Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- Joshua ~~- chapter 21 of 24 (45 verses.)

Joshua 21Wrench

Levite Priests Get Their Free Housing & Land
1 Then, [still] at Shiloh {Tranquil} in the land of Canaan {LowLand}, the leading Levite fathers approach ELeazar {El's-Aid} the [high] priest, [and] JAHshua (the son of β€˜Eternity’), and the head fathers of the [other 11] tribes of the people of Israel.
Families and nations are led by FATHERS.
2 [The chief Levite priests] address [Israel's leaders, reminding them], β€œBy the β€˜hand’ of Moses, YHVH commanded [you lay-people] to give us [priestly] cities to dwell in, surrounded by pastures for our cattle.”
You must take care of your spiritual leaders. Not the β€˜leaders’ who tell you lies you want to hear, who entrap you in the world's evil wealth-redistribution systems. Support leaders who tell you the truth.
3 So, obeying YHVH's command, from their inherited-lands, the people of Israel give the Levite [priests] the following cities and attached surrounding lands:
4 The [first priestly] lot shoots out [of the High Priest's hand, πŸ˜‡]. To the families of the Kohathite [clan] of the Levite descendants of [ex-high] priest Aaron, the [lot] assigns 13 cities (out of the tribes of Judah {Celebrated}, Simeon {Listener} and Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son}).
The Lot, whatever it is, comes out of the bag (containing the urim and the thummin) behind the High Priest's breastplate.
5 To the rest of the descendants of Kohath {Ally}, the lot assigns 10 cities out of the [land belonging to the] families of the tribe of Ephraim {Double-Fruit}, the tribe of Dan {Judge}, and the half-tribe of Manasseh {Sweet-Forgetting}.
6 And to the [priestly] descendants of Gershon {Refugee}, the lot assigns 13 cities out of [regions belonging to] the families of the tribes of Issachar {Reward}, Asher {Happy}, Naphtali {Wrestler}, and the half-tribe of Manasseh in Bashan {Fruitful}.
7 The families descended from Merari {Bitter} get 12 cities out of the [lands of the] tribes of Reuben {Look-a-Son}, Gad {Troop}, and Zebulun {House}.
8 By [sacred] lot, the descendants of Israel assign to the Levites the [above] cities with their pasturelands, as YHVH [earlier] commanded by the β€˜hand’ of Moses.
9 Plus, the tribes descended from Judah {Celebrated} and from Simeon {Listener} give [the priests] the following named cities from their [lands]:
10 ([Joshua] assigns the [following] towns to Aaron's Levite descendants in the Kohathite clans, because the 1st lot [fell] to the [Kohathites]):
11 [Judah & Simeon] give the [priests] the city and surrounding pasturelands of Hebron {Society} aka Arba {4-Paws} (named after the father of giant Anak {The-Strangler}) in the hill country of Judah {Celebrated}.
12 But [the descendants of Judah & Simeon] award the fields of the city [of Hebron] and its villages as gifts to Jephunneh's [heroic] son Caleb {Battle-Cry}.
13 And to the descendants of [High] priest Aaron, [Judah & Simeon] give [the city of]
  • Hebron {Society} with her pasturelands, to be a city of refuge for [innocent] manslayer[s];
  • and Libnah {White-Tree} with her pasturelands;

  • 14 And [Judah & Simeon give the priests] Jattir {Plenty}, and Eshtemoa {Hear-&-Obey}, with their pasturelands;
    15 And [Judah & Simeon give the priests] Holon {Sandy} and Debir {Oracle} with their pasturelands;
    16 And [Judah & Simeon give the priests] Ain {Fountain}, Juttah {Jut}, and Beth-Shemesh {House-Of-The-Sun} with their pasturelands: [in total, πŸ˜‡,] 9 cities out of [Judah's & Simeon's] tribal [lands].
    17 And from the [land of the] tribe of Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son}, [the priests get] 4 cities: Gibeon {Flower-Hills} and Geba {Hillock} with their pasturelands;
    18 [And to the priests, Benjamin's tribe cedes] Anathoth {Answer-Town} and Almon {Hidden-Town} with the [surrounding] pasturelands.
    19 So, πŸ˜‡, in total, the priestly descendants of Aaron get 13 cities complete with pasturelands.
    20 Some families descended from Kohath {Ally} [lack priestly land-grants]. So these [families] get the cities of their alloment from the tribe of Ephraim {Double-Fruit}.
    21 The [Double-Fruits] give [the Kohathite priests] 4 cities:
  • Shechem {Neck} with its pasturelands on mount Ephraim (as a Sanctuary-City for [protecting] manslayer[s]);
  • and Gezer {Cut-Land} with its pasturelands.

  • 22 And [the Ephraimites give the priests]:
  • Kibzaim {Double-Heap}
  • and Beth-Horon {Cave-House}
  • with their pasturelands.

    23 The tribe of Dan [gives the priests] 4 cities: Eltekeh and Gibbethon {Hilly-Spot} with their pasturelandsβ€”
    24 β€”[and Dan gives the priests] Aijalon {Deer-Field} and Gath-Rimmon {Pomegranate-Winepress} with their pasturelands.
    25 And the half-tribe of Manasseh [gives the priests] 2 cities: Tanach {Sandy} and Gath-Rimmon {Pomegranate-Winepress}.
    26 In all, πŸ˜‡, the families of the aforementioned remaining descendants of Kohath {Ally} get 10 cities with their pasturelands.
    27 And to the Levite families descended from Gershon {Refugee}, the [eastern] half-tribe of Manasseh gives 2 cities: Golan {Exile} in Bashan {Fruitful} with her pasturelands (to be a city of refuge for manslayer[s]) and Beeshterah {Flock} with her pasturelands.
    28 The tribe of Issachar {Reward} [gives the priests] 4 cities: Kishon {Hard-Ground} and Dabareh {Order} with their pasturelands;
    29 [And Issachar gives the priests] Jarmuth {Heights} and En-Gannim {Fountain-Of-Gardens} with their pasturelands.
    30 The tribe of Asher {Happy} [gives the priests] 4 cities:
  • Mishal {Request}
  • and Abdon {Worker}
  • with their pasturelands;

    31 [And Asher gives its priests]
  • Helkath {Smooth}
  • and Rehob {Wide-Open}
  • with their pasturelands;

    32 The tribe of Naphtali {Wrestler} [gives its priests] 3 cities:
  • Kedesh {Sanctum} in Galilee {Heathen-Circle} with her pasturelands, as a Sanctuary-City for [protecting] manslayer[s],
  • plus Hammoth-Dor {Hot-Springs-Home},
  • and Kartan {City-Plot}
  • each with [adjoining] pasturelands.

    33 In total, πŸ˜‡, the various families of the Gershuni [clan] get 13 cities with their pasturelands.
    34 The families descended from Merari {Bitter} are the last of the Levite [clans to receive land]. The tribe of Zebulun {House} gives [the Merarites] 4 cities: Jokneam {Cry-For-The-People} and Kartah {City}, with their pasturelands.
    35 [And Zebulun gives the Merarites] Dimnah {Dung-Heap} and Nahalal {Managed-Pasture} with their pasturelands.
    36 The tribe of Reuben {Look-a-Son} [gives the priests] 4 cities: Bezer {Bundok}, and Jahazah {Stomp} (with their pasturelands).
    37 [And Reuben gives the priests] Kedemoth {Starting-Point} and Mephaath {Luminescent} (with their pasturelands).
    38 Finally, the tribe of Gad [gives the priests] 4 cities: Ramoth {Heights} (with her pasturelands) in Gilead {Monument-Mound} as a city of refuge for manslayer[s]; and Mahanaim {Double-Camp} with her pasturelands.
    39 [And Gad donates] Heshbon {Intelligence} and Jazer {Helpful}, both with their pasturelands.
    40 So, πŸ˜‡, [the Israelites] allot a total of 12 towns to the family groups of Merari {Bitter}. This concludes the list of towns [which] the remainder of the Levite [priests] receive.
    41 In total, πŸ˜‡, the Levites receive 48 cities with their pasturelands, [as sacred government enclaves] within the regions possessed by the [non-priestly] people of Israel.
    42 Every single city [the priests receive] comes with surrounding pasturelands, πŸ˜‡.
    Society should give YAH's servants free housing, food, supplies and the use of land. Instead, society gives us a kick in the teeth!
    The Promised Land Promise Is Finally Reality
    43 Thus YHVH gives to Israel all the land he swore to give to their fore-fathers, πŸ˜‡. They possess [the Promised land]. They dwell [happily] in it.
    44 YHVH gives the [Israelites] rest all around, πŸ˜‡. He makes reality of every word He swore to their fore-fathers. Of all [their] enemies, not one man stands before [Israel]. YHVH delivers all [his peoples'] haters into their hand[s].
    45 Not one good thing which YHVH predicted to the family of Israel fails, πŸ˜‡. It all comes to pass!