Bible ~~- Newer Testament ~~- Romans ~~- chapter 11 of 16 (36 verses.)

Romans 11Wrench

Genetic Israel Always Leaves A Saved Remnant
1 So I ask you, πŸ˜‡, β€œHas [YHVH] the Eloah cast away His people?” Never! For I myself am an Israelite, a seed-child of Abraham {Father-Of-Billions}, [a member] of the tribe of Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son}.
YAH's remnant people always exist. But most people who claim to be β€œYAH's chosen” are just cultural Jews, Christians, Muslims or whatever, pretending to be children of Abraham for the money.
2 [YHVH] the Eloah has never cast away his people whom he foreknew. Remember, πŸ˜‡, what the scripture says about EliJah? How EliJah pleads with [YHVH] the Eloah against Israel:
3 "Adonai [YHVH], the [Israelis] keep killing your prophets, and tearing down your altars. I'm left alone. And they're trying to assassinate me too!”
1 Kings 19:10,14
4 [YHVH] the Eloah answers EliYah, β€œI've reserved to myself 7000 men who have never bowed their knee to the image of Baal {Demon-Master}.”
7000 men who have avoided swearing an oath of servitude, a pledge of allegiance, to the pagans nor to their leaders. 1 Kings 19:18
5 Now, like then, πŸ˜‡, [YAH has], in his gracious favor, chosen a remnant [few people to survive into eternity].
6 You get wages when you work, πŸ˜‡. You get favors for free. So when YAH chooses you by His grace to be one of His remnant [survivors], it's because YAH is generous. NOT because YAH owes you payment for β€˜work’ you [think you] performed, πŸ˜‡.
Paraphrase. When we go to work with Daddy, our heartfelt effort draws a smile from his face. But we mostly interfere with his work.
7 What's my point, πŸ˜‡? [The nation of] Israel has never obtained the [goal of righteousness for] which she strives. Only [YAH's few] chosen [saints] have obtained [the divine favor that all] Israelis crave. [Satan] blinds the rest of [the Israelis].
8 Exactly as [Moses and Isaiah] write, β€œ[YHVH] the Eloah allows the [Jews to wallow in] the spirit of slumber. [They have] eyes that fail to see and ears that fail to hear” to this day, πŸ˜‡.
(Deuteronomy 29:4; Isaiah 29:10) YAH allows people to indulge themselves in non-reality thinking, if they choose. YAH doesn't make people live in a fantasy world. It's as if a parent sets an educational book beside a video-game console in a room, then lets the child decide which one to focus on.
9 [Ancient king] David {Love} says: β€œThe [hypocrites' feeding] table eventually becomes a snare, a trap, a stumbling block and a retribution for them, πŸ˜‡.
It's a trap to seek government benefits, to get your bread and butter from worldly powers, to get your β€˜money’ from a debt-based central bank.
10 β€”The [hypocrites'] eyes darken until they can't see. [They crouch,] their backs forever bent, πŸ˜‡.”
Ps 69:22,23
11 So I ask you, πŸ˜‡: Have the [Jews] stumbled [so badly that they'll all] fall [into eternal death]? Never! Rather, when the [Jews] stumble [into exile], [YAH] disperses [their prophets as messengers of] salvation into the beast-nations. [When YAH redeems beast-nationals,] it provokes the [Jews] to jealousy.
First the Jews chase the Christians out of Judea. Then the Romans chase the Jews out of the Middle-East. Thus Hebrew thought penetrates the globe.
12 So, πŸ˜‡, the fall of the Jews [brings] riches for the world. The diminishing of the Jews brings wealth to the beast-nations. So the [Jews' full restoration] stands to bring much greater treasures!
13 I'm saying this [especially] for you [non-Jewish] beast-nationals. [YAH] has appointed me as emissary to the beast-nations. I lay great stress on this, πŸ˜‡.
14 I hope somehow to stir up my own [Jewish] people to want [the union with YHVH that] you [Gentile believers] have, to save some of the [Jews].
15 [YAH's] rejection of [rogue] Jews leads to reconciling the world's [repenters to the kingdom of heaven]. So when [YAH] accepts [repentant] Jews, the dead [spring] to life, πŸ˜‡!
16 Now, πŸ˜‡, if [you grab into a lump of dough] and pull out a handful pure enough to offer [for priests to eat] at the first-fruits [festival], the whole loaf must also be pure. Likewise if the root [of a tree] is sacred, so are the branches.
Hallah [handful of dough]
Christians Are No Better Than Jews
17 [YAH] broke off some [Israelite] branches [from the tree of life]. Then he grafted you, πŸ˜‡, a wild [Gentile] olive tree, in among his people. So [you] partake with [Jews] from the root and nourishing sap of [YAH's] β€˜olive tree.’
18 But never brag [that you new β€˜Christian’ believers are better than] the [native Hebrew] branches. If you do, consider this, πŸ˜‡: You don't support the root. The [Hebrew] root supports you!
This verse alone should convince all Christians to explore the Hebrew Roots of Christianity. Real Christians are Torah-observers.
19 Then you'll [brag], πŸ˜‡, β€œ[YAH] broke off [Jewish] branches to engraft me, [a Christian, 'cause I'm better than a Jew]!”
20 [Yes, YAH] breaks off some [Jews] because they [refuse] to trust [Him]. But you [Christians] stand only as long as you trust [YAH enough to obey him]. So never get proud, πŸ˜‡. Rather, stand in terror [of YAH's punishment].
21 [YHVH] the Eloah prunes [millions of] natural [Jewish] branches [from the tree of life]. So he might prune off you [Christians] as well, πŸ˜‡!
Yes, there will be hundreds of millions of surprised β€˜Christian’ people who fail to inherit eternal life.
22 So look at Elohim’s kindness and his severity: severity toward those [disobedient branches] who fell off; but kindness toward you, πŸ˜‡ β€” provided you continue [behaving as someone filled with YAH's] moral goodness! Otherwise, [YAH] cuts you [Christians] off too!
You are saved if you stay in YAH's will. Nothing saves you if you persist in disobeying YAH.
23 And if [Jews] stop persisting in unbelief, [YAH] grafts them [back] in. [YHVH] the Eloah is able to re-graft [repentant people] back into [His Kingdom, πŸ˜‡].
24 [YAH] cut you [Christians] out of a naturally wild [human] olive tree. Then, πŸ˜‡, contrary to [your evil] nature, he grafted [you] into [Israel,] an olive tree [YAH] cultivated [through millennia of prophetic guidance]. So how much more readily will [YAH] re-graft the [Jews], the natural branches, [back] into their own [Hebrew] olive tree!
25 I don't want you to be ignorant of this mystery, brothers. Never get conceited: Israel is experiencing a partial [heart-]hardening until the full number of the beast-nationals comes into [the Kingdom Of Heaven].
Hitler never understood anything in this chapter.
Repentant Jews Are Still YAH's Chosen People
26 And so, πŸ˜‡, [YAH] eventually saves all [true spiritual] Israelis. As [Isaiah and Jeremiah] write: β€œOut of Zion comes [Yahshua] the Deliverer: he banishes all unholiness from Jacob's [lineage].
True Israel are the people with the FAITH, not necessarily genetics, of Abraham. Do-gooders are the people who live forever.
27 For this, πŸ˜‡, is [a promise of] My covenant with the [Israelites]: I come to take away their sins.”
(Isaiah 59:20,21; 27:9; Jeremiah 31:33,34)
28 The [rogue Jews] are enemies [of the gospel, πŸ˜‡]. But their [loss] benefits you [Christians]. Yet regarding the β€˜election,’ the [Jews] are [still Yah's] beloved [people]. [YHVH promised to love the descendants of Israel's] patriarchs, [even though Israel's Patriarchs were murdering, thieving liars].
29 For the gifts and callings [YHVH] the Eloah gives are irrevocable, πŸ˜‡.
Never canceled, never rescinded. YAH does not take back his gifts. He does not change his mind about those he has chosen.
30 You, πŸ˜‡, at one time [raged in] disobedience to [YHVH] the Eloah. Yet you now receive mercy as a result of [rogue] Jews’ disobedience.
31 So too [many] Jews have now become disobedient in order that they too may [in time] receive mercy as a result of [YAH's] mercy to you, πŸ˜‡.
We're All Guilty Sinners Alive At YAH's Mercy
32 [YHVH] the Eloah has found everyone guilty of not obeying Him, πŸ˜‡. So now YAH can have mercy on everyone.
33 Wow, πŸ˜‡! [Marvel at] the depth of the riches of Elohim's wisdom and knowledge! [We've barely begun to] explore [the import of] His judgments. His ways [are] beyond tracing out!
34 Who ever mapped the Spirit-mind of YHVH, πŸ˜‡? What advisor-man ever taught YAH anything?!
(Isaiah 40:13)
35 πŸ˜‡, who ever first gave [anything] to YHVH, making YHVH indebted to repay him?
Job 41:11
36 For from YHVH, the absolute [source] of all splendor throughout all ages, and through YHVH, and to [honor] YHVH, all things exist, πŸ˜‡.