Bible ~~- Newer Testament ~~- John ~~- chapter 1 of 21 (51 verses.)

John 1Wrench

1 Yah's Word *[ 😇, when you time-travel] to the beginning [of the universe, you see YAH's] Word existing [not as mere nouns and verbs, but as an immortal human]. [YAH's living] Word is [there at the Creation, inextricably linked] with [YHVH] the Eloah. [YAH's] Word is Elohim: [mighty, in charge of everything. This book is the story of that Elohim's incarnation on planet earth].
Elohim here is used in its superlative, not personal, sense. Bookstore translations of John 1:1 omit the crucial definite article '*THE*' [ton]. It's in the Greek wherever the New Testament refers to YHVH: GREEK: en arche was the logos, and the logos was beside Ton Theon, and the logos was theos. Hebrew: In the beginning was the Ma'amar and the Ma'amar was beside The Eloha and the ma'amar was Elohim (superlative). The ‘Word’ (Yahshua) = theos (Elohim), not ‘*Ho* Theos’ (the Eloha, YHVH). ‘Word’ here means: thoughts, logic, plans, reasoning, motives, intent. ‘YHVH’ means: The One Father, the Eloha, the Most High Elohim. ‘Elohim’ here means something or someone supreme but beneath YHVH. Elohim does NOT mean that Yahshua (Jesus) is YHVH. YHVH is the Creator of many ‘Elohim’, all inferior to Him. Deut.10:17 YHWH your Eloha is Eloha of Elohim. J.W.'s insert the indefinite article ‘a’. It's not in the text. Greek has no indefinite article.
2 Yah's Word *[YAH's] Word existed in the beginning with [YHVH] *THE* Eloah.
Not yet "He," because the text is still referring to 'Word'. Later 'the word' becomes flesh and becomes a "He". The Messiah is a time-space traveler.
3 Origins *[YAH] makes everything by [speaking His Word], 😇. Not one thing in all creation was made without [YAH's Word].
Again ‘it’ is the correct pronoun here, not ‘him’.
4 Yah's Word *[YAH's] Word is [the repository of all] Life, 😇. [That] Life is the light-fire [that fuels] mankind.
5 Spiritual Blindness *[Throughout history, YAH's] Word-Light [keeps on] shining in [the world's] darkness, 😇. Yet the darkness [keeps on] failing to understand the light.
Or: ‘the darkness can never extinguish the Light.’
Elizabeth Births John the Baptizer
6 Missions/Outreach [So, 😇, in the year 0 A.D.,] Elohim sends [to mankind a prophet], a man named JAHn [YAHohannon the immerser].
John = Yahohannon, meaning ‘one YAH favors’.
7 Missions/Outreach *JAHn comes as a witness, to testify about [YAH's] Word-Light, [so] that all men, through [the illumination given by YAH's Word-Light,] can [build their lives on active] belief [in YAH].
8 Missions/Outreach JAHn is not [YAH's] Word-Light, 😇. Rather, [YAH] sends JAHn [as an advance-man,] to bear witness about [YAH's] Word-Light.
9 Yah's Word *[So, 😇,] the true Word-Light that gives light to every man enters the world [at the time of JAHn].
Through a baby named Yahshua, born 6 months after John's birth.
10 Origins *[YAH's] Word-Light [has always lived] in the kosmos, 😇. [YAH] made the kosmos via [the big bang of his] Word-Light. Yet the world [continually] fails to see the Light.
The pronoun which here refers to ‘Light’ also refers back to ‘the Word’. YAH's ‘Word’ made the universe. In similar fashion, our own words create situations and realities in our lives. Ultimately, YAH made the universe for Yahshua, [his living word] to rule.
11 Rejection YAH's Word-Light [keeps] coming to [YAH's] own [people], 😇. Yet [even] YAH's own [people repeatedly] fail to receive YAH's Word-Light.
12 Sonship in Father YHVH's Family *But to everyone who receives YAH's Word-Light, (to all who [build their lives on the Word's] name-Authority), YAH gives power to become [His own] “sons.”
The Name of Yah's Word = Yahshua = ‘YAH saves’.
13 Sonship in Father YHVH's Family *[YAH fathers His sons by His Spirit,] not by bloodline, nor fleshly impulse, nor human intention, 😇.
‘Sons’ includes females. In heaven humans are complete beings, like angels. To be male or female is to be incomplete, half of a whole being. See Genesis 2:22. This verse is a slam on anybody who thinks they have an ‘in’ (to heaven) through a supposed genetic link to Abraham.
Mary Births Yahshua The Messiah (aka Jesus)
14 Yah's Word *So, 😇, [in the year A.D. Zero, YAH] makes [His] Word into a [human] body, [a man named Yahshua]. [Yahshua] lives among us. (We [stand] gawking at [Yahshua's] glory, the glory of the only [child ever born from a human egg fertilized directly by the Spirit of YHVH] the Father). [Yahshua] overflows with [YAH's glorious] grace and truth.
YAH's Word became a flesh-and-blood man whom YHVH in a sense ‘fathered’. YHVH did not literally incarnate in the form of Jesus. To understand the distinction, you must include the (often omitted) necessary definite article ‘THE’.
John the Baptizer Prepares the Way
15 The Messiah *JAHn [the Immerser] witnesses about [Yahshua]. [JAHn] cries, “[Yahshua] is [the man] I told you about, 😇. I said: ‘[Yahshua] who is coming after me has [already] surpassed me. For [Yahshua] is superior to me!’"
Or ‘Yahshua existed [as YAH's Word] before I existed.’
16 The Messiah *So from [Yahshua's] generous completeness, 😇, all us [humans] receive one unmerited blessing after another.
17 The Messiah *For [YAH] gave the [Torah] law [to the Israelites] via Moses. But [YAH sent perfect, complete] grace and truth in [a man]: Yahshua, [YAH's] Messiah.
The law [Torah] given by Moses here refers to the Sinai contract, discussed extensively in Galatians. Of course, in the larger context, the ‘Law’ means every Word that comes from YHWH's mouth. All YHWH's words are full of grace and truth, [unfailing love and faithfulness].
18 YAH (the Most High Creator) *No man has seen YAH at any time, 😇. [So (one-time in history) YAH puts His heart-thoughts into a human egg. Then, 9 months later, out of Mary's womb comes a baby] who shows us YAH's [spiritual reflection].
In our current sinful, weak, mortal state, if we saw YAH we would burn into nothingness. So YAH conceived and sent Yahshua to help us know [YAH's] true thoughts. YAH's thoughts are what YAH is. So by knowing Yahshua, we (in a sense) know YAH.
The Jews Interrogate Yohann The Immerser
19 Humility [… About 30 years pass, 😇.] The Jews send priests and Levites from Jerusalem to ask JAHn [the Immerser], “Who are you?”
20 Humility JAHn [the Immerser] flatly denies the [grandiose] rumors circling about him. He honestly admits, “I'm not the Messiah.”
Truly testifying.
21 Humility So, 😇, the priests & Levites ask JAHn, “What then? Are you [the ancient prophet] EliYah?” JAHn replies, “I am not.” [They ask,] “Are you [some other reincarnated] prophet?” Yohannon answers, “No.”
The general population rumored that John might be some ancient prophet.
22 Shrewdness / Craftiness Then, 😇, the religionists [scream at] JAHn, “Who are you? Give us an answer to report back to the [power-brokers] who sent us. What do you say about yourself?”
23 Missions/Outreach *JAHn replies using the words of Isaiah the prophet: “I'm the voice of one [man] crying in the wilderness, ‘Straighten the way of YHVH.’”
Isaiah 40:3. John didn't get his calling from any human religious structure. He's humbly admitting he's just one lone guy telling the truth. If you're a true believer, that describes you as well. If your highest Christian credentials come from a seminary or a church, 'up' your authority.
24 Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion (These priest and Levite [interrogators] are [spies] sent by their [holier-than-thou] Pharisee [party].)
25 Counterfeit Judeo-Christian Religion Then the Pharisees ask JAHn, challenging him, “If you're neither the Messiah nor EliYahu nor ‘the [mystery] prophet’, then why are you immersing people? [Who gave you authority to baptize?]
Do you have letters after your name? Show me your ‘Doctor of Divinity’ degree. Where are your credentials? Do you have a license to preach? Who is your ‘Sending Agency’? What denomination do you represent?
26 The Messiah JAHn answers the [preacher-police] Pharisees, “I baptize [people] with [mere] water. But the ‘One’ exists. [The Messiah] stands among you. Yet you fail to recognize him.
27 Humility *—[Yahshua] is the One. He follows me [in time]. [Yet YAH highly prefers Yahshua over me.] I'm not [even] worthy to [be a slave who] unties [Yahshua's] sandals.”
28 Solitude (This incident happens at Bethabara {Ferry-House}, a village east of the Jordan River, where JAHn baptizes [people, 😇].)
Many translations say ‘Bethany’.
JAHn The Immerser Sees His Cousin, Yahshua
29 Redemption *The next day JAHn [the Immerser] sees Yahshua striding toward him. JAHn shouts, “Look! [There's Yahshua,] the Lamb of [YHVH] the Eloah, who takes away the sin of the world!
30 The Messiah *—This, 😇, is Yahshua of whom I said, ‘After me comes a man whom [YAH] prefers [over] me. For [Yahshua, as YAH's Word,] existed [long] before I [did].’
Or, ‘Yahshua is superior to me.’
31 The Messiah —Even when I couldn't see [my dear cousin] Yahshua, I [started] coming [out here] baptizing with water, in order to make Yahshua known to the people of Israel.”
John gets the people into a repentant, faithful state to facilitate Yahshua's ability to work with those people. Other translations imply that Yahshua and John had never met, which is absurd because Elizabeth and Mary were close relatives & friends, and their boys, the cousins John and Jesus, were by this time 30 years old!
32 YAH's Spirit (Holy Spirit) *[Later] JAHn gives this testimony: “I saw [YAH's] Spirit [fly] down like a dove from heaven. [It] rested on Yahshua!
33 The Messiah *—I didn't know [for sure that] Yahshua was the ‘One.’ But [YAH's angel] (who sent me to baptize with water) said to me, ‘The [man] on whom you see [YAH's] Spirit descending and remaining, this is the One who immerses in Spirit: Sacred Spirit.’
As usual, there is no ‘the’ before ‘Holy Spirit’ here.
34 The Messiah —I saw [the ‘Spirit-dove’ choose Yahshua]. So, 😇, I testify that [Yahshua] is the ‘son’ of [YHVH] the Eloah.”
35 Work [Night falls, 😇. The sun rises. Immediately] JAHn is back [in the river, baptizing] with 2 [of his own] disciples.
YAH's true workers get up with the sun. We work all day. We are people of the light.
36 The Messiah JAHn and his 2 disciples watch Yahshua walking [beside the river]. JAHn [shouts], “Look, 😇! [That guy walking is my cousin Yahshua,] the Lamb of [YHVH] the Eloah!”
37 Faith JAHn's 2 disciples hear JAHn [identify Yahshua as YAH's Messiah]. They immediately follow Yahshua.
38 The Messiah Yahshua turns, 😇. [He] sees JAHn's 2 disciples behind him. Yahshua asks them, “What are you seeking?” JAHn's disciples answer, “Rabbi (Teacher), where are you staying?”
39 Guidance Yahshua answers JAHn's 2 disciples, “Come and see.” JAHn's 2 disciples [chase Yahshua to his campsite]. They see [the dirt] where Yahshua sleeps. They stay with Yahshua that day, (because, 😇, they arrived at about 4PM, [too late to return that day]).
40 Guidance Andrew {Manly} (Simon Peter's brother) is one of these 2 men who'd studied [under] JAHn [the Immerser]. Andrew begins following Yahshua.
41 The Messiah First thing, Andrew {Manly} tracks down his own brother Simon {Listener}. Andrew says to Simon, “We've found [YAH's] Messiah!” [The closest Greek can get to Messiah is:] “the Christ.”
‘Messiah’= ‘One whom [YAH] has anointed / chosen.’
42 Authority Andrew {Manly} brings Simon to Yahshua. Seeing Simon, Yahshua says, “You're Simon {Listener} (the son of Jonah {Dove}). [But you listen like a rock. So I] rename you ‘Cephas.’” (Cephas means ‘Peter {Rock}’.)
Yahshua changes Simon's name to Peter. He who names you owns you. If you go to a court to petition (pray) to get your name changed, you are saying that the court owns you. Generally Yahshua changes girly sounding names like, ‘Dove’ and ‘Listener’ to tough, intense names like ‘Sons of Thunder’ and ‘Rock.’
43 Forsaking All The next day Yahshua hikes out into Heathen-Circle [Galilee]. [He] finds Philip {Horse-Lover}. [Yahshua] says to [Philip], “Follow me.”
44 Work (Philip {Horse-Lover} [grew up in his] hometown, Bethsaida [Fish-House], [horsing around with his neighbors:] Andrew {Manly} and Peter {Rock}.)
45 The Messiah *Philip {Horse-Lover} finds NathaniEl {Gift-Of-God}. [Philip runs up.] He says to [NathaniEl], “We've found [the Messiah], who the prophets, including Moses (in the Torah) wrote about! [He's] Yahshua Josephson, from Nazareth!”
Again, New Testament leaders confirm the Old Testament's validity.
46 Racism & Nationalism NathaniEl [chuckles to] Philip {Horse-Lover}, “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” Philip replies to NathaniEL, “Come and see.”
47 Truth Yahshua sees NathaniEl [run] toward him. Yahshua remarks about NathaniEL, “Look! A true Israelite, in whom is no deceit!”
Guile= decoy; trick (bait), i.e. wile: craft, deceit, subterfuge. Apparently Yahshua thought an honest Israelite was a rarity. Unless Jesus was sarcastically making fun of Nathaniel's lack of honesty.
48 Paranormal Phenomena NathaniEl {Gift-From-El} asks Yahshua, “From where do know you me?” Yahshua answers NathaniEL, “Before Philip called you, you [sat] under a fig tree. I [tele-ported my consciousness there. I] saw you.”
49 The Messiah [Gasping, slack-jawed], NathaniEl answers Yahshua, “Rabbi, you're the son of [YHVH] the Eloah! You're the King of Israel!”
No one far away could have seen NathaniEl where he had, hours earlier, been sitting alone. So Nathaniel realizes that Yahshua has super-powers.
50 Paranormal Phenomena Yahshua laughs, “NathaniEL, you believe [in me just] because I told you, ‘I [supernaturally] spied you under a fig tree?’ You'll see greater miracles than that!”
51 The Messiah *Then Yahshua says to NathaniEL, “Yes, I tell you the rock-solid truth: one day you'll see heaven opening, and the angels of [YHVH] the Eloah ascending and descending upon [me] the [ultimate] ‘Son of Adam.’ [I'm the Stairway To Heaven!]
Yahshua is the Stairway To Heaven.