Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- Joshua ~~- chapter 17 of 24 (18 verses.)

Joshua 17Wrench

Joshua Awards West-Lands To Manasseh's Tribe
1 [Next, Joshua throws the] lot [to apportion land] to the [Western half of the] tribe of Joseph's firstborn [son] Manasseh {Sweet-Forgetting}. [The clan of] Machir {Salesman}, the [praise] warrior, the firstborn [son] of Manasseh, the progenitor of [the Israelis of] Gilead {Monument-Mound}, gets Gilead and Bashan {Fruitful}.
2 [Then Joshua throws] a lot to allot land to the various remaining clans of the descendants of Manasseh: the descendants of Abiezer {Helpful-Father}, Helek {Inheritance}, Asriel {Right-Of-El}, Shechem {Neck}, Hepher {Explorer}, and Shemida {Name-Of-Knowing}, all [large] families of male descendants of Manasseh the son of Joseph {Increaser}.
3 But Zelophehad {United}, the son of Hepher {Explorer}, the son of Gilead {Monument-Mound}, the son of Machir {Salesman}, the son of Manasseh {Sweet-Forgetting}, had no sons, πŸ˜‡. [So Joshua recognizes the inheritance-rights of Zelophehad's] daughters named: Mahlah {Weak}, Noah {Rest}, Hoglah {Partridge}, Milcah {Queen} and Tirzah {Delight}.
4 [These ladies] come to present [their case] before ELeazar {El's-Aid} (the [high] priest), and Nun's son JAHshua, and [Israel's other] leaders. The [women] say, β€œYHVH commanded Moses to give us [females] an inheritance among our brothers.” So, πŸ˜‡, to execute YHVH's commandment, Joshua gives the [girls] a [land] inheritance within the [region held by] the relatives of their [deceased] father.
5 So, πŸ˜‡, to [the tribe of] Manesseh the [lot assigns] 10 [Western] land-portions, in addition to the land[s] of Gilead {Monument-Mound} and Bashan {Fruitful} on the far [East] side of [the] Jordan [river];
6 So, πŸ˜‡, the daughters in Manasseh's [tribe] secure their inheritance among [Manasseh's male] descendants. The rest of Manasseh's sons' [clans] settle the land of Gilead {Witness}.
7 Thus, πŸ˜‡, the territory of Manasseh spans from Asher's [land] to Michmethah {Hidden-Town}, opposite Shechem {Neck}. [Manasseh's] border runs south to include the settlements of Ein-Tappuah {Apple-Tree-Fountain}.
8 [The tribe of] Manasseh settles the land [around] Tappuah {Apple}. But [Apple-Town] (on Manasseh's border) stays [the property of] the descendants of Ephraim.
9 Then [Joshua draws Manasseh's] boundary on south to the Kanah {Cane} Ravine. The [hereinafter-described] towns of Ephraim end up among the towns of Manasseh, [because] Manasseh's border lies on the northern side of the [Cane] ravine. [From there, Manasseh's border runs west] to its terminus at the [Mediterranean] sea.
10 So the land south [of Kanah ravine] belongs to [the tribe of] Ephraim, while the land to the north [of the ravine] belongs to [the tribe of] Manasseh, with the [Mediterranean] sea as [both tribes’] western border. [The territories of Manasseh and Ephraim] meet together at [the land of] Asher {Happy} on the north, and at [the land of] Issachar {Reward} on the east, πŸ˜‡.
11 Within the [tribal] territories of Asher and Issachar, [the people of] Manasseh settle 3 regions including the areas of Beth-Shean {House-Of-Ease} and Ibleam {Devouring-People} and their towns, [plus] the settlements and towns of Dor {Home}, Endor {Forever-Fountain}, Taanach {Sandy}, and Megiddo {Rendezvous}.
12 Yet the progeny of Manasseh {Sweet-Forgetting} fail to drive out the [pagan] inhabitants of those cities, πŸ˜‡. So the Canaanite {Mercenaries} remain in [Asher's & Issachar's] land[s].
13 But later, πŸ˜‡, the sons of Israel grow strong. They put the Canaanite {Mercenaries} to tribute. [Yet] the [Israelis] still fail to utterly drive the [pagans] out [of the promised land].
Joseph's Progeny Pester Joshua For More Land
14 The [leaders of the tribes descended] from Joseph {Increaser} also address JAHshua. They say, β€œYHVH blessed [us] with a huge population. So why did you give [our whole multi-part tribe] just one [roll of the] lot? [You gave us only] one land-portion to inherit!”
15 So JAHshua answers [Joseph's selfish descendants], β€œSince you're a gigantic tribe, if mount Ephraim is too narrow for you, [hike] up to the wood country. Chop down [trees to make houses] for yourselves there in the land [previously ravaged by] the Perizzite {Plainsmen} and the Rephaim {Giants}.”
16 The [elders who lead] Joseph's [descendants whine] back, β€œThe hills are too small for us. All the Canaanite {Mercenaries} who dwell in the valley-land, (both the [pagans] of Beth-Shean {House-Of-Ease} and her towns, and the [pagans] in the valley of JezreEl {El-Plants}), [drive] iron war-chariots!”
17 So JAHshua [agrees with] the clans descended from Joseph's sons (Ephraim and Manasseh). [Joshua smiles. He] says, β€œ[You're right.] You are a huge population. You have great power. So take two [territorial] lots.
18 You'll own the hills, full of wood you'll cut down. Then [the open land] will be yours, because [with praise-power] you'll drive out the Canaanite {Mercenaries}, [even] though they wield iron chariots, even though they're strong.”