Bible ~~- Newer Testament ~~- Luke ~~- chapter 19 of 24 (48 verses.)

Luke 19Wrench

Jesus Reforms A Shrimpy Cheating TaxMan
1 The Journey Of Life Yahshua enters (and passes through [the rubble-strewn ancient city of]) Jericho {Moon-Spirit}.
Jericho to this day has very few inhabitants, mostly surviving off of tourism.
2 Greed Right there sits a rich [corrupt] man named ZacchaYah, the chief tax-collector.
โ€˜Zacchaeusโ€™ is the Greek debased form of โ€˜ZacchaYahโ€™, which means โ€˜the pure one of Yah.โ€™ Zacchaeus was not pure; he was a powerful Jew taking bribes in the Roman tax-collecting business.
3 Searching ZacchaYah [jumps up and down, trying] to see who Yahshua is. But ZacchaYah can't see over the throng, because, [though he's long in extorted riches, ZacchaYah] is short [in physical height].
4 Searching ZacchaYah runs ahead. He climbs up into a sycamore [fig] tree. He see[s] Yahshua pass by.
5 Accepting Others Without Judging Yahshua reaches the tree, ๐Ÿ˜‡. He looks up. He sees ZacchaYah. [Yahshua] says, โ€œZacchaYah, hurry! Come down! [YAH sent me to] be a guest in your home today.โ€
6 Repentance ZacchaYah scurries down from the treetop. He joyfully welcomes Yahshua.
7 Jealousy *The people see Yahshua [hugging ZaccaYah, the little traitorous tax-extorting crook]. The people all grumble, โ€œYahshua [ignores us โ€˜good peopleโ€™] to go be the guest of a [notorious] sinner.โ€
8 Repentance *ZacchaYah stands. He declares to Master [Yahshua], โ€œLook, Adoni: I'm gonnaโ€™ give half of all my possessions to poor [people]. And to all the victims of my extortion, I'll pay back 4 times [what I cheated them out of, as the Law of Moses requires].โ€
[Tax collectors] commonly rove & spoil the people; they have nothing in their mouths but the profit of the people; they are thieves. And if men reprove and go about to redress this robbery, the [tax-collectors] frame the protestor as a nation-destroying tax-evader.-Geneva Bible, 1602 edition, note on Luke 19:8
9 Generosity *Yahshua says to ZacchaYah, "Today salvation comes to this house. For [although your Semite bloodline means nothing, your repentance and generosity show that] you are a [true] son of Abraham {Father-Of-Billions}.
10 Salvation *For [I,] the โ€˜Son of Adamโ€™, came [to earth] to seek and save lost [people].โ€
11 The Kingdom (Dominion) Of Heaven The crowd [hangs on Yahshua's every word, ๐Ÿ˜‡]. As Yahshua nears Jerusalem, he tells a [hard-hitting visual] story [to refute the mob's foolish warlike fantasy] that [he will take Herod's throne, destroy the Roman invaders, and make] the Kingdom of [YHVH] the Eloah immediately appear [like magic].
You Are A Life Investment Manager: Yield Love
12 The Kingdom (Dominion) Of Heaven *Yahshua says, โ€œ[ ๐Ÿ˜‡, an Emperor] calls a nobleman to travel to a distant country to be crowned King and then return [home].
13 Bearing Fruit / Profitability *Before leaving, the nobleman summons his 10 servants. He entrusts them [collectively with a total of] 10 pounds [of silver, one pound per servant], saying, โ€œTrade [profitably on this principal] until I return.โ€
14 Rejection *But this nobleman's [fellow] citizens hate him, ๐Ÿ˜‡. So they send a delegation [to the Emperor] with a signed petition. It opposes the nobleman's rule, saying, โ€œWe will never allow this man to reign over us.โ€
Nobleman = Yahshua. Citizens = Worldly Jews and Christians. Emperor = YHVH.
15 Bearing Fruit / Profitability *Finally the nobleman returns as king. So he summons the [10 investment-managers] to whom he entrusted the money, to learn how much [increase] each servant has gained by trading.
16 Bearing Fruit / Profitability *The first servant comes, saying, โ€œSir, your 1 pound [of silver] has earned 10 pounds.โ€
1100% profit.
17 Bearing Fruit / Profitability *The nobleman [now king] congratulates the [wildly successful investment manager], โ€˜Well-done, ๐Ÿ˜‡, you excellent servant! You've proven faithful with very little. So [I award] you authority over 10 cities!โ€™
18 Bearing Fruit / Profitability The 2nd servant comes, saying, โ€œMaster, your pound [of silver] has gained five [additional] pounds.โ€
19 Bearing Fruit / Profitability *So the noble [king] says to the 2nd [fruitful] servant, โ€œSo you will rule over five cities.โ€
20 Fruitlessness But another servant comes, whining, โ€œMister, look. Here is your pound [of silver]. I kept it stored up in a towel.
Just living without hurting anyone gets you as eternally dead as Hitler. Dead is dead. Bear spiritual fruit or you get chopped down like a thorn-bush. Your Creator doesn't care that you had pretty leaves, tall branches and a thick trunk. โ€˜Fruit (of the spirit)โ€™ is all that counts.
21 Fruitlessness For I feared you. You're a hard man. You take out more than you put in. You reap more than you plant.โ€™
YHVH gives you life. To allow you to continue living into eternity, you have to make something good, something more than mere existence, out of your life. He doesn't just let you live forever for nothing, just to give you the thrill of being alive. YAH doesn't need people. Return a spiritual profit or die forever.
22 Fruitlessness The noble [king] answers the fruitless servant, โ€œOut of your own mouth I'll judge you, you wicked servant. You โ€˜knewโ€™ that I'm an austere man? I extract what I fail to put in?! I harvest what [others] plant?
23 Fruitlessness Then why didnโ€™t you put my money in the bank? Then, when I returned, I would have gotten my principal back with interest!โ€™
A rhetorical argument. Not a recommendation of the fractional-reserve banking system. We are never allowed to lend at interest. We are not even allowed to ask for our *principal* back. Christians are definitely banned from being professional moneylenders.
24 Fruitlessness *The nobleman orders [his attendants], โ€œTake the pound [of silver] from the fruitless servant. Give it to the servant who earned 10 pounds [of profit].โ€
25 Bearing Fruit / Profitability The attendants rebut the noble [king], โ€œSir, the [good manager already] has 10 pounds!โ€
26 Bearing Fruit / Profitability *[The Master answers,] โ€œI tell you, ๐Ÿ˜‡: [YAH gives additional Life-investment] to everyone who returns [a net positive yield]. But [YAH repossesses the very life of] anyone who fails to return [a spiritual net โ€˜profitโ€™].
Paraphrase. Your life is not your own. YAH expects you to return spiritual โ€˜fruitโ€™. Or he takes your life from you. The purpose of life is to create Return on Investment (R.O.I.) for YAH. The fruits that qualify as R.O.I. are these: acts of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Bring those to YAH, and you live forever. Otherwise, you die forever.
27 Hell (Annihilation) *[The Nobleman continues:] โ€œNow bring my enemies who threw off my Sovereign reign. Kill them while I watch.โ€
โ€˜Hellโ€™ is double-death, not eternal conscious torment. Con-Job โ€˜Christiansโ€™ be warned: the gentle Jesus is going to sit on His throne and watch you die unless you ACTIVELY submit to His rule. That means more than just living a normal โ€˜christianโ€™ life. It means obeying ALL of His commandments.
28 Courage Yahshua [shoots out that condemnation of religious phonies]. Then he marches straight up to [get murdered by the religionists and their political and military puppets in] Jerusalem.
Marching to his death.
Messiah's 2 Disciples Fetch A Mystery Colt
29 Work Yahshua approaches olive-town and fig-town, ๐Ÿ˜‡. At the mount of Olives, Yahshua sends [ahead] 2 of his disciples.
30 Spiritual Vision Yahshua, [seeing the future,] says, โ€œYou [guys] go into the village ahead. As [you] enter it, you'll find a tied-up [untamed] colt. It's never been ridden. Untie [the colt]. Bring it here.
31 Authority If any man asks you, โ€˜Why are you untying this [feral, bucking] colt?โ€™ Reply, โ€˜Because Adonai needs it.โ€™โ€
32 Paranormal Phenomena So, ๐Ÿ˜‡, the 2 disciples hike to the village. They find the [wild] colt just as Yahshua [supernaturally] predicted.
33 Authority As the disciples untie the [crazy, kicking] colt, the colt's owners ask the disciples, โ€œWhy are you untying [our] colt?โ€
34 Authority The disciples answer, โ€œBecause Adonai needs this [colt].โ€
35 Paranormal Phenomena The disciples [drag] the [wild, kicking] colt to Yahshua. The [disciples] throw their cloaks on the [back of the] colt. [Then] they lift Yahshua onto its [bucking] back.
A colt that had never ridden would be bucking hard enough to kill any man. But Yahshua's power makes this colt mysteriously calm.
The Messiah Triumphantly Enters Jerusalem
36 Fame *Yahshua rides [toward the city gates, ๐Ÿ˜‡]. The people spread their clothes on the road [for his donkey and his disciples and his huge crowd of adoring fans to trample on].
The people imagine that if Yahshua's donkey walks on their coats, their coats will soon become priceless collectors' items when Yahshua becomes King and destroys the Romans.
37 Praise *Yahshua approaches the [intersection] where [Jerusalem's] road descends from the Mount of Olives. The whole multitude of disciples launches into rejoicing. They shout praises to [YHVH] the Eloah. They cheer for all the mighty miracles they've watched [Yahshua perform].
38 Praise *[The crowd sings], โ€œBlessed is [Yahshua,] the King who comes [to earth] in the name-Authority of [Adonai] YHVH! [Yahshua makes] peace between heaven [and earth]! [Yahshua brings us the] Glory of [YHVH, the] highest [Elohim]!โ€
Presumably the disciples said, โ€˜in the name of YHVH,โ€™ since this would be the correct Old Testament quotation of (Psalm 118:26).
39 Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion Some of the Pharisees in the crowd [scream at] Yahshua, โ€œMaster, rebuke your disciples! [Stop them from using the forbidden Name (YHVH). Forbid them to imply that you're the Messiah]!โ€
40 Praise *Yahshua answers the religionites, โ€œI tell you: if these disciples keep quiet, the stones will immediately cry out [shouts of praise].โ€
Yahshua Predicts Jerusalem's Imminent Fall
41 Sorrow *Yahshua approaches [his assassins' power-base:] Jerusalem. He sees the city. He weeps over it, ๐Ÿ˜‡.
42 Spiritual Blindness *Yahshua cries, โ€œIf you could only have realized, on this, your day, [your final opportunity,] what would bring you peace! But [the devil] has hidden [the paths to peace] from your eyes.
43 Punishment *For [your final] days rush at you. Soon your enemies erect a barricade around you. They surround you. They hem you in on every side.
AD70, Rome turns Jerusalem into a parking lot.
44 Punishment *[Your Roman enemies] dash you to the ground, you and the children within your walls. Your enemies leave not one stone on top of another, because you failed to recognize the time when [YAH's Messiah] came to you.โ€
Listen up, Jews and other people who just can't seem to figure out that Yahshua is Yah's Messiah.
Yahshua Breaks Up The Religious Shopping Mall
45 Greed *Then Yahshua [rides] into the temple, ๐Ÿ˜‡. He launches into driving out the [merchants] selling [products there. Their customers run fleeing.]
46 Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion *Yahshua shouts [to the merchants and customers and the religionites getting rich off the Babylonian bazaar], โ€œ[The prophet Jeremiah] writes [YAH's condemnation of you]: โ€˜My Temple is the house of prayer. Yet you make it a den of thieves!โ€™โ€
Jeremiah 7:11
Yahshua Enlightens People In The Temple
47 Murder *[Having taken over Jerusalem,] Yahshua teaches every day in the temple, [the heart of the murder-ring who seek to kill him, ๐Ÿ˜‡]. Meanwhile the boss priests and the religious-law-experts and the leaders of the people [conspire] to destroy him.
48 Murder But the [murder conspirators] can't find any [plausibly-deniable way to kill Yahshua]. Because, ๐Ÿ˜‡, all the people keep hanging onto Yahshua's every word.