Bible ~~- Newer Testament ~~- Apocalypsis (Revelation) ~~- chapter 9 of 22 (21 verses.)

Apocalypsis (Revelation) 9Wrench

Angel #5: A 'Star' Opens The Abyss of Smog
1 The 5th angel sounds, 😇. I see a ‘star’ fall from heaven to the earth. [YAH] gives this ‘star’ the key to the Abyss [the bottomless pit].
2 This “star” opens the bottomless pit, 😇. Smog rises out of the shaft. [It] billows like smoke from a great furnace. The sun and the air go dark from the smoke from the pit.
Volcanoes. And/or air pollution.
Locust-Consumers Torment Beast-Marked People
3 Out of the smoke locusts fly onto the earth, 😇. [YAH] gives the [locusts] power like the power scorpions wield on earth.
Locusts = consumers.
4 [Angels] command the locusts, “Refrain from damaging the grass of the earth, or any green thing, or any tree. Only [harm] the people who lack the seal of [YHVH] the Eloah in their foreheads.”
5 [YAH] denies the locusts the power to kill men. [YAH] only gives the locusts power to torment men for 5 ‘months,’ like scorpions strike men.
6 (In those days, 😇, men seek death, but they don't find it. People long to die, but death flees from them.)
7 The locusts are shaped like horses equipped for battle, 😇. On their heads sit [capitals] like crowns of gold. Their faces appear like the faces of men.
8 The locusts have hair like women, and teeth like lions.
9 The locusts sport breastplates like iron, 😇. Their wings roar like chariots [pulled by battalions] of horses running to battle.
10 The locusts [swing] their tails like scorpions. They sting men with their power-loaded tails, 😇. [They] torture [disobedient] humans for 5 “months.”
11 [Towering] over these locusts [flies] a king: the [fallen] angel from the bottomless [Abyss]. The [evil angel's] name in the Hebrew tongue is ‘Abaddon {Pit-Of-Destruction}’. But in the Greek tongue [he's] named ‘Apollyon {Destroyer}’.
This is the personification of the “destruction” mentioned in Job 26:6, etc.
12 The first horror lies over, 😇. There are still two more horrors to come.
Middle-East 'War-Horses' Kill 1/3 Of Humans
13 The 6th angel sounds [his trumpet, 😇]. I hear a voice from the 4 horns of the golden altar which [stands] before YHVH.
14 [The altar-voice] commands the 6th angel who holds the trumpet, “Release the 4 angels who [wait] bound at the great river Euphrates!”
Iraq war.
15 [An archangel] releases the 4 [Euphrates river] angels. (They've been prepared for this very year, month, day and hour, 😇, to kill 1/3 of earth's people.)
16 I see (and hear confirmation) that the troops on ‘horseback’ number 200 million, 😇!
2 hundred thousand thousand.
17 Here, 😇, is how the ‘horses’ look in the vision: on the horses sit riders wearing breastplates of fire-red, iris-blue and sulfur-yellow. The horses’ heads loom [huge] like lions’ heads. Their ‘mouths’ shoot fire, smoke and sulfur.
18 1/3 of [the world's] men get killed by the fire, smoke, and brimstone shooting out of the ‘horses'’ mouths.
19 The “horses'” power lies in their mouths and tails, 😇. The tails [flick] like serpents with ‘heads’ that injure people.
Mouths and tails = The fronts and backs of tanks, drones, planes, helicopters and other killing machines.
Mankind Still Refuses To Repent
20 The rest of the [world's] men who avoid being killed by these plagues still refuse to repent of the [ruinous] works of their hands, 😇. They keep on worshiping devils and idols of gold, silver, brass, stone and wood: [materials] which can't see, hear or walk.
Political leaders make ‘laws’ which are really forbidden contracts that turn you into a slave of the devil. Stop giving your life to buy houses, cars and jewelry.
21 [The world's] people refuse to repent of their murders, sorceries, fornication[s] and thefts, 😇.
Murder = Voluntarily living a selfish, consumptive lifestyle that obligates you to pay taxes to a mercenary corporation called a ‘government’ that murders people on a globally unprecedented scale. Sorcery = being enchanted by mass media & fake religion. Fornication = mixing with the pagan world until you, a ‘christian’ lie statistically indistinguishable from a non-christian. Theft = taking money from rich people to pay for ‘welfare’ schemes.