Bible ~~- Newer Testament ~~- Luke ~~- chapter 23 of 24 (56 verses.)

Luke 23Wrench

Religionists Drag Christ To Tax-Court
1 Political Evil With that, the whole [savage circus]: the lying-law-professors, the [corrupt] chief priests, the [brainwashed] elders, and the [lynch-mob High] council [all] jump up. They [whip] Yahshua [in chains all the way] to [the palatial courtroom of] Pilate, [the Roman taxman].
2 False Witness *There the religionists launch into accusing Yahshua [to the tax-chief]. They say, “We found this fellow [Yahshua] subverting the nation. [He] forbids [everyone] to pay taxes to Caesar. [He] says that he himself is [the] Messiah, a King.”
3 The Messiah *Pilate asks Yahshua, “Are you the King of the Judaeans?” Yahshua answers Pilate, “You say.”
Meaning: “Pilate, You know that you already go around telling people that Herod is a fake and I'm the rightful King of the Judeans. And by your actions today, you prove it.”] Yahshua deftly avoids self-testimony and self-incrimination while pointing out that Pilate himself already knows that Yahshua is King. The answer may mean: ‘The words are yours.’ ‘Those are your words, not mine’, ‘So you say’, ‘You said it.’
4 Legal Innocence *Pilate says to the chief priests and the people, “I find no fault in this man.”
The procurator of Rome pronounces Yahshua innocent. But the religionists press for Christ's blood.
5 Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion *The chief priests grow fierce. They [growl], “Yahshua stirs up the people. [He] teaches [rebellion] throughout all Jewish [regions,] from the Heathen-Circle to [Jerusalem].”
Yes, Yahshua stirs people up. He rocks the boat. He upsets the status quo. So religious power-brokers kill him for it. Just like they kill you if you get in the way of their money-god.
Taxman Sends Christ To The Pedophile STD-King
6 Political Evil When Pilate hears “Heathen-Circle”, Pilate asks “Is this man [Yahshua] a Galilean?”
7 Political Evil Then Pilate, [mistakenly] assuming that Yahshua belongs to Herod's jurisdiction, sends Yahshua to Herod, who is then in Jerusalem.
Yahshua was merely from the physical area thought to be controlled by Herod. Yahshua was never actually in Herod's ‘jurisdiction’. Yahshua never swore an oath to Herod nor to anyone else. There is no jurisdiction without an oath.
8 The Messiah [False transvestite-king] Herod sees Yahshua. [Herod] immediately [bubbles over in gay-glee,] extremely glad: “For years I've craved to see you. I've heard many [rumors] about you. Please let me watch you do a miracle!”
9 Privacy / Secrecy *[Bogus-king] Herod interrogates Yahshua with many questions. Yet Yahshua answers Herod nothing.
Herod yak-yaks like a preacher-puppy. Yahshua, in perfect control of himself, exercises the 3 rules of legal confrontation: 1) Shut up; 2) Keep your mouth shut; and 3) don't say anything. Also, the greater man questions the lesser. The lesser man answers to the greater. Yahshua, the real King, is greater than fake ‘king’ Herod. So Yahshua answers NADA!
10 Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion *Then the chief priests and [lying] law-professors stand screaming accusations at Yahshua.
11 Abuse * [False-king] Herod and his men of war taunt, mock and despise Yahshua. They array him in a gorgeous robe. They send him back to Pilate.
12 Political Evil *That day, for the first time, these [two bitter] enemies, Pilate and Herod, become ‘friends.’
With friends like that, who needs enemies?
Taxman Condemns History's Only Perfect Human
13 Political Evil Pilate calls together [Judea's] chief priests, rulers and people.
14 Legal Innocence *Pilate [yells] to the mob, “You [dragged] this man [Yahshua] to me. You [label him a criminal] who perverts the people. Look! I cross-examined [Yahshua] before you. I find no fault in this man—not one bit of evidence for any [offense] of which you accuse Him.
15 The Messiah *— Herod [also found Yahshua innocent]. I sent you [religionites] to Herod [to prove Yahshua's innocence]. Look, Yahshua never did anything worthy of death!
16 Judgment —So I'll punish [& chastise & whip & flog] Yahshua. Then [I'll] release him.”
17 Forgiveness (Pilate [offers to release Yahshua because Pilate is custom-bound] to [pardon and] release one [Jewish] prisoner to [appease] the [Jewish] people at the [Passover] feast.)
18 Betrayal *The crowd cries out all at once, “Away with this man [Yahshua]. Set free to us Bar-abba!”
Jesus Bar-Abba (‘Jesus, son of the father’) was a terrorist. The ‘people of God’ embraced a fake Jesus, the son of his father (the devil). Then they killed the real Jesus, the Son of YHVH The Father, the Creator. And that's what most of ChristenDumb does today: they embrace a fake jeezus while shunning the real Messiah and His followers. Judgment day overflows with amazing reversals.
19 Murder ([Roman soldiers previously threw] Bar-abba into prison for causing a riot in the city, and for murder, 😇.)
The people get innocent Yahshua killed, while they set a convicted serial murderer loose to roam their streets!
20 Compassion So Pilate moves to release Yahshua, [an innocent harmless man, instead of the convicted terrorist. Pilate pleads] again to the [crowd].
21 Murder *But the [crowd] keeps on shrieking, “Crucify Yahshua! Impale him!”
22 Justice *Pilate begs the [religious] mob a 3rd time, “Why [kill Yahshua]? What evil did he commit? I find no death-penalty offense in his [case]. So I'll whip him. Then [I'll] let him go.”
23 Political Evil *The mighty-voiced mob keep on shouting, “The stake! Impale Yahshua!” [Egged on by Judea's] dictator-priests, the rabble scream. Finally, popular [demonic insanity] prevails [over common sense and logic].
24 Perverting Justice *Pilate gives his verdict to the soldiers: [“Set free the terrorist Jesus Bar-Abba. Then murder the Messiah Yahshua.” Pilate caves] to the demand [of the mob's religious, political and commercial leaders].
25 Perverting Justice *So Pilate sets free to the mob their [beloved warlord hero] who they demanded: “[Jesus] Son-of-the-father” (whom [the Israeli secret service had] cast into prison for insurrection and murder). Then, [instead of keeping Yahshua in protective custody], Pilate hands Yahshua to [evil] religious leaders. They [pay off-duty soldiers] do what they want: [torture and kill] Yahshua.
Government is supposed to protect the innocent... But that's a pipe dream. Police protect the rich FROM the poor.
26 Oppression *The [religionites' Roman troops] lead Yahshua away. The soldiers see an [African] Cyrenian named Simon {Listener} traveling from the countryside [into Jerusalem]. The soldiers grab Simon. [They slam] the execution-stake on his back. They force him to carry the stake behind Yahshua.
27 Sorrow Following Yahshua stream a great crowd of people, including women crying, bewailing his [demise].
28 End Times Disasters But Yahshua turns to the mourners. He groans, “Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me. Weep for yourselves. [Weep] for your children.
29 End Times Disasters See, 😇! The days approach when people [moan], ‘Blessed are the infertile [women], whose wombs never bore [children], whose breasts never nursed [a baby].’
Intentional childlessness. Such ruthless selfishness is coming that people will be glad they're childless. Those who never conceived escape the pain of seeing their children slaughtered in war.
30 End Times Disasters Then, 😇, people start screaming to the mountains, ‘Fall down on us!’ [Sufferers] shout at the hills, ‘Cover us!’
Hosea 10:8
31 Abuse * 😇, if [soldiers “burn” me, a piece of] green timber [full of the water of YAH's love,] then [soldiers will incinerate you] ‘dry’ [disciples in a heartbeat].”
Paraphrase: “I'm the human ‘tree-of-life’. I heal sick people. I help everyone. If the world's people and armies and churches and governments do such horrible things to Me, what will they do to the rest of you, who offer the world only your dead branches?”
32 Punishment Then, with Yahshua, the soldiers lead out 2 other [men], criminals, to put them to death.
Troops Murder The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived
33 Murder *Finally the [soldiers, Yahshua, and the crowd] arrive at the place called “The Skull.” There the [soldiers] impale Yahshua, with the criminals, one on Yahshua's right hand, and the other on Yahshua's left, 😇.
34 Forgiveness *Then Yahshua [groans], “Father, forgive them. They don't know what they're doing.” The [soldiers] divide Yahshua's clothing by casting lots, [gambling].
35 Rejection *The people stand watching [Yahshua's blood drain into the dust]. [Judea's] rulers [lead] the crowd in deriding Yahshua. They mock, “He ‘saved’ others. If he's the Messiah, the chosen [One] of [YHVH] the Eloah, let him save himself!”
36 Abuse The soldiers again mock Yahshua. They strut up to him. They offer him [cheap sour wine (vinegar)].
37 Abuse [The brutes ridicule Yahshua,] taunting, “If you're the king of the Jews, save yourself.”
38 The Messiah *[On a board above] Yahshua's [head, soldiers] write a sign in Greek, Latin and Hebrew letters: “THIS IS THE KING OF THE JEWS.”
Yahshua really is the King, and Pilate knows it.
39 Abuse One of the criminals hanging there [rudely] rails on Yahshua, “If you're [YAH's] Messiah, save yourself and us.”
40 Humility But the [penitent] criminal [on Yahshua's other side] rebukes that [rude] criminal by groaning, “You're under the same death sentence! Don't you fear [YHVH] the Eloah?
41 Humility [Judges] justly condemned us. We're getting the due reward for our [death-penalty] crimes. But this man [Yahshua] never did anything wrong!”
42 Prayer *The repentant criminal [groans] to Yahshua, “Adoni, remember me when you come into your Kingdom.”
43 Forgiveness *Yahshua answers the criminal, “I tell you the rock-solid [Truth]: today you [rest] be with me in Eden Shel Malah [Gan-‘Eden, the place of the righteous dead].”
This was the best thing the thief could have hoped to hear. ‘Eden Shel Malah’ is not in heaven (nor 'paradise'), but is metaphorically ‘adjacent’ to Sheol. The righteous dead ‘sleep’ in Eden Shel Malah. The unrighteous dead ‘sleep’ in Sheol. Jesus told Mary of Magdala, 3 days after the cross, that He had not ascended yet. So ‘paradise’ does not mean heaven. Or somehow a non-specific word is in the Greek texts. The gospels were probably written, and were certainly conceived, in Hebrew, then translated into Greek. Many Hebrew thoughts just don't work in Greek. The doctrine of the immortality of the soul is diametrically opposed to Scripture. Yet it is taught in Sunday Schools and pulpits, and especially at funerals throughout the Land. The Greek view of man’s innate immortality must be banished, before the Hebrew view of man’s destiny, on which the teaching of Jesus is founded, can be grasped.—Anthony Buzzard, Our Fathers Who Aren’t in Heaven
44 Paranormal Phenomena Right then, at about [noon], darkness [falls. Black] covers the whole Land until [about] 3PM, 😇.
45 Loving People of All Colors & Nations *The light from the sun vanishes. Then [some spiritual force] tears the [most holy] veil of [Jerusalem's] temple into two [pieces].
So the Jewish priest-class no longer has any exclusive rights to the temple. Authority thus transfers from rogue Jews to the Ekklesia composed of called-out people of any nation.
46 Death *Yahshua cries, shouting, ”Father [YHVH], I entrust my spirit into Your hands!” Then [Yahshua] breathes his last [breath, 😇].
47 The Messiah The [Roman commander] centurion sees all this. [Terrified,] he praises [YHVH] the Eloah. The [commander gasps, “Oh no!] This [Yahshua] was an innocent man!”
48 Sorrow All the people who've come together to [watch] the spectacle, seeing [the paranormal events and the murder], beat their breasts. They stagger back [sobbing to Jerusalem].
49 Death All Yahshua's acquaintances, including the women who followed [Yahshua] from the Heathen-Circle, stand far off, staring [in shock] at [Yahshua's] murder.
A Formerly Rich Man (Joseph) Entombs Yahshua
50 Integrity [Suddenly] a [high] councilman named Joseph [thunders up Skull-Hill on his race-horse], 😇. (Joseph [is] a [good-hearted] just man from Arimathaea, a Judaean town.
Joseph had been rich until he gave away all his possessions to become Yahshua's disciple.
51 Integrity Joseph [refused to] consent to the verdict and the [murderous] actions of the Sanhedrin [high religionite council]. Joseph has [spent his life looking] forward to the Kingdom of [YHVH] the Eloah.)
52 Courage Joseph storms [right up] to [tax-czar] Pilate. [Joseph] asks for the body of Yahshua. [Pilate agrees.]
53 Death So Joseph takes down Yahshua's body [from the bloody stake. He] wraps [Yahshua] in linen, then lays him in a tomb hewn from stone, in which no [corpse] has ever lain.
Yahshua: born from a virgin womb, resurrected from a virgin tomb.
54 Rest [Joseph] buries Yahshua late on [what the pagans call ‘Wednesday‘ afternoon/evening,] the Preparation Day for the [special ‘Thursday‘ Passover] ‘Sabbath.’
‘Wednesday‘ preparation for the ‘Thursday‘ passover sabbath. The Good News Translation and the New Living Translation, both massively popular, can't even get this simple math right. They perpetuate the retarded lie that Jesus got crucified on ‘good friday’ and rose on ‘easter Sunday.’ Now how in the world would that make 3 days and 3 nights in the tomb, as Yahshua said over and over again? This test is a simple way to tell who is faking at being a Christian bible scholar. Can your preacher even give you a straight logical answer on this simple question, without blathering some unsubstantiated nonsense about ‘Jews count partial days as including nights’? If your preacher can't answer a simple question about when Jesus died, what else doesn't your preacher understand?
55 Death And the women (who came with Yahshua from the Heathen-Circle) follow [Joseph]. The [women] see the tomb. They watch [Joseph and his men] lay Yahshua's [dead] body [on the rock].
How can Muslims claim that Yahshua never died, when there are so many first-hand accounts of his death?
56 Rest The women return [to Jerusalem. There] they prepare spices and ointments. They rest on the Sabbath day in obedience to [YAH's everlasting Sabbath] commandment.
Yahshua's followers observed the Sabbath. But they didn't worship the Sabbath. Ride that fine line. Never fall off into Seventh-day mania. Yet try your best to rest and let others rest on the Hebrew Sabbath.