Bible ~~- Newer Testament ~~- Luke ~~- chapter 22 of 24 (71 verses.)

Luke 22Wrench

Judea's Bigshots Conspire To Kill The Messiah
1 Community Love Feasts Now the feast of unleavened bread (aka ‘Passover’) draws near, 😇.
2 Murder *[Judea's] boss priests and liar-lawyers scramble [to find a covert, plausibly deniable] way to murder Yahshua [without starting a riot]. For the religionists fear that the masses [will turn against them and fight to enthrone Yahshua].
The religious leaders killed Jesus, as they kill his followers today. But today they kill in even sneakier ways.
3 The Devil *Then Satan enters Judas (from K’riot), one of [Yahshua's] 12 [royal ambassadors].
4 Betrayal *Judas [sneaks out of Yahshua's camp]. He conspires with the chief priests and captains [of the Temple guard], 😇. He plots to betray Yahshua to them. [He rats out Yahshua's secret movements so that the guards can arrest Yahshua.]
Your relatives and ‘friends’ go public at the moment you finally stretch out in faith and do something radical for Christ. Your obedience gets you into ‘conflicts of law’. So your loved-ones run their mouths. They rat out your secret movements and location. Of course, they do it with the ‘best of intentions’.
5 Betrayal The religionists [grin with giddy delight, 😇. They] seal the contract by giving Judas money.
Consideration seals the contract.
6 Betrayal Judas consents [to the contract]. He spies for an opportunity to betray Yahshua to the religionists, away from the public eye.
The forbidden oath seals the unrighteous contract.
7 Community Love Feasts Then comes the “day of unleavened bread,” on which [priests] always butcher the Passover lamb [to feed poor people].
The animals are not ‘sacrificed’ but donated to be eaten and enjoyed at a memorial feast to commemorate the Exodus.
Jesus Sends Peter & John To Make A Final Meal
8 Community Love Feasts Yahshua sends Peter & JAHn, saying, “Go prepare the Passover meal for us to eat.”
Celebrate the Passover this coming spring. Yahshua is your passover lamb.
9 Community Love Feasts Peter & JAHn ask Yahshua, “Where do you want us to prepare [the Passover meal]?”
10 Spiritual Vision *Yahshua answers Peter & JAHn, “Look [into your future]: You enter the city. A man meets you. The man carries a pitcher of water. Follow him into the house he enters.
11 Yah's Provision (Assurance) —Then you say to the owner of the house, ‘The Master [sent us to] ask you, “Where is the guest-chamber, where I'll eat the passover with my disciples?”'
12 Yah's Provision (Assurance) [The owner of the house] shows you a large furnished upper room. There prepare [for us to eat my Last] Supper.”
13 Community Love Feasts Peter & JAHn hike [to the town]. They find everything just as Yahshua predicted to them, 😇. So they prepare the passover meal.
Christ Eats His Last Supper As A Mortal
14 The Body of Believers [Dinner] time comes. Yahshua sits down with his 12 [core] emissaries.
15 The Body of Believers Yahshua says to his [apostles], “I've long set my heart upon eating this passover [meal] with you before I suffer [and die]:
16 The Kingdom (Dominion) Of Heaven For I tell you, I eat no other Passover [meal], until Passover [receives its full meaning] in the Kingdom of [YHVH] the Eloah.
Yahshua is the ultimate passover lamb. He allowed Satan to butcher him. So YAH stripped Satan of all human slaves. So now, the Passover celebration means much more than it did before, when it was merely a celebration in honor of the Israelites escaping Egypt. Passover today is a celebration of our own redemption and liberation from bondage. So you should celebrate Passover (not Ishtar) with your children this spring.
17 The Messiah Yahshua [grabs] a cup [of wine]. He gives thanks [to YAH]. Then [he] says [to his apostles], “Take this [wine]. Share it among yourselves. [Each of you take a sip.]
18 The Kingdom (Dominion) Of Heaven *For I tell you, I do not [again] drink of the ‘fruit of the vine’, until the Kingdom of [YHVH] the Eloah comes [to earth].
Yahshua drank vinegar the moment he died. Yahshua could have stopped His own execution at any moment. So morally-speaking, Yahshua's most triumphant moment was his final dying submission. YAH immediately rewarded this humility with a powerful earthquake, an eclipse, etc. These miracles signify that YAH's Dominion rules earth. The devil whom YAH previously allowed to rule this prison-planet is now a powerless condemned criminal.
19 Redemption *Yahshua [grabs a] loaf. He gives thanks [to YAH]. He breaks the [bread]. He hands the bread fragments to his [12] apostles. He says, “This [bread symbolizes] my body. [In less than 24 hours I] give [my body to ransom you from Satan]. So [you, my disciples, wherever you are, should continue to break bread together] in memory of me, 😇.
Until Satan murders Yahshua, Satan the accuser holds legal rights over his human prisoners. Yahshua ‘buys you back,’ in a sense, by allowing the Satan-possessed religionists to pay the Romans to break his body, resulting in Satan's conviction for murder of YAH's innocent son.
20 The Messiah *Likewise, after supper, [Yahshua lifts] the [wine] cup [which the apostles just shared. Yahshua] says, [Your drinking from] this cup [signifies your acceptance of YAH's] New Covenant. [Tomorrow I seal that agreement with] the blood I pour out to [ransom] you [from Satan], 😇.
Yahshua Warns Of His Imminent Betrayal
21 Betrayal Yet look, 😇! The hand of the [man] who betrays me is with me on this table!
It's your nearest and dearest who sell you out.
22 Betrayal Yes, truly, [I,] the ‘Son of Adam,’ [march to my death], as [YAH] pre-planned. But [how terribly YAH] punishes anyone who betrays [me, 😇]!”
23 Betrayal The apostles [immediately glare at each other with accusing, suspicious eyes, 😇. They] launch into interrogating one another, to discover which [apostle is the rat] betraying Yahshua.
The #1 Person Is The Most Selfless Servant
24 Pride Then the apostles [stoop to] arguing [again] about which of them [YAH will] count as the greatest [apostle].
25 Oppression *Yahshua says to his apostles, “The kings of the Nations subjugate [& dominate their national subject citizens]. Yet the [oppressors] who exercise authority over the nations are called ‘benefactors.’
When the tyrant first appears, he is a protector. [Protective benefit] is the universal single root from which tyranny springs.—Plato, The Republic, bk. 8, §565
26 Humility *But you, 😇, must never [dominate, oppress nor subjugate anyone. Never in any way] act like [the world's so-called authorities]. Rather, whoever is greatest among you must be [humble like the greenest] youngster. Any [real Christian] ‘chief’ [leads by] serving.
Martin Luther and John Calvin and the Popes and their murderous imitators didn't understand this verse. Just ask the Amish whose ancestors got driven out of Europe and nearly exterminated by ‘CHRISTIAN AUTHORITIES’ DRIVING ‘CHRISTIAN ARMIES’ against true Christians. The world's authorities are trojan-horse-trick-benefactors. Paid preachers dupe the gullible, gluttonous beast-peoples into cowardly submission.
27 Humility *For 😇, who [does the world consider] greater? [The boss] who kicks back [at the table] eating? Or [the waiter] who serves the food? Isn't the bigshot the Boss who sits eating? Yet I, [the King Of The Universe,] live among you as a servant.
28 Perseverance You are the ones who stuck with me throughout my [previous] trials, 😇.
29 The Kingdom (Dominion) Of Heaven *As my Father has awarded me the [right to] rule as King [over the universe,] so I give each of you, 😇, a royal Dominion.
Now I grant to you some of the authority which my Father, reality's king, grants Me.
30 The Kingdom (Dominion) Of Heaven —Each of you [11 apostles] eventually come to eat and drink at my table in my Kingdom. You sit on thrones judging the 12 tribes of Israel.”
Peter Boasts That He'll Never Deny Christ
31 The Devil Then Adoni [Yahshua] says, “Simon, Listener, see! Satan [keeps] demanding to possess you, to sift you like wheat.
YAH allows the evil devil to rule sinners on this prison planet, to test people, to separate the good from the bad.
32 Perseverance *But I've prayed [to YAH] for you. So your faith will never [terminally] fail. Later, when you turn [back from disowning me,] strengthen your brothers.”
33 Pride Peter {Rock} brags to Yahshua, contradicting him, “Adoni, I'm ready to go with you, both to prison, and to death.”
34 Betrayal Yahshua responds, “I inform you, Peter {Rock}, before the rooster crows today, you deny 3 times that you know me.”
‘Today’ is accurate because Hebrew days start at nightfall.
Christ Warns His Disciples To Prepare To Hide
35 Yah's Provision (Assurance) *Yahshua asks His apostles, “When I sent you without wallets, containers or shoes, did you lack anything?” The apostles answer, “Nothing.”
36 Preparedness Then Yahshua says to his apostles, “But [this situation is different]. Now, if you have a bag or a backpack, take it. If you don't have a machete, sell your clothes. Buy a machete. [You're going to hide in the sticks.]
A machiara is a short machete: a utility knife, NOT a fighting sword. Misunderstanding this is the foundation for history's ‘Christian’ involvement in the horror of war. Fighting is completely forbidden to any true disciple. Wake up! Sometimes a disciple must have nothing but pants and a shirt. At other times you carry a few essential tools and perhaps even maintain an efficient gospel-serving work facility. But true disciples are NEVER authorized to keep personal possessions that are not being used in important Kingdom work. Sell that personal house, personal car, and personal stuff. Get rid of that employee job you got to pay for all of that personal stuff. Lighten your load so you can be effective. If your lifestyle makes you spiritually fruitless, you perish forever.
37 Perseverance *For I warn you: I'm about to fulfill [Isaiah's ancient prophetic] scripture: ‘[The government] books [YAH's Messiah] as a criminal.’ Everything about me points to a GOAL.”
Does everything about you point to a GOAL? What goal? Getting more personal stuff? More ‘bling’ as evidence against you on judgment day? Never use a national I.D. number. Never be numbered among the transgressors. Isaiah 53:12
38 Nonresistance *Yahshua's apostles answer, “Adoni, look. Here are two machetes.” Yahshua answers his apostles, “2 [utility knives] is plenty [for 12 peaceful men].”
Two (utility knives) is plenty. Yahshua is not equipping his men to be a fighting force. He tells them that at this point no one is going to help them. So they need basic survival tools. Only gangs intending to fight [or chop a field] would need more than 2 machetes. They need machetes to clear paths to hiding places.
Christ Hikes To The Garden To Await Arrest
39 Solitude Yahshua leaves [the city of murder-conspirators and spies]. Continuing his custom, he [hikes] to Olive-Mountain. His disciples follow him.
40 Temptation At [the mountain], Yahshua says to his apostles, “Pray that you never fall into temptation, 😇.”
41 Prayer Yahshua [walks] about a stone's throw away from the apostles. He kneels down, 😇. He prays:
42 Obedience *“Father [YHVH], if You're willing, remove this cup [of death] from me. Yet [I] do Your will, not mine.”
Being tortured and killed is not the big problem. The big problem is that Yahshua has the power (in the blink of an eye) to vaporize all of his enemies and to install himself on Caesar's throne. Yet he chooses to take a higher throne. He endures the test. He chooses not to use his super-powers. Imagine the devil beside the cross urging Yahshua, “Stop all of this horrible slaughter of the innocents! Jump down from that telephone pole! Teleport yourself to Rome. Kill Caesar. Run the world correctly.”
43 Yah's Provision (Assurance) An angel from heaven appears to Yahshua. The [angel] gives Yahshua strength [to resist the urge to use his super-power to fight the religionists and their soldiers].
Yahshua had plenty of physical strength. Yahshua needed YAH's spiritual strength to resist the urge to use his own physical strength to kill his attackers.
44 Tribulation/Purification/testing *Yahshua's agonized prayers grow severe, 😇. Sweat & blood drip out [of his pores]. [Red drops] fall [from his skin] to the ground.
Hematohidrosis is a condition in which capillary blood vessels that feed the sweat glands rupture, causing them to exude blood, occurring under conditions of extreme physical or emotional stress.—Dr. Freddrick Z., ‘Hematidrosis‘ Severe mental anxiety activates the sympathetic nervous system to invoke the stress-fight or flight reaction to such a degree as to cause hemorrhage of the vessels...—Indian Journal of Dermatology
Christ Finds His Helpers All Asleep
45 Defeat Yahshua rises up from prayer. He [staggers] over to his disciples. He finds them asleep, 😇, [exhausted] by grief.
46 Preparedness *Yahshua says to his disciples, “Why are you sleeping? Get up! Pray you won't fall into [sin when evil] tempts you.”
Good question for church-goers. Why are you asleep? Because that preacher drones on like a ceiling fan. Get up and pray. Otherwise temptation will overpower you.
A Religionite Mob Come To Arrest The Messiah
47 Betrayal *While Yahshua speaks, a mob arrives. In front [of the mob] struts one of Yahshua's 12 Apostles, the [rat] called Judas! He walks up to kiss Yahshua!
48 Betrayal *Yahshua asks him, “Judas, are you betraying [me,] the ‘Son of Adam,’ with a kiss?”
Jesus Commands His Disciples Be Non-Resistant
49 Self-Defense *Yahshua's followers see [the murder] about to happen. They ask Yahshua, “Master, should we strike [Judas and his mob] with [our 2] machetes?”
50 Self-Defense *[Without waiting for Yahshua's answer,] one of Yahshua's disciples [Peter] strikes the right ear of the high priest's servant. The [ear goes flying, 😇]!
51 Loving Enemies Yahshua [yells], “No more resistance!” Yahshua touches the servant's ear. His [ear] re-attaches, [healed like new].
Love so deeply that you heal the people who come to kill you.
The Mob Drags Christ To A Nightime Sham Trial
52 Murder Then Yahshua asks the chief priests and the captains of the temple [guard] and the elders who've come to [arrest] Him, [Why do] you [stomp] out [here at night] with swords and clubs, like [a battalion warring] against a [dangerous criminal, a rebel warlord]?
53 Betrayal Every day I [stood] with you in the temple courts. Yet you never laid a hand on me. But this is your moment, the time when the power of darkness reigns.’'
54 Perverting Justice Then the religionists grab Yahshua. They lead him away. They drag him into the high priest's house. Peter {Rock} follows at a distance.
Lawful trials are held in the day, in public. This was a sham trial, a mockery of Justice, a lawless legal nullity.
Peter 3 Times Denies Knowing The Messiah
55 Betrayal The guards kindle a fire in the middle of the courtyard. They sit down together. Peter {Rock} sits down among them.
56 Betrayal But a servant girl [whom the high Priest pays to do more than just clean his house] spies Peter {Rock} sitting by the fire. [Her demonic fire-lit eyes shine.] She [shrieks], “This man [ran] with [that devil] Yahshua!”
57 Betrayal Peter {Rock} denies [Yahshua]: “Woman, I don't even know him!”
58 Betrayal A short time passes. Another [religionite puppet] spots Peter {Rock}. He sneers, “You're one of Yahshua's disciples.” Peter lies, “Man, I am not.”
59 Betrayal One hour later, another [preacher-spy] boldly insists, “This fellow definitely ran with Yahshua. He's from the Heathen-Circle!”
60 Betrayal *Peter {Rock} again lies, “Man, I don't know what you're talking about.” Immediately, while Peter speaks, a rooster crows, 😇.
61 Betrayal *[Inside the High Priest's palace,] Adoni [Yahshua] turns [his head]. He looks [through a window] at Peter {Rock}. Then Peter remembers the Adoni's word(s), how Yahshua predicted, “Peter, before this [morning's] rooster crows, you deny me 3 times.”
62 Betrayal So Peter {Rock} [runs] out [of the courtyard. He] sobs, 😇. He wails.
Brutish False-Jews Beat Messiah Black & Blue
63 Abuse *Meanwhile, the [brutes] who hold Yahshua mock Him. They strike him.
They poke fun at him, laugh at him, beat him.
64 Violence *The [guards] blindfold Yahshua. They [punch] him in the face, 😇. They [taunt] him, “Now prophesy! Who hit you?”
Who hit you that time, you prophet?'
65 Knife Words The [religionists and their guards and their mob] blasphemously scream many other insults against [Yahshua].
The Sham Church Court Wrongly Convicts Christ
66 Political Evil At daybreak, [Judea's] popular elders and boss priests and [liar] lawyers assemble together. [They] lead Yahshua into their [fake High] Council.
67 The Messiah The [mad leaders scream], "Are you [YAH's] Messiah? Tell us.” Yahshua answers, “If I tell you, you won't believe.
68 Betrayal —And if I ask you [what you mean by your trick question], you won't answer me. And you won't let me go.
69 The Messiah *—But soon [I,] the ‘Son of Adam,’ sit [enthroned] at the Right Hand of the power of [YHVH] the Eloah.”
70 The Messiah *The [religionists and their puppets] all ask, “So are you the son of [YHVH] the Eloah?” Yahshua answers, “You yourselves show that I am.”
This response means many things. First, Yahshua is being legally clever by not directly answering his accusers' question. Yahshua's response can be taken as, ‘You said it.’ OR ‘You know I am Yah's Messiah.’ OR ‘You show by your actions that I am the Messiah, because the scriptures predict that you religionists will assassinate the Messiah in exactly the way you're killing me.’
71 Perverting Justice The religionists lie, “What need do we have for further witnesses? We ourselves hear [Yahshua's] own mouth [confess to a capital crime]!”