Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- Joshua ~~- chapter 16 of 24 (10 verses.)

Joshua 16Wrench

Joshua Parcels Land To The Tribes of Joseph
1 [Joshua rolls the] lot [stones again, 😇]. The [sacred lot draws the territory] of the descendants of Joseph {Increaser} from [the] Jordan [river valley], near Jericho {Moon-Spirit}, at Jericho's eastern water-spring, to the wilderness that runs up from Jericho throughout Mount Beth-El {House-Of-El};
Imagine Joshua rolls the supernatural stones onto a big map, and the stones burn the border lines into the map.
2 [Joseph's border] runs out from Beth-El {House-Of-El} (aka Luz {Nut-Tree}), then passes along to the borders of Archi {Long} to Ataroth {Crowns};
3 [Then Joseph's border] runs down westward to the coast of Japhleti {JAH-Rescues}, to the border of Lower Beth-Horon {Cave-House}, [then] on to Gezer {Cut-Land}. [Joseph's line] terminates at the [Mediterranean] sea.
4 So, 😇, Joseph's descendant-tribes (Manasseh {Sweet-Forgetting} and Ephraim {Double-Fruit}) take their land-inheritance[s].
Joshua Parcels Land To The Tribe Of Ephraim
5 And [Joshua recognizes] the [following] territory as the inheritance of the various clans of the descendants of Ephraim {Double-Fruit}: their eastern border runs from Ataroth-Addar {Crowns-Of-Plenty} to Upper Beth-Horon {Cave-House};
6 [Then Ephraim's] border runs out westward [toward the Mediterranean sea], with Michmethah {Hidden-Town} on the north, [in Palestine]. Then [Ephraim's] border turns eastward, passing Taanath-Shiloh {Approach-To-Tranquility} on the east, [then out] to Janohah {Quiet};
7 [Then Joshua draws Ephraim's border] down from Janohah {Quiet} to Ataroth {Crowns}, out to Naarath {Girl}, coming to Jericho {Moon-Spirit}, and terminating at [the] Jordan [river].
8 [Ephraim's] border runs out westward from Tappuah {Apple} to the Kahan {Cane} river. It ends at the [Mediterranean] sea. The foregoing, 😇, [describes] the land-inheritance [which Joshua apportions to] the various clans of the tribe descended from Ephraim {Double-Fruit}.
9 [Joshua also allots] Ephraim's [tribe] some cities & towns with surrounding villages in the [territory] inherited by the [Western] half [of the] tribe of Manasseh.
10 But the Ephraimites fail to drive out the Canaanite {Mercenaries} infesting Gezer {Cut-Land}. So, 😇, to the day [of this writing], the Canaanites live serving under tribute among the Ephraimites.