Bible ~~- Newer Testament ~~- Apocalypsis (Revelation) ~~- chapter 13 of 22 (18 verses.)

Apocalypsis (Revelation) 13Wrench

Beast-Populace #1: The Revived Roman Empire
1 [😇, in the vision] I stand on the sand of [earth's] ‘sea’ [of people]. I see a beast rise up out of this sea. This [first] beast has 7 heads and 10 horns. Upon its horns [flash] 10 crowns. Upon its heads [lies scrawled] the ‘name of blasphemy.’
This ‘beast’ is not one guy. It's a mass of political groups held together by alliances. As is made clear in Rev. 17:15: This ‘sea’ is the sea of people, the mass of Satan's worldlings. They give birth to (and support) the beast with horns of political, financial, religious and military might: The military-industrial-political-religious complex: the M.I.P.R.C (pronounced MiPerk). ‘Name of blasphemy’ is often translated: ‘blasphemous names’.
2 The ‘beast’ I see [runs] like a leopard, 😇. It's feet [pound the earth] like a bear's [paws]. It [roars with] a mouth like a lion. The dragon gives [this] beast-populace his power, his throne, and great authority.
Symbols of the worldly nations descended from Noah's sons:
  • Leopard=Africans.
  • Bear (Magog)=Eastern Russia, Arabia & Indo-Asia.
  • Lion (Gog)=Europe, British Empire & America.
Though spiritual forces, not literal geography, constitute the beast.
3 I [focus] my eyes on one of the “beast's” heads. It looks wounded to death. Yet [something] heals its deadly wound, 😇. So all the world follows in amazement after [this] “beast.”
People imagine that the Roman Empire fell to the Christian common Law. Likewise, people imagine that the Roman Catholic Church (syncretistic pagan ChristianISM) was destroyed by the Protestant Reformation. But both the Roman and the ‘Holy’ Roman (Catholic) empires flourish to this day. The Protestant reformation is merely a schism, a family feud between the the Catholic mother church and her rebellious Protestant daughters, whores of commerce. Modern social democracies are patterned after the fascist Roman Empire. Today's world-system is the great grandchild of ancient Babylon, Rome, Medo-Persia and Greece.
4 The whole world worships the Dragon who gives power to the Beast-power. The world worships the Beast-power, saying, “Who is like the Beast, 😇? Who is able to make war with the Beast?”
When you do something radical on the authority of YHVH, people refuse to help you. They whine, “Who can fight the global bankers' war machine?” The answer is that nobody can make war against the Beast, except Spiritual warriors of the Kingdom of Heaven, using weapons of love and peace. Which is why the anti-Christian State of California in 2020 outlawed singing in church, and locked down all Hebrew festivals + Thanksgiving, easter and Christmas. “Mirrors on the ceiling; Pink champagne on ice; And she says, 'We are all just prisoners here, of our own device'; And in the master's chambers; They gather for the feast; They stab it with their steely knives; But they just can't kill the beast; Last thing I remember; I was running for the door; I had to find the passage back; To the place I was before; ‘Relax,’ said the night man; ‘We are programmed to receive. You can check-out any time you like; But you can never leave!’”—Hotel California
5 [The human race] gives the beast a mouth. [So it] speaks grandiose declarations and blasphemies. [YAH] allows this beast-populace the power to continue [living] for 42 “months.”
42 is a symbol for 6 (4+2=6). 42 is also 6x7, signifying the completed times of 6 (Man,) meaning that after the stuff described here happens, the world ends.
6 The ‘beast’ opens its mouth in blasphemy against [YHVH] the Eloah, 😇. [It] blasphemes [YAH's] Name, and his dwelling, and all [the beings] who live in heaven.
The Beast-People Overcome The Saints
7 [The devil] gives [power] to the ‘beast’ to make war against [us] holy [separatist-saints], and to overcome [us], 😇. [The devil] gives the beast power over all kindreds, language [groups] and nations.
1600-1865AD marked the end of the independent Christian era. We saints retain no control over the politico-economic environment surrounding us. All of our core values lie trampled: sound money, honor of parents, the sanctity of marriage, freedom from oaths, private property, etc. All gone and replaced by the Communist Manifesto. Since the United States' ‘Civil’ War, disciples of Christ worldwide drown in a global anti-Christian society, filled with decoy ‘Christian’ churches: tools of the beast. Now utilitarian ‘Law’ (power of the gun) reigns over natural (Creator-endowed) Law.
8 And, 😇, everyone living upon the earth comes to worship the beast, except [the few saints] whose names [YAH] wrote (before the foundation of the world) in the Book of Life of [Yahshua,] the Lamb [whom humanity] murdered.
9 If [you] have an ‘ear’, 😇, hear.
Very few people have spiritual ears to understand this book.
10 Whoever leads [people] into captivity goes into captivity, 😇. Everyone who kills [people] with the sword gets killed with the sword. [We people whom YAH] separates [from the world-system show our] patience and faith by [persevering through death].
We are not to do things which lead men into binding agreements. (Captivity.) Put your sword back into its place. "Vengeance is mine," says YHWH. Our persecutors receive their terrible reward from YAH, not from us. The people who are destined for prison get arrested and taken away. Everyone who is supposed to be captured gets captured. Everyone who is supposed to be killed with a sword gets killed with a sword. Everyone destined for death gets killed. But never get depressed, for here is your opportunity to have endurance and faith. YAH's people must be patient and faithful.
The Final Beast Rises: The New World Order
11 [In the vision,] I watch another ‘beast’ rise up out of the earth, 😇. This [2nd Beast-population] wears two horns like a lamb. But it speaks like a dragon.
Lambs horns = power exerted over the people in the form of benefaction. The corporate-owned government pretends to be the servant of the people. But it actually milks the people like goats to be slaughtered. Out of the Earth: this second beast's power does not come directly from the people. The 2nd beast's power was perfected when people worldwide gave ownership of their land to the beast (when they registered their land-titles with the "government" which uses the land and everything thereon as collateral against un-payable slavery loans.) The beast, who now legally owns the land, controls the people on the land.
12 This [modern political] ‘Beast’ exercises all the power of the primordial Gentile [world] power[s], 😇. [It] causes the world-system and all [the people] domiciled in it to worship the 1st [Babylonian/Greco-Roman] ‘beast,’ (whose deadly wound got healed).
The new world power returns to the old ways of the Babylonian/Greco-Roman system, including pedophilia and gender-fluidity.
The 2nd Beast Firebombs Cities From The Sky
13 And the ‘beast’ [populace] does great wonders, 😇! It even makes fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men.
Bombs. Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden, etc. The USA firebombed 67 cities in Japan alone. And that was just a warmup.
World Worships The “Image Of The Beast”
14 This [modern] beast-power deceives the earth-dwellers (using those miracles it gets power to perform [in fulfillment] of the [world-domination] vision of the [ancient] Gentile [global-empires]). [The 2nd beast-power] instructs the earth-dwellers to make an image [honoring] the [1st] beast-system (which suffered the [apparently fatal] sword-wound, yet survives).
1st beast=Babylonian/Greco-Roman Empire. 2nd beast=Democratic socialism, the NWO, the United Nations. Same evil: mankind overriding the Creator's laws. Modern media = the human beast-population staring at itself in a mirror. Examples: social media, television, coins featuring pagan gods and dead presidents. These devilish-tools came immediately after Hiroshima, the fire coming down from the sky. Mass media is a nonstop, worldwide multi-channel image-orgy of sex, money, violence and beastly power.
15 The [end-times] beast-population [uses its] power to animate the image of the [original Roman political] beast. So, 😇, the [modern] beast speaks [propaganda that incites the] ruin of everyone who [refuses] to worship it's beastly image[s].
Image of the beast = modern media screens. Our brothers and sisters are being murdered in the openly Anti-Christian nations. The rest of us are being abandoned, exposed, left to die because we refuse to obey the beast, to use the world's fake money, to pray to its ‘government’ for I.D. stamps required to buy, sell and move about. The word normally translated ‘killed’ is not ‘phoneuo’, meaning ‘to slay’ nor ‘to murder‘, but ‘apokteino: to kill in any way whatever, to destroy, to allow to perish to extinguish, abolish as to deprive.’ If you refuse to use a national I.D. number, your neighbors banish you to die. They blame your death on your ‘stubborn paranoia’, your refusal to be ID-vaccine-stamped. ‘Worship’ = proskeuno (kiss the hand): If you love... servitude..., go home from us. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.—Samuel Adams Animate = didomi pneuma: give breath.
John Sees The Payment System You Use Today
16 And this beast-mass causes everyone, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bound [in agreements or involuntary servitude], to dose [receive] a ‘mark’ in [or on] their ‘right hand’, or on their foreheads, [i.e. in their memory].
"Dose" is from Ancient Greek δόσις (dósis, “a portion prescribed”, literally “a giving”), used by Galen and other Greek physicians for an amount of medicine, from δίδωμι (dídōmi, “to give”/transact). The mark can be a stamp, vaccine-record or implant on or under the skin, or as paper money, biometrically-authenticated digital cash, or any form of payment obtained by swearing oaths. All bank accounts, passports, and government I.D. are obtained by swearing forbidden oaths to the beast. (James 5:12, Matt 5:33-37.) The mark be a globally unique biometric I.D. number or national I.D. number. "Beastly" because you have to disobey Christ to get it and to use it. ‘Forehead’ is either your literal skin, or your ‘metopon,’ your frontal lobe, the seat of your conscious will. The Mark of the beast, at its core, is a decision choose Satan's painless convenience over painful obedience to Christ. Buying groceries vs. growing food yourself. Public school vs. home school. Hitch-hiking vs. driving with a license, etc.
17 And [the beast-society arranges a comprehensive global commercial system in which] no man can buy nor sell, 😇, except [citizen-subjects] who have the ‘mark,’ or authority of the beast, or the [globally-unique I.D.] number [assigned on the beast's authority and legally attached to their] name: [their national I.D. number, S.I.N, S.S.N.]
The beast's mark begins with debased money: a false weight and balance forbidden by the Scripture. (For instance, a German ‘Mark’ or U.S. Dollar.) The beast's name = delegated authority from the beast, a form of payment obtained by swearing an oath to the beast-system. The word ‘Name’ is #3686 onoma: a literal or figurative ‘name’: authority, character. ‘Number of his/its name’ probably means a number which uniquely identifies a man, say, a national I.D. number, a globally unique biometric number or algorithm, today tied to a mobile payment device. Such closed payment systems have been the means of keeping scripture-followers out of trading networks at least as far back as the Roman Empire. Michelangelo painted slaves with Charangma [Mark] placards bearing their I.D. number on the Sistine Chapel! The only difference today is that the system is globalized and absolute. Subcutaneous vaccine-ID-stamps are completing the worldwide rollout of the Mark Of The Beast.
18 Here is wisdom, 😇: Whoever has comprehensive-understanding, count the number of the beast: for it is the number [of] MAN. And man's number is Six hundred 60 and 6 [666].
6 is the number of man, signifying falling short of the number of perfection (7). Mankind uses every technology more for evil than good. So every increase in technological power accelerates man's rush to doomsday. Most translations fraudulently insert the indefinite article: “a” man, perpetuating King James' attempt to use this verse to discredit the Pope and invent the ‘one-man antichrist.’ Man's number appears wherever man seeks to act outside of YHVH's authority, such as bank / corporate logos, propaganda, statutory codes, etc. The use of the number 6 in advertising is legendary and well-known to all experienced graphic designers and propagandists. In China 666 is a lucky number meaning “everything goes smoothly”. 666 is often displayed in China's shop windows and neon signs. Microsoft's U.S. patent WO2020-060606 describes this commercial track-and-reward technology, scheduled soon to be implanted in nearly everyone.