Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- Daniel ~~- chapter 8 of 12 (27 verses.)

Daniel 8Wrench

Daniel Sees The 'Ram-Powers' Vision
1 Spiritual Vision [2 years] after that 1st vision [about the 4 beasts], another vision appears to me (DaniEl) in [426 B.C.,] (the 3rd [and final] year of the reign of [foolish Babylonian] Emperor Belshazzar.)
Here the book of Daniel switches out of the Chaldean language. Daniel stays in Hebrew to the end. Daniel is 87 years old here.
2 Spiritual Vision I'm looking into the vision, 😇. It fills my mind's eye: I'm in [Persia,] in the hidden province [Elam,] in the Castle of Suza, [the capitol city of the vast Persian Empire, in the palace where little Jewish orphan Esther became Queen of the world]. I see into the vision. [Spirit power whisks me away. It drops me standing] on the [middle of Iran's] Ulai river-canal.
Daniel apparently worked with Queen Esther and her husband, the Persian Emperor Astyages (aka Artaxerxes/Ahusuerus, aka Darius [Maintainer], father of Cyrus). See Dan 8:27. On coins and monuments, Persia is symbolized by a Ram.
3 Political Evil I lift up my eyes. I see [the future in symbols]. Suddenly there stands facing the river a two-horned ram. His two horns tower high. But one horn towers higher than the other, though the higher horn grew up after the [shorter horn].
Ram = Persia. 2 horns: (1) Media, represented by Emperor Astyages, and (2) Persia, represented by Astyages' son Cyrus, who became greater than his father.
4 Oppression I see the ram [the Medo-Persian Empire] thrust westward [seaward], [butt] northward, [ram] southward. No animals can stand before the ram. Nor can anyone rescue [his victims] out of his power. [The ram] does whatever he approves. He magnifies himself.
The world-system keeps moving its centers of power Westward: Babylon (Iraq) -> Persia (Iran) -> Greece -> Rome -> London -> New York / Washington -> California -> Beijing / Tokyo. Now, in the 21st century, the circle lies complete: the towers of Babylon have been rebuilt, through satellite and mobile-communications technology, paired with machine translators. The human race now logarithmically multiplies its evil power as it careens toward self-destruction. (Seaward is in reference to the geographic focal epicenter of prophecy: Jerusalem.)
5 Oppression *I [watch the conquering Ram]. I consider its meaning. Suddenly a male stud-goat-pack leader [the Grecian Empire] rushes in from the west, 😇! [The goat leaps] over the face of the whole earth! [The goat's feet] never touch the ground! This stud-goat sports a conspicuous horn between his eyes.
Greece was founded when a demonic oracle instructed the Macedonians to use a goat as their guide to build the first Grecian colony: Egeae, from Aix, meaning ‘Goat.’ The goat is the symbol of Satan, and of Greece. Horn = Alexander the temporarily ‘Great.’
6 War *The stud-Goat heads toward the two-horned Ram I'd seen standing facing the river. In the fury of his power, the [Grecian] Goat charges at the [Persian] Ram.
In 13 years, Alexander subdued the world.
7 Oppression *I watch the Goat, filled with conquering rage, overtake the Ram. The Goat strikes the Ram. The impact shatters the [Ram's] 2 horns. The Ram bleeds dry of his power to stand before [the Goat]. So [the Goat] casts the Ram down to the ground, then stamps on him. No one can deliver the Ram out of the Goat's power.
Greece takes over the Medo-Persian Empire.
8 Oppression So [Greece,] the male goat, grows. [He becomes] great. But when [the Greece-Goat] becomes strong, [tragedy] breaks its great ‘horn’ [Alexander]. In [Alexander's] place spring up four notable [horns. They conquer] toward the four winds of heaven.
4 rival kings simultaneously replaced Alexander.
9 Oppression Out of one of the [4 horn-powers that replace Alexander's dynasty,] a little [Roman] horn sprouts forth. It grows exceptionally great. [It conquers countries] toward the south [Egypt/Africa], and toward the east [Iraq, Iran, India, etc.], and [south] toward the pleasant land [the glory of gems: Israel/Palestine].
10 Oppression This [Romanic] horn-power grows huge. It stretches up to the host of heaven. [The horn] throws down some of the [angelic army] and the stars to the ground. It stamps on them.
Satan-possessed Greco-Rome invades Israel, destroys Abraham's children, symbolized by stars in the sky.
11 Tribulation/Purification/testing *This [Roman horn-power] exalts itself so [obscenely that it] fights [YHVH], the Chief of [heaven's] host. [This little horn-power] rips off [Jerusalem's] daily [provisions for Hebrew health, educational, welfare and spiritual services]. [The horn] throws down [YAH's ] sanctuary.
Little Horn-Power = Rome. Little in the sense of being small-minded. But vast in military force. Rome destroyed Jerusalem's temple in AD70. Even worse, to this day, the Romanized world-system destroys true believers (the real temple of YAH's spirit).
12 Oppression Because [Israel rebels against YHVH,] YHVH gives [Rome,] the little horn-power, an army that confiscates the [food and wealth which the Jewish priests were supposed to give to poor saints] every day. So Roman armies [invade Jerusalem. Black Roman boots stomp the holiest Hebrew scrolls into Jerusalem's dust. The marauders] cast the truth down to the ground. They become wealthy [experts at conquering countries].
Ancient Rome was the ancestor of the (New World Order, the) 'little-horn' of the end times, in which we are now living. Ancient Rome destroyed Judea. Rome's Grandchild, the N.W.O., destroys Christians, through war if necessary, but mostly through deceptive benefits: binding Trojan-Horse oaths, pledges, contracts, covenants and agreements, otherwise known as the “Mark Of The Beast.” Every day Romanized christianITEs ignore the Old Testament, and teach others to do so, stomping on the truth.
13 End Times Disasters *Then I hear [Palmóni, the Wonderful One,] a Holy [angelic attendant of YHVH] speaking. Another ‘saint’ asks the Holy One who speaks, “How many years [of earth-time] are represented in this vision, in which the daily [Hebrew charitable offerings get usurped by worldly war-state-taxes? How long does] the transgression of desolation [last]!? When will [worldly oppressors] stop treading [YAH's] sanctuary and the host [of his Holy Ones] under their [dirty] feet?
Scripture commands Believers to provide priests and other poor saints with a ‘Continual [food] offering’: Ex 29:38, Num 28:3. But now churches struggle to merely keep their doors open for one lecture-service per week. Jerusalem's temple mount gets trodden down by Muslims every day. More importantly, true believers scramble as outcasts with no place in the world, abandoned, unable to buy and sell, facing a Sophie's Choice every day: deny Christ's commands or starve, unable to buy food, unless someone with the Mark Of The Beast is willing to buy food for you. Most ‘Christians’ do not realize this is happening now. And they don't want to know.
14 End Times Renewal *[Palmóni, the Holy Numberer, turns] to me. [He] declares, “[This world-system tramples down the true believers for] 2000 + 300 [yearly] ‘dawns & dusks.’ [By] then, [YAH's true] ‘sanctuary,’ [his people, shine, fully] cleansed.”
We are now experiencing the cleansing tribulation, in which almost all true believers have been conquered and replaced by shallow, hypocritical, worldly Religionites of various flavors (Protestant, Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, etc.,) like some crazy 'Invasion Of the Body Snatchers.' This apostasy started around the time of Christ. It may last another couple of hundred years. Only through this cleansing trial can true believers become pure enough to live and reign for eternity. True believers are the Temple. Persecution cleans us of pride and folly. We reign only after we suffer rejection and abandonment at the hands of worldly imposters who claim to be our ‘christian brothers.’
Angel Gabriel Explains The Goat-powers Vision
15 Paranormal Phenomena *Having seen the vision, I [stand, gasping for breath,] grasping for the vision's meaning. Suddenly before me stands the [mighty, warlike] apparition of [the angel] Gabriel.
16 Guidance Between the banks of [the] Ulai [Canal,] I hear a human's voice calling, saying, “Gabriel, make this man understand the vision!”
17 End Times Disasters *So [the mighty angel GabriEl {Elohim-Is-My-Master} sails] toward where I'm standing. His approach fills me with terror. I fall on my face [to the surface of the river-water]. [GabriEL] says to me, “Understand, son of Adam: this vision refers to the time of the end [of the world-system].”
Gabriel = Master El, that is, [YHVH] Elohim is master.
18 Paranormal Phenomena Now as [GabriEL] speaks with me, I fall into a deep trance. My face [falls] toward the earth. But [GabriEL] touches me. [His touch mysteriously] sets me standing up.
This same GabriEL reappears to Mary in Luke 1:19, 26.
19 End Times Disasters [Mighty GabriEL] says, “Watch me draw in your [mind] the coming final end of the rabid-frothing-menace, [the Babylon-system]. At the time [YAH] appoints, the [world-system] meets its end.
Often ‘frothing-menace’ is translated ‘wrath’, interpreted as the end of YAH's wrath. However, YAH's wrath doesn't end until there is nothing to be wrathful about, which presumably, is never.
20 Spiritual Vision The Ram you saw, with two horns, represents the [joined] Empires of Media and Persia.
21 Oppression *And the shaggy stud-goat represents the Empire of Greece. [The Goat's] great horn between its eyes represents the [Grecian Empire's] 1st Emperor: [Alexander the temporarily Great].
22 War [India's Elephant-mounted warriors] break the [Alexander-horn]. Then 4 [weaker ‘horns’] stand up in [Alexander's] place. So 4 kingdoms rise out of [Alexander's] nation. But none [of those sub-empires continue] in [Alexander's authority and] power.
Alexander's Empire was apparently split between Ptolemy, Cassander, Lysimachus and Seleucus.
23 Political Evil Then in the terminal epochs of [the world-system descended from these Greco-Roman kings], when the [human race has completely] broken away from [YAH's] authority, a fierce-faced sovereignty, skilled in complex tricks, stands up.
Or “bold-faced king.” This may refer to Caesar as well as an end-times ruler/power.
24 End Times Disasters *The [bold-faced trickster sovereign] wields the mighty power [of the devil-dragon who possesses him]. He shockingly destroys [the world]. Yet [he] prospers. He [executes grand, violent] action. [He] destroys mighty heroes. [He sacrifices YAH's] holy people.
See Rev 13:2, 2 Thes. 2:9-10. The king here refers not necessarily to only one man, but to a power-structure. This refers to Caesars as well as the final New World Order heirs of the Caesars' power. Every facet of modern civilization flows directly from the corrupt Roman template: the Republic, law, churches, economic system, calendar, medicine, language, etc.
25 Oppression *And through his intelligence, [including surveillance policies and propaganda, the devil] makes [deceit] prosper in [the trickster sovereign's] hand. He magnifies himself in his [prideful] heart. He destroys many people by [offering careless security, empty prosperity and false peace in exchange for their pledges of allegiance]. He even stands up against [YHVH,] the head of dominators. But [YHVH, by himself,] without [help from any human] hand, blows-up [the bold-faced trickster-power].
26 Spiritual Vision The vision of the [2300] evening[s] and morning[s] which [I showed you, Daniel] is true. So keep a secret [record of the vision]. It [becomes reality in] many days.”
The fact that Daniel wrote history down long before it happened proves Daniel was supernaturally inspired.
27 Spiritual Vision Then I (DaniEl) faint. I [stay] sick for [many] days. Then I rise up. I do the work of the Emperor. [I remain] dumbstruck by the vision. I tell no one about it.
Or: "not understanding the vision," or "no one I tell about it understands the vision."