Bible ~~- Newer Testament ~~- Romans ~~- chapter 3 of 16 (31 verses.)

Romans 3Wrench

Jews Are Special; They Preserve The Scripture
1 What advantage, then, is there in being a Jew, πŸ˜‡? And what value is there in [true, heart] circumcision?
There is value in being a Hebrew. But there's no value, only loss, in penile circumcision.
2 [YHVH] the Eloah has given every kind of advantage to the Jews, πŸ˜‡. First and foremost, He entrusted His oracles to them.
Of all the people on earth, ancient Jews did by far the best job of recording and preserving the Creator's communications with humans. Set at the β€œcenter of the world,” Jerusalem is the perfect publishing headquarters to spread YAH's oracles to every continent. From Judea, you have a straight shot across the Mediterranean to the Americas, and a direct path to Africa, Europe and Asia. Judea was specifically created to be the planet's publishing nexus.
3 So what if some [Jews] fail to believe, πŸ˜‡? Can their lack of faith nullify the faithfulness of [YHVH] the Eloah? No way!
Sin Is A Sick Stain, Not An Artistic Contrast
4 β€œ[YHVH] the Eloah is absolutely true, πŸ˜‡, though every man [is a] liar.” As [David] writes, β€œEverything you say proves true, [YHVH]. Though [humans falsely] accuse [you], you triumph [because you're perfectly honest].”
Humans cannot swear to tell β€˜the whole truth’. All mortals are liars.
5 Elohim's [bright] righteousness shines more brightly [when] contrasted with our [dark] unrighteousness. Can we then conclude that [YHVH] the Eloah is unjust in bringing his wrath on us? No way, πŸ˜‡. That's just a [fallacious] humanistic argument.
6 πŸ˜‡, if [YHVH] the Eloah were unjust, how could [He] judge the world?
7 [Some scoffer might argue,] β€œIf my falsehood enhances [YHVH] the Eloah's truthfulness and so magnifies his glory, why [does he] still condemn me as a sinner, πŸ˜‡?”
8 [The scoffer might as well say,] β€œπŸ˜‡, let's do evil so good can result! [The end justifies the means!]” Some scoffers slanderously report, and some [solemnly swear,] that WE [believers] talk such [trash]! Those liars deserve their condemnation.
No Mortal Is Righteous; We All Need Repair
9 What should we conclude then, πŸ˜‡? Are we [believers] any better [than the agnostic scoffers]? Not at all! For the last [few paragraphs you've read] prove that Jews and beast-nationals alike all lie [crushed] under [the weight of their] errors.
10 As [the prophets] write: β€˜No [mortal] is [fully] righteous, πŸ˜‡, not even one.
Greasy-grace religiots use this verse to imply that it's futile to seek to be righteous. However, some people are more relatively righteous than others, and we all should try to be more righteous.
11 πŸ˜‡, no [human] understands. No one [properly] seeks [YHVH] the Eloah.
12 All [humans] have turned away [from YAH]. En masse they've become worthless, πŸ˜‡. There is no [human] who [consistently] does good β€” not a one.”
Psalms 14:1-3; 53:1-3; Ecclesiastes 7:20) [unprofitable]
13 β€œ[Human's] throats are open graves, πŸ˜‡. Their tongues practice deceit.” β€œThe poison of vipers [dribbles] from their lips.”
ps 5:9, 140:3
14 β€œ[Humanity's] mouths are full of cursing and bitterness, πŸ˜‡.”
Ps 10:7
15 β€œ[Humans'] feet sprint to shed blood, πŸ˜‡:
16 Destruction and misery lie [strewn] in [humanity's] paths.
17 [Humans] never knew the way of peace, πŸ˜‡.
Isaiah 59:7-8
18 There is no fear of Elohim [in humanity's] eyes.”
Ps 36:1
Try Your Best, But Ask For Help When You Fall
19 Now, πŸ˜‡, we know that whatever the law says, it says to people [legally bound] under the law. [Law] silences every [sassy] mouth. [Law] holds the whole world accountable to [YHVH] the Eloah.
Knowing the Word of our Creator makes us more guilty when we sin.
20 So no flesh [mortal] will be justified in [YAH's] sight by performing the deeds [demanded by] the Law. Rather, [by studying] the law, πŸ˜‡, we become aware that [we] mess-up.
We would have to keep the law perfectly, as Yahshua did, to be justified by rule-following. And even perfect superficial obedience would be worthless without the spirit of love. No man [except Yahshua] ever keeps all of YAH's rules.
21 But now, πŸ˜‡, the news is spreading that Elohim can repair [us] even if we fail to [legalistically observe] the Sinai {Bush} Code. The Law and the Prophets speak about this [imputed] β€˜righteousness.’
Heart-righteousness is not based on legalistic rule-following, but on repentance.
22 Without prejudice, Elohim gives this [power to do] righteous [acts] to everyone [of whatever origin] who [actively, fruitfully] believes with faith in Yahshua (the Messiah).
Believing means walking out your faith in action. Crossing the Grand Canyon walking on thin air.
Take Your Get Out Of Devil-Jail Free Card
23 For every [mortal] has sinned, πŸ˜‡. [We] all fall short of the glory of [YHVH] the Eloah.
Everyone except the Messiah has sinned. No other human merits eternal life with near-infinite power. But YAH can fix us and get us ready for immortality.
24 Since Yahshua [the] Messiah ransomed us [from the slave-master devil], we're free for YHVH to graciously fix us, πŸ˜‡.
See song: Fix You.
25 [To] nullify [our deals with the devil], [YHVH] the Eloah allowed Yahshua [to die as a murder victim of Satan. Satan's resulting criminal conviction] wiped away [the jurisdictional authority Satan had to punish all the] sins [we humans] ever committed. [YAH in a sense] covers you, πŸ˜‡, when you [actively, fruitfully, faithfully] live as someone freed [from the devil's power by] Yahshua's β€œblood.”
Yahshua's death did not β€œsatisfy YHVH's wrath against us.” Such terrible, illogical translations are damaging to faith in our loving Creator. Every criminal dies for his own crimes. The devil had a legal right to the ownership of human beings. By stubbornly sinning, we β€˜sold’ ourselves to him. But because the devil instigated the murder of the only truly righteous man who ever lived, YHVH, the father of the murdered innocent Messiah, assumed the legal right to take away all of Satan's legal rights. So the death of a righteous man (symbolically his β€˜blood’) bought your key out of your jail cell. So you can walk free of the devil. So long as you don't voluntarily walk back into the devil's cell.
26 To show his righteousness, [YAH allowed Yahshua to ransom us]. [YAH] is the just One who overhauls [people] who trust [their lives to] Yahshua.
Live out Active Faith; Go Beyond Checklists
27 Who can brag, πŸ˜‡? Nobody. The Torah's rules of behavior don't forbid boasting. Yet how can you brag about being redeemed by clinging to a [lifeline] of faith?
This is a paraphrase, as are all of the modern translations.
28 So we conclude, πŸ˜‡, that [merely] executing the Torah's checklists [only gets you up to zero]. But [you can become positively] righteous by [living out active] faith.
True justifying faith is always married to action. Reading the book of James is the best way to make sure that you don't misinterpret Paul. Many preachers tragically take Paul to mean that people's good works need not accompany their salvation. Wrong. Faith without works is dead. Dead faith never saves anyone. People are not what they say they believe. People's actions prove what they really believe. People are what they do under pressure.
All Humans Must Live The Spirit Of Moses' Law
29 [YHVH] the Eloah is not [the private property] of Jews, πŸ˜‡. [YAH rules and loves] beast-nationals too.
30 So, πŸ˜‡, there is only One Eloah [YHVH]. [Yah] fixes [us] separatist [Hebrews] through [our] faith. [Likewise, Yah fixes] the mixed-up [beast-nationals] through [their] faith.
31 So do we obsolete the [Mosaic] Law [because we have] faith? Not one jot, πŸ˜‡! Rather, [our acts of faith] uphold [& promote] the [Mosaic] Law.