Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- Daniel ~~- chapter 7 of 12 (28 verses.)

Daniel 7Wrench

Flashback: Daniel's 4 Beasts Dream
1 Prophetic Dreams (in Sleep) [Flash back to 429 B.C., 3 years before the angel-hand writes on the wall,] in the 1st year of [the reign of] Babylon's Emperor Belshazzar, DaniEl {El-Judges} experiences a [prophetic] dream. He [sees] visions in his head [as he lies] upon his bed. So Daniel [jumps up. He] writes [down] the dream, and interprets its meaning:
2 Prophetic Dreams (in Sleep) DaniEl testifies [this] report: โ€œI'm looking in a vision by night. Suddenly the 4 winds of the heaven appear, whipping up the great sea.
Great Sea = World population. Revelation fulfills in repeating waves of increasing magnitude, like fractal geometry. So this vision has many valid interpretations.
3 Political Evil [One after the other,] 4 great beasts rise up out of the sea. Each [beast] differs from the others.
Beasts = Empires
4 Political Evil The 1st beast looks like a lion with eagle's wings. I watch until [heaven] plucks off the [Lion's] wings. Then [some heavenly power] lifts [the lion] up from the earth, and makes it stand upon [2] feet like a [mortal] man. [Heaven] gives a man's heart to the [upright] Lion.
5 Political Evil *Suddenly I see a second beast, like a bear. It raises itself up on one side. It holds 3 ribs in its mouth, between its teeth. [Some beings] say to the โ€˜bear', โ€œArise! Gorge yourself with flesh!โ€
On the macro-historical level, the bear describes the Medo-Persian empire. But it's certainly applicable to Stalin's USSR, which killed over 50 million Judeo-Christians IN THE MID-20TH CENTURY ALONE, far more people than Hitler's Germany killed. The media ignored Russia's atrocities because Russia won WW2 alongside its allies: Britain and the U.S.
6 Political Evil After this I look. I see a [3rd beast,] like a leopard. 4 bird-wings span its back. 4 heads crown its body. [Heaven] gives dominion to [the leopard].
Macro-Historically: the Greek Empire.
7 Political Evil After this I look into the night visions. I see a 4th beast: dreadful, terrible, exceptionally strong. Its two rows of great iron teeth devour and break [nations] in pieces. It tramples whatever remains under its feet. This [terrible beast] differs from all the beasts before it: 10 horns [spring from its head].
Macro-Historically: Rome.
8 Prophetic Dreams (in Sleep) *[As] I wonder [about] the [10] horns, suddenly, up among the [10 horns,] another little horn springs up. Before this [little horn, heaven] plucks up 3 of the original horns by their roots. [I] see eyes in this horn, like the eyes of man. [Its] mouth speaks great [arrogant boasts and blasphemies].
On the macro-historical (millennial) level, the 10 horns are phases of the Roman Empire, the power which has controlled the planet for over 2000 years. The little horn is the modern world-system (NWO), covered in surveillance cameras and human-implantable tracking nanotechnology. On a micro-historical level, the little horn was satanic Grecian Emperor Antiochus Epiphanes.
9 YAH (the Most High Creator) *I watch as [supernatural winds] set thrones in place. [Then YHVH], the Ancient of Days, sits [on His throne]. His garment [shines] white as snow. The hair of his head [glows] like purest wool. His throne [flashes] like fiery flame. Wheels like burning [spinning] fire [support the throne].
The Ancient of Days, the Everlasting One, is YAH, the Father. The Messiah appears in verse 13.
10 Judgment *A fiery stream issues and flows forth from before [YHVH]. Thousands upon thousands [of cosmic beings] attend Him. 10000 times 10000 [beings] stand before Him. The judgment convenes. [YAH's angels] open the book [of life and the book of death].
At least 100 Million beings are described in this scene. 10K*10K (1 million) is a poetic way of saying, โ€˜innumerable.โ€™
11 Pride *I keep watching. Because of the arrogant words the [little] horn speaks, [YAH's angels] kill the [horny] animal. [They destroy] its body. They throw it into the blazing fire.
12 Judgment [YAH's angels] rip away the dominion of the rest of the beasts. Yet [YAH orders the angels to] spare the beast-peoples' lives for an appointed season.
lit: a โ€˜seasonโ€™ and โ€˜timeโ€™.
13 The Messiah *I look in the night visions. [Suddenly I] see [Yahshua,] a [being] like [a] son of [a] mortal. [He flies on] the clouds of heaven. [Yahshua] comes to [YHVH] (the Ancient of days). The [angels] usher [Yahshua] close before [YHVH].
14 The Messiah *[YHVH] gives [his Messiah Yahshua comprehensive] dominion and glory, and a kingdom [so vast that] that all [surviving] people, nations and language-groups come to serve [Yahshua]. [Yahshua's] dominion is an everlasting empire. It never passes away. [Yahshua's] kingdom is the [only Kingdom] which [YAH] will never destroy.
15 Spiritual Vision *My spirit shudders within me, [shaking me, DaniEl, the prophet who braved the lion's den,] to my body's core! These visions in my head terrify me.
Portrayals of these beasts should look like man-eating terrors from a horror movie.
The Angel Interprets Daniel's 4 Beast Visions
16 Spiritual Vision [In the vision,] I approach a nearby [being]. [He] rises [to face YAH]. I ask [the being,] โ€œWhat is the meaning of these [beasts and kingdoms]?โ€ [The being] speaks to me. [He] helps me know the meaning of the visions.
17 Political Evil *โ€œThe 4 immense beasts [represent] 4 [beastly] royalties [Empires] which arise out of the earth.
18 The Kingdom (Dominion) Of Heaven *But the holy ones of Ha-Elyon {The-Most-High} eventually receive [all] Dominion. They safeguard [YAH's] kingdom for eons, through eons of ages.โ€
19 End Times Disasters *I [Daniel] yearn to know the truth about the 4th beast, different from all the others, exceedingly dreadful, HER teeth of iron, her claws of copper/brass; [she] who devours [nations,] pulverizes [countries], and tramples the leftovers with her feet;
Here we fast forward to details about the '10 clay/iron toes' of the 5th power mentioned in Daniel 2. The New World Order is led by effeminate, authority-less, androgynous, she-male, child molesting, child-sacrificing witches.
20 End Times Disasters [I crave to decipher the meaning of] the 10 horns on [the 4th beast's] head, and the other [small horn] who arises, (before whom 3 [horns cascade,] falling as [the little horn watches,]) the [little] horn with eyes and a mouth who speaks very great arrogant [boasts], [the horn who] towers over her peers.
Every reference here to horns is FEMININE. The horns are โ€˜she'sโ€™, not โ€˜he'sโ€™.
21 Tribulation/Purification/testing *I watch as this [arrogant little] horn [attacks &] makes war against [YAH's] holy [separated people], and prevails against them.
By the 20th century, true Christianity had been defeated and *almost* completely removed from planet earth, leaving only a few straggling persecuted and marginalized prophets, surrounded and attacked by authority-less preachers guarding the white-washed tombs of false money-driven churches owned by the world-system. See Revelation 13:7.
22 The Kingdom (Dominion) Of Heaven *[This โ€˜hornโ€™ wages unholy war through many centuries,] until [YHVH] the Ancient Of Days comes and delivers vindication in favor of the separatist-saints of Ha-Elyon {The-Most-High}. Then the time comes when [YAH's] sacred-ones possess [all] kingdom[s].
We Hebrews have been losing the battle against the murderous Romans for over 1700 years. And it's getting worse. Persecution is the means by which we saints become humbled, purified and capable of reigning over the universe. You have to lose to win. If you have it easy in this life you will probably not live forever.
23 End Times Disasters *[The being explains,] โ€œThe 4th [Romanic] beast is the 4th [great world] Empire [to dominate] on earth. She differs from all kingdoms. She comes to devour the whole planet. She treads it down. She breaks it in pieces.
The 4th beast culminates in the New World Order, powered by cancer-causing communication towers, satellites and biometric tracking devices (aka phones) in every pocket, car and house: i.e., the world you live in right now. And they are pushing hard to put their tracking-devices (eyes) under your skin!
24 End Times Disasters *โ€”The 10 horns [rising] from this [Roman] Empire are 10 arch-powers yet to rise. Another [little horn-power] rises after them. [This little horn] differs from the original [horn-powers]. [The little horn-power] puts down 3 sovereignties.
Macro-Historically, the Little Horn = today's New World Order. Little-minded but worldwide in scope. (See the words โ€˜Novus Order Seclorumโ€™ encircling the pyramid on the โ€˜Great Sealโ€™ on the back of the U.S. one Dollar bill.) The U.S. led new world order has subsumed the French, Spanish and British empires, all components of this age-spanning Romanic 4th beast.
25 Political Evil *This [little horn-power] speaks great arrogant boats against [YHVH] Ha-Elyon {The-Most-High}. [The horn] exhausts the separatist-saints of Ha-Elyon [with affliction]. [The horn] invents massive [blasphemous] changes to calendars and laws. [YHVH] gives [all this power] into [the little horn's] fist until โ€˜a time and times and the dividing of time.โ€™ [3.5 prophetic โ€˜years.โ€™]
False โ€˜Christianโ€™ leaders change the calendar. The Hebrew festivals are replaced by pagan nonsense holidays. Sunday becomes the new fake 'Sabbath.' Idolaters change the world's month-numbers to honor the Sun-God. OCTober (the 8th month) becomes the 10th month. Occultists name all the days of the week after pagan demon-gods. Satanists replace natural Biblical Common Law with the utilitarian Roman Civil law. Pagans make it illegal to pray in schools, etc. [Time, times & 1/2 a time] = 3.5 prophetic years, expressed as 42 months and 1260 days in Rev 11:2-3.
26 End Times Renewal *But [YHVH, heaven's] court [judge] comes to sit [in judgment]. [His angels] rip away [the little horn's] dominion. [They] consume and destroy it to the terminus.
The New World Order ends up completely destroyed. The little horn is 'small' as in 'small-minded,' based on small, human ideas. Yet it has global scope. Witness 2020's catastrophic global lockdowns, timed specifically to prevent celebration of Passover, Pentecost and Sukkot, the 3 most crucial Hebrew festivals. Get ready for a doomed NWO-led war against Israel.
27 The Kingdom (Dominion) Of Heaven *The [world] empire, [its] jurisdiction, and the majesty of [all] realms under the whole heaven, [YHVH] gives to the holy [human] people [who rise to reign] among the Supreme Ones of [YHVH] Ha-Elyon {The-Most-High}. His royal kingdom is [the only] everlasting Dominion. All Empires come to serve and obey [YAH].
Humble humans are little more than worms. We, the lowest of all sentient creatures, inherit dominion over the universe. If we stay humble.
28 Spiritual Vision [What I've written] is the end of [my understanding of the 4 beast] vision. I, DaniEl, sit in terror, grasping at the enormity of the vision, ๐Ÿ˜‡. It changes [my spirit and the look of] my face, as it lies guarded in my heart.โ€