Bible ~~- Newer Testament ~~- Apocalypsis (Revelation) ~~- chapter 7 of 22 (17 verses.)

Apocalypsis (Revelation) 7Wrench

YAH Culls 144000 Righteous People From Earth
1 End Times Disasters Then, ๐Ÿ˜‡, I see 4 angels standing at the 4 quarters of the earth. [They] hold [back] the globe's 4 winds. So no wind can blow on any land, [nor on] the sea, nor on any tree.
2 End Times Disasters Then, ๐Ÿ˜‡, I see another angel ascending from [where the sun rises in] the east. This angel holds the seal of [YHVH] the living Eloah. This angel cries with a loud voice to the 4 angels to whom [YAH] gave [the ability] to harm the land and the sea.
3 Being Marked/Counted as YAH's *[The angel shouts], โ€œWait to hurt the earth, the sea, and the trees, until we [finish] sealing [marking, branding] the servants of [YHVH] our Eloah in [or on] their foreheads.โ€
Mark = brand, seal of your owner's authority. Forehead = your conscious choices.
4 Being Marked/Counted as YAH's *I hear the number [of YAH's servants] whom [angels] seal: 144 thousand [people] from all the tribes of the [natural and engrafted] children of Israel.
Highly symbolic. The seal signifies people who live solely under the authority of YHVH, who obey Him and are bound in no master-slave agreement with, and owe neither debt nor allegiance to any man, corporation, nation or devil. The โ€˜children of Israelโ€™ mentioned here are the people who will rule with Elohim, not necessarily genetic descendants of the ancient man named Israel. A true Christian is engrafted into Israel. The 144,000 is possibly a symbolic term for โ€˜many.โ€™ Every cult claims itself to be the 144,000. It is possible, given the extreme scarcity of true believers who are 100% obedient to YAH's commands, that 144,000 will be the literal number of YAH's true servants left alive by Armageddon. Even that number seems incredibly high if extreme obedience is the criteria. How many people do you know who even come close to obeying James 5:12, for instance, the absolute command to make no oath of any kind? Or who sell all their possessions to give to the poor? No one, right?
5 Being Marked/Counted as YAH's [Angels] seal 12,000 [saints] from the tribe of Judah {Celebrated}, 12,000 from Reuben {Look-a-Son}, 12,000 from Gad {Troop};
Here are the original 12 sons of Jacob, listed by birth order, with mother noted: 1: Reuben (Leah); 2: Simeon (Leah); 3: Levi (Leah); 4: Judah (Leah) ; 5: Dan (Bilhah, Rachel's slave); 6: Naphtali (Bilhah, Rachel's slave); 7: Gad (Zilpah, Leah's slave); 8: Asher (Zilpah, Leah's slave); 9: Issachar (Leah); 10: Zebulun (Leah); Dinah (Daughter, Leah); 11: Joseph (Rachel); 12: Benjamin (Rachel). Dan, the first child of Jacob's adultery, is not listed in the 144000, fulfilling Jacob's curse on Dan; see Genesis 49:17.
6 Being Marked/Counted as YAH's [Angels] seal 12,000 [saints] from the tribe of Asher {Happy}, 12,000 from Naphtali {Wrestler}, 12,000 from [the tribe descended from Joseph's older son] Manasseh {Sweet-Forgetting};
Manasseh was NOT one of Jacob's sons. Manasseh was ceremonially adopted by Jacob in Gen 48:5, and is inserted in the 144,000 [world's-end saints] to fill the place later vacated by Dan's idolatrous tribe, echoing the ousting and replacement of Judas Iscariot from Christ's 12 original apostles.
7 Being Marked/Counted as YAH's [Angels seal] 12,000 [people] from [the tribe of] Simeon {Listener}, 12,000 from Levi {Uniter}, 12,000 from Issachar {Reward};
8 Being Marked/Counted as YAH's [Angels seal] 12,000 [saints] from Zebulun {House}, 12,000 [more] from Joseph {Increaser} [via his younger son Ephraim {Double-Fruit}], 12,000 from Benjamin {Son-Of-Strength}.
There never was a โ€˜tribe of Joseph.โ€™ But Ephraim's tribe arguably qualifies as Joseph's tribe. Levi's tribe was dedicated to the temple and therefore not listed as one of Israel's tribes in Num 14:1-6. Still Levi shows up in this list. Dan does NOT show up, because, amongst their other sins, the tribe of Dan used military force to murder separatist pacifist farmers and steal their green land.
Innumerable Heavenly Multitudes Praise YHVH
9 The Kingdom (Dominion) Of Heaven *Then I look. See, ๐Ÿ˜‡! A great multitude. No [mortal] can count [them]. [Resurrected people] from all nations, tribes, peoples and language groups stand before YAH's throne and before [Yahshua] the Lamb. The people [shine,] clothed with white robes. The people [wave] palm branches in their hands.
10 Praise The [innumerable heavenly] multitude cry with a loud voice, ๐Ÿ˜‡. [They] shout, โ€œSalvation [belongs] to [YHVH] our Elohim who sits upon the throne, and to [Yahshua the] Lamb.โ€
11 Praise All the angels stand encircling YAH's throne, around the elders and the 4 beasts. Before YAH's throne, the angels fall on their faces. [They] worship [YHVH] the Eloah.
12 Praise [The angels praise YAH, singing] โ€œYes, ๐Ÿ˜‡! Unshakeable blessing, glory, wisdom, thanksgiving, honor, power and might belong to [YHVH] our Eloah for ever and ever!โ€
Countless Martyrs Will Never Again Suffer
13 Moral Purity / Childlikeness One of the [24] elders asks me, โ€œWho are these [countless people] arrayed in white robes? From where did they come?โ€
14 Redemption *I answer the elder, โ€œSir, you know.โ€ The elder answers me, โ€œThis [crowd of people] came out of great tribulation. [They] washed their โ€˜robes,โ€™ making them white with the โ€˜bloodโ€™ of [Yahshua] the Lamb.
15 The Kingdom (Dominion) Of Heaven That's why the multitude in the โ€˜white robesโ€™ gather before the throne of YHVH. They serve YAH day and night in his temple, ๐Ÿ˜‡. YAH (who sits on the throne) lives [forever] with the [holy ones. He eternally] shelters them with his [Shโ€™khinah] presence.
16 Heaven The [holy ones] never again feel hunger, ๐Ÿ˜‡, nor thirst. Neither the sun, nor any burning heat, ever again beats down on them.
17 Yah's Provision (Assurance) *For [Yahshua] (the Lamb in the center of the throne[room]) feeds the [redeemed ones, ๐Ÿ˜‡]. He leads them to fountains of living waters. [YHVH] the Eloah wipes away every tear from their eyes, ๐Ÿ˜‡.โ€