Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- Daniel ~~- chapter 4 of 12 (37 verses.)

Daniel 4Wrench

Nebuchadnezzar Mandates Global Praise To YAH
1 International Peace [Time passes. Babylon's Emperor goes insane for 7 years. Then, in 454BC, he delivers this global proclamation: โ€œFrom] The Emperor Nebuchadnezzar, to all peoples, races and language-groups who dwell in all the earth. Peace be multiplied to you.
Daniel is probably 59 years old at this point. In Persia, Astyages' Empire is building strength to take over the Babylonian Empire.
2 Supernatural Miracles It is my great pleasure to recount to you the [miraculous] signs and [astonishing] wonders that [YHVH] the [Most] High ELaha {Diety} has done [to help] me.
3 The Kingdom (Dominion) Of Heaven How great are [YHVH's] signs! How mighty are [YAH's] wonders! [YAH's] kingdom is the everlasting Empire! [YAH's] dominion endures from generation to generation.
The Exorcised Emperor Recounts His Tree Dream
4 Success [Flash back to before my 7 yers of insanity:] I Nebuchadnezzar live at rest in my home, [contented, prosperous, flourishing] in my palace.
Comfort and success usually produce pride, which brings destruction.
5 Prophetic Dreams (in Sleep) [Tossing and turning] on my bed, I see a [scary] dream. It makes me afraid. My thoughts and the visions in my head terrify me.
6 Prophetic Dreams (in Sleep) So I order [my soldiers] to bring in all the wise men of Babylon before me, to interpret my dream.
7 The Occult So the magicians, the astrologers, the exorcists and the soothsayers [all flock into my throne-room, seeking a reward]. I tell these [occultists] my dream. But they [all] fail to interpret it.
8 Prophetic Dreams (in Sleep) But, at last, DaniEl {El-Judges} (whom [I had] renamed Belteshatzar, named-after my god [Baal]) comes in before me. (In DaniEl lives the spirit of [YHVH] the holy Eloah {Supreme-Being}.) So before DaniEl I recount my dream:
9 Prophetic Dreams (in Sleep) I say, "O Belteshazzar, master of the magicians, I know that the spirit of [YHVH] the holy Eloah {Supreme-Being} lives in you. No mystery baffles you. So now tell me the meaning of these visions I dreamed:
10 Prophetic Dreams (in Sleep) Here are the visions [I see] in my head [as I lie] in my bed: I look [up]. I see a tree in the middle of the earth, towering high [above me].
This tree represents Nebuchadnezzar, the Emperor of the mightiest world Empire in the history of planet earth.
11 Authority The tree grows high and strong. Its crown reaches to heaven, visible to [and seeing] the ends of the earth.
12 Authority *The tree [sprouts] beautiful leaves. It [drops] glorious fruit everywhere, producing food for the [entire world's] population. The beasts of the field rest in the tree's shadow. The sky-birds live in its branches. The tree gives food to every living creature.
13 Paranormal Phenomena Upon my bed, I keep looking into the visions of my head. Suddenly I see a Watcher (a Holy One) [fly] down from heaven.
14 Social Insurance (Man's Provision) *[This Guardian angel] cries aloud these words: โ€œChop down this โ€˜treeโ€™! Cut off his branches! Shake off his leaves! Scatter his fruit! Beasts, get away from under him! Birds, [fly away] from his branches!
Perhaps a call to put an end to social welfare run by central government.
15 Punishment *โ€”Still, leave the trunk of [Nebuchadnezzar's] roots [sawed down to, but not pulled out of] the earth. [Protect the trunk from mowers. Wrap it] in a band of iron and bronze. [Let it wallow beneath] the tender [lush] grass of the countryside. [Let it lie] wet in the dew of heaven. [It'll] share its lot with earth's pasture animals.
16 Punishment โ€”Alter [Nebuchadnezzar's] human heart-mind! Give him an animal's heart-mind. Then let 7 [bitter, brutal, humiliating] times [years] pass over him.
Heart-Mind = The heart and the brain comprising one connected nervous system, like a tree with branches in the head, connected to equally extensive and intelligent roots in the torso, as is actually the case. Babylonian excavations reveal records showing that Nebuchadnezzar in fact did nothing at all for 7 years.
17 Authority *โ€”This order [to abase the World's Emperor] is decreed by the Guardian [angels]. [It is a] demand by the verdict of the Holy Ones: given so that all living [beings] may know that [YHVH] the Most High rules the [human] kingdom. He gives it to whoever He will. [YAH strikes down the world's proud rulers.] Over the globe, [YAH] sets up the humblest of men.โ€
If you want authority, be humble. Pride precedes failure. He who wishes to be your chief must be your servant.
18 Prophetic Dreams (in Sleep) I, king Nebuchadnezzar, saw this dream-vision. Now you, O Belteshazzar, clarify the dream's meaning, since all the wise men of my Empire are unable to interpret the dream. [Only] you can do it, because the spirit of [YHVH] the holy Eloah {Supreme-Deity} lives in you.โ€
Daniel Interprets The Emperor's Tree Dream
19 Prophetic Dreams (in Sleep) Then DaniEl {El-Judges} ([whom I had renamed] Belteshazzar) [lies] in shock for one hour, terrified [to tell me] his dream-analysis. [I,] the king, speak, saying, โ€œBelteshazzar, do not let the dream, or its interpretation, scare you.โ€ Belteshazzar, [on the ground, his voice shaking,] answers, โ€œMaster, [if only] the dream [foretold the abasement of all] who hate you, and its meaning applied to your enemies.
20 Prophetic Dreams (in Sleep) โ€”The โ€˜dream-treeโ€™ you see, which grows [wide and] strong, whose crown reaches to the heaven, extending it's vision throughout all the earthโ€”
21 Authority โ€”with its beautiful leaves [and flowers] and abundant fruit, providing food for all [humans and animals โ€” the tree] under which [all] land-beasts dwell, and upon whose branches [all] sky-birds build their homesโ€”
22 Authority โ€”[The dream-tree represents] you, Emperor. You have grown to become strong. Your greatness has [multiplied. Your power] reaches to heaven. Your dominion [extends] to the end[s] of the earth.
23 Punishment *And, [you,] Emperor, saw a watcher-angel, [one of the] Holy One[s] coming down from heaven, [shouting], โ€œCut down the tree! Destroy it! Yet leave his root-trunk in the earth, [protected] by a band of iron and brass, in the tender pasture grass. Let [the trunk] stay wet with the dew of heaven, [sharing the life] of the beasts of the field, till 7 times [years] pass over him.โ€
24 Prophetic Dreams (in Sleep) [What follows] is [your tree-dream's] interpretation, Emperor. [I now speak] the decree of [YHVH] Ha-Elyon {The-Most-High}, [whose verdict hereby falls] upon my slave-master the king [of Babylon]:
25 Authority *[YAH's angels] come now to drive you away from [your ivory tower at the pinnacle of] human [society]. You fall to dwell with the field-beasts. [This infliction] makes you eat grass like an ox. [The sky] wets you with the dew of heaven. 7 [years] pass over you, until you [fully] grasp that [YHVH] the Illai {Most-High-Power} rules in the kingdom[s] of men, and gives [them] to whoever he chooses.
Nebuchadnezzar's Empire was vaster and richer than we can possibly imagine. And everywhere archaeologists dig up his Empire's remains, they find arrogant inscriptions on blocks saying, โ€œI, Nebuchadnezzar, built this.โ€
26 Authority *And since [the arch-angel] commanded [his subordinate angels] to leave [your tree's] โ€˜root-trunk,โ€™ [YAH's angels guard] your Empire for you, until you [fully] acknowledge that [YHVH in] the heavens, [not you,] rules [earth].
A true ruler obeys YHVH. Any ruler who disobeys YHVH is a usurper, destined to fall.
27 Repentance So, Emperor, accept my counsel: sever the chains of your sinful [past]. [Perform] righteous [actions]! Break with your crimes by showing mercy to the [wretched, miserable] poor. This may extend the length of your prosperity.โ€
Poor = Jewish captives [among others].
The King Of The World Becomes A Werewolf
28 Spiritual Vision Every [horror that DaniEl predicted] comes [crashing down on me, the most powerful mortal in all history:] Emperor Nebuchadnezzar.
This paragraph appears to shift voice to someone other than Nebuchadnezzar, but that could be simply a mode of speech.
29 Pride *12 months [pass. I, the Emperor, get cocky, thinking the prophecy won't come true. I strut] into [my awesome] palace in the [Imperial Capitol City] of Babylon {Iraq}.
30 Pride *I open [my] royal mouth to brag, โ€œIs this not the great Babylon, the [Empire] I've built as my royal residence, by the force of my power, to magnify the glory of my majesty?
This section may have been written as a testimony by third parties. See the German Orient Society's excavation records to be amazed at how great Babylon was.
31 Pride *As the word[s] โ€œmy majestyโ€ slither out of [my royal] mouth, a voice [booms] down from heaven. [It shouts,] โ€œEmperor Nebuchadnezzar, [hear] your verdict: The Empire is [hereby stripped] from you!
32 Pride *โ€”[Angels] soon drive you from men. You fall to dwell with the field-animals. [Angels] make you eat grass like an ox. 7 times [years] pass over you, until you know that [YHVH] Ha-Elyon {The-Most-High} rules in the kingdom of men, and gives [earth's authority] to whoever He chooses.โ€
33 Paranormal Phenomena *Immediately [DaniEl's prophecy] fulfills upon [me,] Nebuchadnezzar! [Angels] drive [me] away from [all] humans, [including my] wives & children. [I] eat grass like an ox. [My] body stays wet with the dew of heaven. [My] hairs grow like eaglesโ€™ feathers. [My] nails [sprout] like birdsโ€™ claws!
A rare but real disease: Lycanthropy : Lukos-anthropos = wolf-man.
Nebuchadnezzar Turns Back into A Man
34 The Kingdom (Dominion) Of Heaven *And at the end of these [2,555] days, I Nebuchadnezzar lift up my eyes to heaven. My understanding returns to me. So I kneel [to YHVH] Ha-Elyon {The-Most-High}. I shout acclamation[s] to honor [YHVH] who [alone] lives for ever, whose dominion is [the only] everlasting dominion, whose kingdom endures [endlessly] from generation to generation.
This decree goes out in 454B.C., the same year Astyages, Emperor of Persia issues his decree for the rebuilding of Jerusalem, showing YHVH's coordination of human history on behalf of his people. DaniEl is 59 years old when Nebuchadnezzar regains sanity.
35 YAH (the Most High Creator) *All the inhabitants of the earth amount to nothing! [YAH] does whatever He wants [with] the army of heaven, and among the inhabitants of the earth! No one can hold back [YAH's] hand, or say to [YAH], โ€˜What are you doing?โ€™โ€
36 Authority *At that [humble] moment [YAH] returns my reason to me. [Not for my glory, but] for the welfare [the people of] my Empire, my honor and splendor returns to me. My counselors and my princes seek me out. [YAH] re-establishes [me] in my kingdom. He heaps upon me [even more] excellent majesty.
Welfare = value, not handouts.
37 YAH (the Most High Creator) *Now I Nebuchadnezzar shout-praise and extol and honor [YHVH] the King of heaven! All [YAH's] actions are fair! [All YAH's] methods [are] just! Everyone who walks in pride, [watch out! YAH] is able to abase [you]!โ€
YAH is always fair. For instance: YAH would never eternally consciously torment anyone for the sins of their finite life. And YAH would never encourage anyone to kill an animal, let alone a human, to satisfy his demand for blood-justice. False theologies are lies told by the devil, to slander YHVH. YHVH's commands and punishments are always reasonable: as lenient as possible, but as tough as necessary, to purge us of destructive habits.