Bible ~~- Newer Testament ~~- Luke ~~- chapter 3 of 24 (38 verses.)

Luke 3Wrench

John the Baptizer Prepares The Messiah's Way
1 Oppression [Fast] forward, ๐Ÿ˜‡, to the 15th year of the reign of [Roman Emperor] Tiberius Caesar. Pontius Pilate is governor of Judaea. [3 stooges rule over 4 regions around Jerusalem:] [โ€˜Heroicโ€™] Herod over the Heathen-Circle, Herod's brother Philip {Horse-Lover} over [land-locked] Ituraea and the Trachonitis [rough-land], and Lysanias [Grief-Melter] over the Abilene [grasslands].
2 Spiritual Vision [Two Roman-bought impostors,] AnnaniYah & Caiaphas [Dell], rule [Jewish life. They pose] as [Jerusalem's] โ€˜high priests.โ€™ [But YAH's word evades those religious murderers.] The Word of Elohim goes [instead into] the wilderness, to JAHn [The Immerser], the son of ZachariYah.
Annas= Jah-favored.
3 Repentance So JAHn [hikes] throughout the whole countryside around the Jordan River, heralding: โ€œ[Permanently] turn away [from your sins, ๐Ÿ˜‡]! Get immersed [in YAH's authority]. Then [YAH] will free you from [the slave-jail] your mistakes [have built around you].โ€
The baptism that matters is your becoming subject only to YAH. Water baptism is a symbolic ritual indicating your intent to become solely devoted to YAH.
4 Missions/Outreach [JAHn's life fulfills the] prediction in the book of the sayings of [YAH's] prophet IsaiYah: โ€œA voice cries in the wilderness: โ€˜ ๐Ÿ˜‡, prepare the way of Adonai [YHVH]! Make a straight road for him [to enter humanity's lives]!
5 Repentance โ€”Fill in every [moral] valley, ๐Ÿ˜‡! Level every [prideful] mountain and hill. Straighten [society's] crooked [ways]! Make the rough roads smooth!
6 Salvation โ€”All flesh [people] come to see [YHVH] the Eloah save [his chosen saints, ๐Ÿ˜‡]!โ€
(Isaiah 40:3-5) This verse does not proclaim universal salvation. Everyone will *see* YHVH rescue His Elect. But most people who've ever lived will not be saved. They will completely burn up and be extinguished in a cosmic โ€˜weed fireโ€™.
7 Guidance Crowd(s) journey out to be baptized by JAHn. He challenges them: โ€œYou snake-spawn! Who told you [you could] escape from the punishment [YAH] is about to [rain on you]?
8 Repentance *โ€” ๐Ÿ˜‡, produce โ€˜fruitโ€™ [that shows you've] turned away from your wrongs. Donโ€™t keep bragging to yourselves, โ€˜We have our father Abraham {Father-Of-Billions}.โ€™ For I tell you that [YHVH] the Eloah is able to raise up children for Abraham from these rocks!
Genetics have no role in salvation. โ€˜The flesh counts for nothing. Only [YAH's] Spirit gives life.โ€™
9 Hell (Annihilation) *โ€”Already [YAH] has laid [his] โ€˜axeโ€™ at the root of [you] โ€˜trees.โ€™ [He's ready to strike. YAH] chops down every tree that fails to produce good fruit. [He] throws [unproductive lifeforms] into the fire, ๐Ÿ˜‡!โ€
[YAH] burns up wicked people like the nasty thorn-bushes they are.
10 Repentance The people ask JAHn [the Immerser], โ€œSo what should we do?โ€
11 Generosity *JAHn answers the people, โ€œ ๐Ÿ˜‡, whoever has 2 coats, give 1 coat to someone who has zero coats. Whoever has food, [share it with hungry people].โ€
Go through your house. Find things you have more than 1 of. Pile them outside. Give them away or sell them and use the money to help the poor. That's a command, not a suggestion.
12 Repentance Then tax-collectors come to be baptized. They ask JAHn, โ€œMaster, [Rabbi,] what should we do?โ€
13 Oppression JAHn answers the tax-collectors, โ€œNo more extortion! Collect only what's required [by Law].โ€
14 International Peace The soldiers likewise ask JAHn, โ€œWhat should we do?โ€ JAHn answers the soldiers, โ€œDo violence to no one. Never falsely accuse anyone. Be content with your pay. [Don't extort money.]โ€
This is not merely a command to refrain from using excessive force. As 1st century believers completely understood, this command puts the soldiers in a conflict of Law: The military oath obligates soldiers to do violence on command. But YAH's prophet commands the soldiers to never do violence. So the only option for a disciple of Jesus is to quit the military. This is basic, elementary Christianity. If your church doesn't get it, they're clueless.
15 The Messiah The people buzz with great expectancy, ๐Ÿ˜‡. Everyone wonders at heart whether JAHn [the Immerser] is [YAH's] Messiah.
16 The Messiah *JAHn answers the whole throng, โ€œYes, I baptize you with water. But [Yahshua] comes. He is [the only man] mightier that I [am]. I'm not worthy to unlatch [Yahshua's] sandals. [Yahshua] soon immerses you in [YAH's] Sacred Spirit. [He baptizes] with fire, ๐Ÿ˜‡.
17 Hell (Annihilation) *โ€”[Yahshua's] pitchfork [swings] in his hand, ๐Ÿ˜‡! [With it, he] thoroughly separates the [human] chaff from the grain on his threshing floor, [planet earth]. [Yahshua] gathers the โ€˜wheatโ€™ [people who do good works] into [the shelter of] His barn. But he burns the โ€˜chaffโ€™ [fruitless people] with unquenchable fire.โ€
18 Missions/Outreach JAHn โ€˜trumpetsโ€™ to the people many other warnings [against normal worldly living]. Plus [he] encourages [everyone to do extraordinary good works].
John The Baptist Draws Con King Herod's Wrath
19 Adultery *But JAHn publicly condemns [โ€œHeroicโ€] Herod (the regional governor), for the many evils [Herod] commits, ๐Ÿ˜‡. [JAHn especially reams Herod for wallowing in his adulterous affair, falsely called a โ€˜marriageโ€™, with false-Queen] Herodias. (She's Herod's brother Philip's wife!)
20 Divorce *[Later, ๐Ÿ˜‡, in retaliation for JAHn telling the truth that โ€˜remarriageโ€™ after divorce is adultery,] Herod caps his long string of evil deeds with this [outrage]: Herod throws JAHn into a [dark, rat-infested, moldy, diseased, roach-crawling] dungeon!
When you tell people what Jesus really said about divorce & remarriage, they want to kill you.
John The Immerser Baptizes Yahshua
21 The Messiah [But one day, before Herod throws JAHn into prison,] JAHn works [all day], baptizing whole crowds of people [one by one. That day] Yahshua [humbles himself by wading into the river]. [JAHn] baptizes [Yahshua]. Yahshua [comes up out of the water,] praying. The heavens open, ๐Ÿ˜‡.
22 The Messiah *Upon Yahshua, [YAH's] Sacred Spirit descends in a form [resembling] a dove's body, ๐Ÿ˜‡. [YAH's] โ€˜voiceโ€™ [thunders] from heaven, saying, โ€œYou [Yahshua] are my beloved son. You [are the] delight of [my life]!โ€
The Physical Genealogy Of The Messiah
23 The Messiah [When JAHn baptizes Yahshua,] Yahshua is about 30 years old, ๐Ÿ˜‡. Law [and custom] reckon Yahshua as the son of the man who adopted him: (Mary's husband) Joseph {Increaser}, son-in-law of Eli {Lofty},
This genealogy, while correct, traces a different line than the genealogy of Matthew 1. As far as David both lists match. In Matthew, after David comes Solomon; while in Luke comes Solomon's elder brother, Nathan. Matthew lists the royal and legal line through Solomon; Luke lists the natural and lineal line through Nathan. Elizabeth is โ€˜Mary's kinswomanโ€™ (Luke 1:36). Elizabeth was a Levite (Luke 1:5). So Mary was a Levite. Thus Jesus is genetically a Levite. The two genealogies start in the same place, fork, then end in the same place.
24 The Messiah โ€”son of Matthat [gift of Jah (MattithJAH)], son of Levi {Uniter}, son of Melchi [king/royal], son of Janna [Thruster], son of Joseph {Increaser},
25 The Messiah โ€”son of MattathiYah {YAH's-Gift}, son of Amos [Strong], son of Naum [comfortable], son of Esli [ElYAHonai], son of Nagge [Brilliance],
Esli=#454 Elionai=ElYAHonai=towards Jehovah (are) my eyes.
26 The Messiah โ€”son of Maath, son of MattathiYah {YAH's-Gift}, son of Semei {Famous}, son of Joseph {Increaser}, son of Judah {Celebrated},
27 The Messiah โ€”son of Joanna [JAHohannon], son of RephaJAH [YAH-Cures], son of Zorobabel {Born-From-Babylon}, son of SalathiEl {Ask-YAH}, son of NeriYah {YAH's-Light},
This genealogy lists exactly 77 names, with YHVH at the one end, and Yahshua at the other, stamping it with the number of spiritual perfection. Yahshua's resurrection confirms him as the terminus of the patrilineal line of Israeli royalty. Yahshua is the King of Israel by right. (Rom 1:4; Psa 2:7; Acts 13:33, Heb 1:5, 5:5).
28 The Messiah โ€”son of Melchi [King], son of Addi [Dressed-For-Success], son of Cosam [Oracle], son of Almodad {Mighty}, son of Er {Eye-er},
29 The Messiah โ€”son of Joshua {YAH-Saves}, son of Eliezer {El's-Aid}, son of YAHoram {YAH-Raises}, son of Matthat [Gift], son of Levi {Uniter},
30 The Messiah โ€”son of Simeon {Listener}, son of Judah {Celebrated}, son of Joseph {Increaser}, son of Jonam [Pierce], son of Eliakim {EL-Raises},
31 The Messiah โ€”son of Malโ€™ah, son of Manah, son of Mattatha {Gift-Of-YAH}, son of Nathan {Gift}, son of [King] David,
32 The Messiah โ€”son of Yashai (Jesse), son of Obed {Obeyer}, son of [Ruth's husband] Boaz {Stabilizer}, son of Salmon {Cloak}, son of Naasson {Enchanter},
33 The Messiah โ€”son of Aminadab {Generous-People}, son of Aram {Highland}, son of Hezron {Courtyard}, son of Pharez {Breakout}, son of Judah {Celebrated},
34 The Messiah โ€”son of Jacob {Heel-Grabber}, son of Isaac {Laughter}, son of Abraham {Father-Of-Billions}, son of Terah {Wild-Goat}, son of Nachor {Snorer},
35 The Messiah โ€”son of Saruch {Tendril}, son of Reu {Friend}, son of Peleg {Earth-Split}, son of Ever [Other-Sider], son of Shelah [Missile],
Eber/Ever/Ibri is from where we get the name Hebrew.
36 The Messiah โ€”son of Salah/Cainan {Fixed-Nest}, son of Arphaxad, son of Shem {Honored-Name}, son of Noah {Rest}, son of Lamech {Force},
Cainan may have been stuck in the Septuagint by a 4th century scribe, copying an error from the Greek Septuagint. Should probably read โ€˜Salah.โ€™ See Gen 11:13.
37 The Messiah โ€”son of [history's oldest man:] Methuselah {Missile-Man}, son of Enoch {Initiate}, son of Jared {Descended-From-Heaven}, son of MahalaleEl {Praise-El}, son of Cainan {Fixed-Nest},
38 The Messiah โ€”son of Enos {Mortal}, son of Seth {Surrogate}, son of Adam [Meat-Man], [whom] Elohim [created from clay].
Or: "Adam who was created by [YHVH] The Eloha."