Bible ~~- Apocrypha ~~- Esther (Greek) ~~- chapter 16 of 16 (14 verses.)

Esther (Greek) 16Wrench

1 The great king Artexerxes to the princes and governors of 127 provinces from India to Cush {Ethiopia}, and to all our faithful subjects, greeting.
2 Many, the more often they are honored with the great bounty of their gracious princes, the more proud they are grown,
3 And endeavour to hurt not our subjects only, but not being able to bear abundance, do take in hand to practice also against those that do them good:
4 And take not only thankfulness away from among men, but also lifted up with the glorious words of lewd persons, that were never good, they think to escape the justice of Elohim, that sees all things and hates evil.
5 Oftentimes also fair speech of those, that are put in trust to manage their friends’ affairs, has caused many in authority to be partakers of innocent blood, and has enwrapped them in remediless calamities:
6 Beguiling with the falsehood and deceit of their lewd disposition the innocence and goodness of princes.
7 Now you may see this, as we have declared, not so much by ancient histories, as you may, if you search what has been wickedly done of late through the pestilent behavior of they who are unworthily placed in authority.
8 And we must take care for the time to come, that our kingdom may be quiet and peaceful for all men,
9 Both by changing our purposes, and always judging things that are evident with more equal proceeding.
10 For Aman, a Macedonia, the son of Amadatha, being indeed a stranger from the Persian blood, and far distant from our goodness, and as a stranger received of us,
11 Had so far forth obtained the favor that we show toward every nation, as that he was called our father, and was continually honored of all the next person to the king.
12 But he, not bearing his great dignity, went about to deprive us of our kingdom and life:
13 Having by manifold and cunning deceits sought of us the destruction, as well of Mardocheus, who saved our life, and continually procured our good, as also of blameless Esther, partaker of our kingdom, with their whole nation.
14 For by these means he thought, finding us destitute of friends to have translated the kingdom of the Persians to the Macedonians.
15 But we find that the Jews, whom this wicked wretch has delivered to utter destruction, are no evildoers, but live by most just laws:
16 And that they are children of the most high and most mighty, living Elohim, who has ordered the kingdom both to us and to our progenitors in the most excellent manner.
17 So you'll do well not to put in execution the letters sent to you by Aman the son of Amadatha.
18 For he who was the worker of these things, is hanged at the gates of Susa with all his family: Elohim, who rules all things, speedily rendering vengeance to him according to his deserts.
19 So you must publish the copy of this letter in all places, that the Jews may freely live after their own laws.
20 And you'll aid them, that even the same day, being the 13th day of the 12th month of Adar {Fire}, they may be avenged on them, who in the time of their affliction will set upon them.
21 For Almighty Elohim has turned to joy to them the day, wherein the chosen people should have perished.
22 So among your solemn feasts keep it a high day with all feasting:
23 That both now and hereafter there may be safety to us and the well affected Persians; but to those which do conspire against us a memorial of destruction.
24 So every city and country whatever, which won't do according to these things, will be destroyed without mercy with fire and sword, and will be made not only unpassable for men, but also most hateful to wild beasts and fowls forever.