Authority, and gives him many great gifts, and makes him ruler over the ENTIRE quasi-global jurisdiction of Babylon, and chief-governor over all the [Empire's] wise-men!
The drama of this scene cannot be overstated: the greatest Emperor in history makes this condemned, castrated Hebrew slave the de-facto king of the entire world!
49 Authority *Then DaniEl {El-Judges} asks the Emperor, [and the Emperor agrees,] to set [Daniel's young Hebrew friends] (Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego) over the affairs of [all] jurisdictional [regions] of Babylon, while DaniEl remains in the Emperor's [royal] court!