Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- Daniel ~~- chapter 9 of 12 (27 verses.)

Daniel 9Wrench

Daniel Prays In Repentance
1 Authority [Flash forward to 426 B.C.,] the 1st year of the reign of [Emperor Cyrus {Sun}, aka] Darius the Mede. Cyrus {Sun} is the son of [Esther's husband, Persian {Iranian} Emperor] Artaxerxes {Truthful-Ruler} [aka Astyages / Ahasuerus]. Artaxerxes {Truthful-Ruler} [has appointed his son Cyrus {Sun}] Emperor of the Babylonians {Iraqis}.
Darius means "The Maintainer," and is a title used by the Persians to refer to several emperors. Just using the word 'Darius' doesn't tell you which Darius is being referred to.
2 Spiritual Vision In the 1st year of [Cyrusโ€™] reign, I, [87-year-old] DaniEl, figure out (through studying the [Hebrew] scriptures) that YHVH's Word told the prophet JeremiYah {YAH-Rises} that Jerusalem would [only] remain desolate [this time] for 70 years, [basically the span of my own lifetime].
Jer 25:11-12, Jer 29:1,10. Jerusalem lay captive from 479BC to 409BC.
3 Prayer So I set my face toward YHVH the Eloah {Supreme-Being}, to seek [His counsel] through praying, pleading, fasting from food, wearing rough [penitential] burlap, kneeling and dusting my body in the ashes.
Pray like Daniel. You'll get better answers. Daniel 9:3, 4, 7, 15, 16, 17 & 19, are among 134 verses where Sopherim (wise-guys) admitted they intentionally cut โ€˜YHVHโ€™ and pasted in โ€˜Adonai.โ€™ (See Ginsberg: Massorah.) No commercial translation fixes this error. Also, the definite article โ€˜theโ€™ appears before the divine title โ€˜THE Eloah,โ€™ to clarify that we're talking about YHVH, the Most High. The commercial translations criminally remove the article here, as they do over 486 times in the New Testament. (They misrender โ€˜HO Theosโ€™ (THE God) as merely โ€˜Godโ€™). Yahshua refers to this phenomenon as โ€˜the lying pen of the scribes.โ€™
4 Obedience I [gather with other Hebrews. We] pray to YHVH my Elohim {Sovereign}. We confess, โ€œO YHVH, the great and dreadful EL {Power}: You [alone] keep [your] covenant. [You shower] mercy to those who love [you] and keep [your] commandments.
5 Repentance We [humans] keep sinning, doing wrong, acting wickedly, rebelling, running away from your precepts and your judgments.
6 Repentance We fail to listen to your servants the prophets, who spoke in your Name to our kings, our princes, our fore-fathers and to all the people of the earth.
7 Guilt O YHVH, righteousness belongs [only] to you. We [humans] bear faces covered with [bleeding-pale] shame to this day. [All of us are guilty, including] the men of Judah {Celebrated}, the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and all Israel, both nearby, and far away, scattered amongst all the countries where you drive [us] because of our treacherous scams against you.
Saints are not finger-pointers. We openly admit our complicity in the world's demise.
8 Guilt O YHVH, shame [bleeds-pale] the faces of our kings, our chiefs and our fore-fathers, because we keep sinning against You.
9 Forgiveness [Yet You,] YHVH our Elohim, possess mercies and [endless] forgiveness, though we [consistently] revolt against [You].
Daniel is addressing this verse to the other people praying with him.
10 Disobedience YHVH our Elohim, we never [listen and] obey [your] voice. [We keep on refusing] to walk in [your] laws, which (through [your] servants the prophets) [you] set before our [stubborn] faces.
Daniel is addressing this verse to the other people praying with him.
11 Oaths Yes, all Israel [keeps] over-running your Law. We stampede away from obeying your voice. [That's why] curse[s keep] pouring out on us. [We're receiving the punishments listed in the] imprecatory oath written in the law of Moses (the servant of the Eloah). We [Israelites swore that oath, accepting those penalties of perjury. Still we keep on] sinning against [You].
Don't ever swear any oath. Never agree to the terms of the Sinai Covenant. Just live in harmony with the Covenant's perfectly reasonable principles.
12 Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion [Brothers, YAH is] carrying out the warnings he spoke against us and our governing judges. [YAH is] hurling upon us tornadoes of [deserved] ruin. Under all the heavens [no city has ever suffered the disasters] that [destroyers habitually] wreak upon Jerusalem.
Daniel is addressing this verse to the other people praying with him.
13 Refusal To Learn / Intentional Ignorance All this disaster has come upon us as Moses' Law foretold. Yet we neglect to beg [with our] faces to [You,] YHVH our Elohim. [We fail to ask for power to] turn from our [moral] depravity, to gain intelligence from Your truth.
14 Punishment So, [friends,] YHVH keeps [alertly] watching [us wreak] destruction. Then he brings [the consequences of our evil] upon us. YHVH our Elohim is righteous in every action he executes: for we fail to [listen &] obey his voice.
A good parent lets his son feel the consequences of the son's own evil actions. A bad parent shelters a child from reaping what he sows. All of the problems of the human race are summarized in that simple parental principle.
15 Repentance And now, O YHVH our Elohim (who, with a mighty hand brought your people up out of the land of Egypt, thereby winning for yourself renown [that endures to] this day): we sin. We [humans] are wicked.
16 Repentance O YHVH, [not because we're righteous, but because] you're so good, I urge you: Please! Turn away your fire-raging nostril[s] from your city: Jerusalem, your holy mountain. [We admit that] it's because of our crimes, and for the depravities of our fore-fathers, [that] Jerusalem and your people have become objects of scorn to all [the nations] around us.
Ex 20:5
17 Prayer [We're no good. But] You, YHVH, are great. So, our Elohim, hear your servant's prayer. [Hear my] pleadings. Light up your face over your desolate sanctuary.
18 Grace O my Elohim, stretch out [toward us repenters]. Incline your ear. Hear. Open up [your heart to us]. Open your eyes. See [us and our land lying] desolate, along with the [wrecked] city that is called by your Name. We [have no right to] cast our pleadings to you. We can't claim the rights of righteous people. We're [just begging] for your [unmerited] mercy.
19 Grace O YHVH, hear. O YHVH, forgive. Please don't wait! O YHVH, listen and take action, to show how [forgiving & gracious] you are, my Elohim. [Save] your city and your people. [We're] called by Your Name.โ€
20 Repentance [A miracle happens while] I [stand] speaking, praying, confessing my sin and the sin of my people Israel, casting my pleadings [heavenward, my] face up to my Sovereign YHVH, [begging Him to restore Zion,] the holy mountain of my Elohim:
The Angel Gabriel Again Appears To Daniel
21 Paranormal Phenomena I'm talking [to YAH] in prayer. It's about the time of the evening [feast] offering. The angel-man Gabriel (whom I had seen in the original vision) swiftly swoops down [out of heaven], ๐Ÿ˜‡! He touches me!
See Dan 8:15 for the earlier vision. Sermons are a mostly wastes of time. But feasting together as believers is critical. Important miraculous events often happen when repentant people gather to share their best food in a communal love feast in obedient honor of YHVH. See 2 Sam 24:15, 1Ki 18:29, Ezra 9:5.
22 Paranormal Phenomena GabriEl explains and discusses [mysteries] with me. He says, โ€œDaniEl, I [flew from heaven tonight] to give you [intelligent] skill and understanding.
23 Prayer At the beginning of your pleadings, [YHVH shouted] out [a] commandment. So I [flew here] to show you [the future of the human race,] because [YHVH and the host of heaven] greatly love you, [Daniel].
Gabriel Predicts Christ's Life & Israel's War
24 End Times Disasters *[YAH has] determined [to allow] your [Israeli] people to occupy your sacred city [Jerusalem] for 70 * 7 [490 more years. This gives you Jews more than enough time] to forbid rebellion [against YAH's Laws,] to stop sinning, to bury your perversity, to walk in eternal righteousness, and to make sacred the most Holy [place. You Jews will fail to do these righteous acts. So this 490 years] comes to wrap up the [era] of the [Jewish] visionary and prophet.
70 * 7 is the number of times Yahshua said to forgive people who offend you. YHVH allowed the Jews to continue sinning in Jerusalem for 490 years after the Babylonian invasion. Then, in 70 A.D., YHVH wiped out the Jews, and he dispersed their survivors throughout the earth.
25 The Messiah *So acknowledge and [intelligently] understand, that from the broadcasting of [the Persian Emperor's] commandment to restore and rebuild Jerusalem, until [Yahshua, YAH's] Messiah [becomes] Commander [of the Universe,] 7 * 7 [49 years], plus another 62 * 7 [434 years] pass. During this [time the Jews come to] reconstruct [Jerusalem's] street[s] and its [temple] wall. But [the era between 483B.C. to 1 A.D. holds] turbulent times.
483 years = A.D.30 (454BC + 30AD = 484 (less 1 โ€˜year 0โ€™ for going from BC years to AD) = 483. This clearly states that the Messiah would be born at exactly the time Yahshua was born. Why the Jews don't get this, I have no idea. This indisputable fact was thoroughly addressed by Sir Isaac Newton, Ussher, many of the Reformers, and even 2nd centuryAD Julius Africanus. For the exact decree of Artaxerxes, see Nehemiah 2:1-8. โ€˜Wallโ€™ may mean trenches for a water system.
26 The Messiah *[Soon] after [that] 62 * 7 [434 years, the crypto-Satanic religionists] cut off [YAH's Anointed Royal] Messiah [from the land of the living. These religious servants of Satan assassinate their innocent Messiah. This crime fulfills the Messiah's plan to convict the devil of unprovoked murder. So YAH lawfully reclaims the Messiah's followers from Satan's slave-hold.] Then the [Roman] people of the coming Czar destroy the city [of Jerusalem] and [its] sanctuary. [Jerusalem's] end comes [as] an [overwhelming] flood [of violence. From now] until the end [of the world, the powers-that-be] decree that desolating wars [will consume the world].
In 27 A.D, exactly 483 years after ArtaXerxes issues the commandment to rebuild Jerusalem, John the Baptist baptizes Jesus. (Matthew 1:15.) 3.5 years later (in the middle of Daniel's '70th week' of years) Jerusalem's false-priests crucify Jesus. In 70AD, the Romans flatten Jerusalem. Roman general Vespatian Titus loots and destroys Jerusalem. Titus burns the temple and the city. He kills and/or sells into slavery all of the Israelites who fail to flee into Africa or Asia.
27 End Times Disasters [Caesar comes to] control a league that binds many [rogue Jewish leaders] for 1 * 7 [years]. But in the middle of this [7 years, Caesar] stops the [Jews from] slaughtering [animals] for communal feasts. He [forbids Jews from bringing] qurban [presents to fund Hebrew religious government]. As [punishment for Israel's] infecting the world with abominations, [YAH allows] Caesar to turn Israel into a [Roman] parking lot. [Some form of Roman power] keeps on desolating [Jerusalem] and the world until the consummate destruction [YHVH] has already decreed destroys the ultimate desolator: [Satan's New World Order].โ€
Islam is an offshoot of Roman Catholicism. The New World Order is the Revived Roman Empire.