Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- Daniel ~~- chapter 5 of 12 (31 verses.)

Daniel 5Wrench

The New Emperor Throws A Pagan Banquet
1 Addiction *[28 years pass. Nebuchadnezzar dies, leaving the Babylonian Empire to his [slut-mongering] grandson Belshazzar {May-Baal-Protect-The-King}. In 426 B.C.,] Emperor Belshazzar throws a huge feast for 1000 of his lords. Belshazzar [gets himself hot dancing around with his hundreds of belly-dancing concubines. He guzzles wine and gets falling down] drunk, right in front of [Babylon's top] 1000 [leaders].
Rulers should never get intoxicated. Therefore no believer should ever get intoxicated. This banquet hall has been excavated. It measures 60 x 172 feet. It's amazingly adorned with pagan mythical artwork. Belshazzar is the son of Nabonidus (see Jer 27:7).
2 Pride *Belshazzar [struggles to his feet, grabs another bottle, sucks down even more] tasty wine. [A demonic grin comes over his faceโ€ฆ] He commands [his treasure-bearers,] โ€œBring [me] the golden and silver utensils my [grand]father Nebuchadnezzar robbed out of [YHVH's] temple in Jerusalem! I and my Imperial princes, my wives and my concubines must drink in [extravagant, sacrilegious] style!โ€
3 Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority *So [Belshazzar's treasurer-masters] haul the golden vessels that [Nebuchadnezzar's soldiers] stole from the temple of the house of [YHVH the] Elรกha {Ultimate-Deity} in Jerusalem. The Emperor, his princes, his wives and his concubines [ignorantly seal their doom by] drinking [toasts] out of these [sacred Hebrew vessels].
4 Idolatry *[Babylon's rich and powerful fools suck down] wine. They praise the [pagan statues all around them, icons representing demon] gods of gold, silver, brass, iron, wood and stone.
Heaven's Finger Writes On Babylon's Wall
5 Paranormal Phenomena *Immediately, out of nowhere, [the] fingers of a man's [spirit] hand [appear] near the [banquet hall's giant] chandelier. The fingers write upon the [priceless oil-paintings of idols on the] plaster of wall of the Imperial palace. The Emperor [stands there, his jaw hanging open,] watching [heaven's] hand writing.
6 Paranormal Phenomena *The [Mighty] Emperor's face changes [from shiny glee] to [pants-pooping terror]. Tormented by fearful thoughts, [knowing all his power is totally useless,] his knees [audibly] knock together. His hip joints give way. [He falls, helpless.]
7 The Occult The Emperor cries aloud, โ€œ[Soldiers!] Bring in [my] exorcists, astrologers and soothsayers!โ€ [The sages rush into the banquet hall that's filled with crying, terrified partyers.] The Emperor [shouts this cry] to the wise men of Babylon: โ€œWhoever reads this writing, and shows me what it means, will be clothed with [royal] purple. He'll have a chain of gold [draped] around his neck. He'll become the 3rd [ranking] ruler in [my] Empire!โ€
8 The Occult *All the king's โ€œwiseโ€ men stream into [the banquet hall, chasing the job-promotion]. But the [phonies] can't [even] read the writing, [much less] tell the king what it means.
9 Paranormal Phenomena Emperor Belshazzar [shakes,] terrified. His face turns pale [as death]. His nobles [and princes run around yelling at each other] in confusion.
10 Paranormal Phenomena [Outside, Belshazzar's mother,] the queen, hears [her son] the Emperor [shouting]. [She hears] the [Empire's] โ€œlordsโ€ [screaming and fighting like crazy. She runs] into the banquet hall. The queen says, โ€œO Emperor, live for ever: don't let your thoughts trouble you. Never let your face [tremble and frown, pale as a ghost].
Queen=Nitocris, Belshazzar's Grandma, mother of Emperor Nabonidius, and daughter-in-law of Nebuchadnezzar.
11 Spiritual Vision *In your kingdom lives a [mighty] man [named DaniEl]. In [him lives] the spirit of [YHVH] the holy Elรกhรญn {Supreme-Deities}. [Back] in the days of your [Grand]father, stream[s]-of-light and understanding and insight, like the wisdom of the Elohim, were found in [DaniEl]. Emperor Nebuchadnezzar, your [Grand]father, made [DaniEl] master over [Babylon's] magicians, exorcists, astrologers and soothsayers.
This verse ends with an unexplained, "Your father, the Emperor."
12 Spiritual Vision In Daniel {El-Judges} (whom the [previous] Emperor named Belteshazzar) [our nation] found an excellent spirit, and knowledge, and understanding, [for] interpreting dreams, and unlocking mysteries, and dissolving doubts. So now [order your soldiers to] call DaniEl. DaniEl will show you the meaning [of this writing on the wall].โ€
Daniel Reads The Writing On Babylon's Wall
13 Bondage So [soldiers run out of the banquet hall. They] bring DaniEl {El-Judges} in to face the Emperor. The Emperor speaks, asking DaniEl, โ€œAre you the DaniEl, from the children of the captive-slave-exiles from [the tribe of] Judah, whom my [Grand]Father the Emperor brought out of Judea?
14 Spiritual Vision โ€”I've heard about you, that the spirit of Elahรญn {Supreme-Deities} lives in you, and that [previous Emperors] have found in you a stream-of-light and intelligence and excellent wisdom.
15 The Occult โ€”[Just] now the [soldiers] brought [my Imperial] wise men [and] astrologer/conjurers before me, to [try to] read this [paranormal] writing, and to show me its meaning. But those [occultists] couldn't interpret [a] thing.
16 Spiritual Vision โ€”But Iโ€™ve heard that you can give [prophetic] interpretations and solve knotty problems. So if you can read the inscription [on the wall] and tell me what it means, [I] will clothe you in royal scarlet. [My jewelers will] drape a chain of gold around your neck. You'll become the 3rd [highest-ranking] ruler in the [Babylonian] Empire.โ€
True spiritual vision is the most valuable treasure in the universe, because it's the key that unlocks all other wealth. Bogus spiritual information, as is often peddled in churches, is worse than nothing.
17 Spiritual Vision *Then DaniEl {El-Judges} responds, declaring before the king, โ€œYou may keep your gifts for yourself. Give your rewards to someone else. [Free of charge, no strings attached,] I will [miraculously] read the inscription to [you,] Emperor. Then [I'll let you] know its meaning.
Never sell YAH's miracles. Freely you have received; freely give.
18 Authority Emperor: [YHVH], the Illai {Highest} Elah {Diety}, gave Nebuchadnezzar your [Grand]father an Empire [replete] with majesty, glory and honor.
19 Authority *Because of this majesty that [YHVH] gave [Nebuchadnezzar,] all people [of every] nation and language-group trembled in fear before [Nebuchadnezzar]. He killed whoever he wanted. He kept alive whoever [pleased] him. He established whoever he wanted to. He abased whoever [displeased him].
20 Pride *But when [Nebuchadnezzar's] heart puffed up, and his mind hardened in pride, [YAH struck him down] from his Imperial throne. [YAH's angels] stripped [Nebuchadnezzar's] glory from him.
21 Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority *[The angels] drove [Nebuchadnezzar away] from the sons of men. [YAH] made [Nebuchadnezzar's] heart like a beastsโ€™ [heart]. Nebuchadnezzar lived with the wild donkeys. [People] fed him grass like [he was] a [dumb] ox. His body [kept getting] wet [every time the sky dropped precipitation,] until he figured out that [YHVH], the most high Elohim, rules in the kingdom of men: YAH appoints whoever He wants [to] supervise [humanity's power structures].
22 Pride And you, [Nebuchadnezzar's grand]son Belshazzar, have [failed to] humble your heart, though you knew all [about Nebuchadnezzar's 7 years of humbling].
23 Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority *Instead [of being meek,] you've exalted yourself against [YHVH the] Mare {Whip-Master} of heaven. [Your servants] carted the vessels of [YHVH's] temple before you. Then you, and your nobles, your wives, and your concubines slurped liquor from those [vessels,] while you praised the [pagan] gods of silver, gold, brass, iron, wood and stone, which never see, nor hear, nor know [anything]. [Yet] you never [once] glorified [YHVH], the Elohim whose hand holds your breath, and who [owns] your life-path.
"Mare" is similar to "maran" in "Maranatha."
24 Judgment *[Your apathy toward YHVH] is why [YHVH] sent the [mysterious] hand to write the inscription [on this wall].
The inscription may have been engraved into the wall.
25 Judgment *The writing says: โ€œMENE! MENE! TEKEL, UPHARSIN.โ€ [โ€œNumber, number, weight, divisions.โ€]
26 Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority *MENE, [โ€˜numbered,โ€™ means that YHVH] Elohim has numbered [the days of] your [Babylonian] Empire, and finished it.
27 Fruitlessness *'TEKEL,โ€™ [โ€˜weighed,โ€™ means that YAH is] weighing you on [heaven's] balance-scale. And you come up short.
28 Authority *'PERES,โ€™ [โ€˜dividedโ€™ means that YAH has] split your [Babylonian] Empire, and given it to the Medes & Persians.โ€
Daniel Becomes High Prince Of The World!
29 Authority *[Emperor] Belshazzar, [trembling and fawning over Daniel,] immediately summons his [tailors]. They clothe DaniEl with [royal] scarlet. [Then, while jewelers beg the silent Daniel for mercy,] they drape a chain of gold around his neck. [Then Belshazzar issues a royal] proclamation making DaniEl the 3rd highest-ranking ruler in the [Babylonian] Empire!
Persian Empire Conquers Babylon In 1 Night!
30 Usurpance / Abuse Of Authority *[That very night, conspirators and/or Persian soldiers violently] assassinate Belshazzar, the Emperor of the Chaldean [world], ๐Ÿ˜‡!
31 Authority *So Darius {Maintainer} the Mede, the [Emperor of the Medo-Persian Empire, Esther's husband,] conquers the Babylonian Empire, when he is about 62 years old.
Darius is a title meaning, "The Maintainer". Astyages and Xerxes both used this title. This conqueror is probably Astyages (AKA ARSAMES/CAMBYSES), the husband of Esther and the father of Cyrus. (Cyrus was at this time (426 B.C.) 40 years old according to Herodotus).