Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- Joshua ~~- chapter 6 of 24 (27 verses.)

Joshua 6Wrench

YAH Orders: 'Take The Fortress Of Jericho'
1 At this time, ๐Ÿ˜‡, Jericho {Moon-Spirit} lies in total lock-down [in anticipation of attack] from the people of Israel: no one leaves; no one comes in.
2 Then YHVH says to JAHshua, โ€œWatch: I've given Jericho {Moon-Spirit} and its king, and [its] mighty, valiant men, into your hand.
3 [March] around [Jericho,] that city filled with belligerent [warmongering] mortals. Circle the city once on each of the following 6 days.
Illogical warmongering traditions call the Israeli marchers โ€˜men of warโ€™ (belligerent mortals) when that's exactly what YHVH got rid of in the previous chapter (#5)!
4 In front of the ark, 7 priests will carry 7 ramsโ€™ horn-trumpets [shofars]. On the 7th day you'll circle the city 7 times. Then the priests will blow the trumpets.
5 The [priests] will sound a long blast on the rams' horn[s]. When you hear the sound of those trumpet[s], all the people will yell with a [deafening] shout. Immediately the wall of the city will fall down flat. Then the [Israeli] people will run up [into it,] every man straight ahead, [from every angle. The city will lie totally defenseless].โ€
Jahshua Leads Nonviolent Spiritual War
6 So JAHshua (the son of โ€˜Eternityโ€™) calls the priest[s]. He says to them, โ€œCarry the ark of the covenant up [near the city wall]. Have 7 priests carry 7 ram's horn-trumpets in front of the ark of YHVH.โ€
7 Then [JAHshua] shouts to the people, โ€œMove forward! Circle the city. Let the men equipped [with musical instruments] march in front the ark of YHVH.โ€
These men marching in front of the ark were not โ€˜armedโ€™ with weapons, but with rams' horns and other musical instruments. See next verse.
8 JAHshua finishes speaking to the [Hebrew hordes. They cheer!] The 7 priests bearing the 7 ramsโ€™ horn-trumpets pass on in front of [the ark of] YHVH. The [priests] blast their horns. The ark of the covenant of YHVH follows them.
9 Strong [men] rush in front of the trumpet-blowing priests. Gathered people trail the ark. On [march] the priests, blowing the trumpets.
Strong = #2502 chalats, usually rendered โ€˜armed menโ€™. Gathered = #00622 acaph, oten rendered โ€˜rear-guardโ€™.
10 [The marchers obey] JAHshua's earlier command, โ€œDon't shout. Make no noise with your voice. Don't [let] one word proceed out of your mouth, until the day I yell, โ€˜shout!โ€™ Then you'll shout!โ€
Praise-Warriors Circle Jericho For 6 Days
11 So, ๐Ÿ˜‡, the ark of YHVH circles the [fortified] city once. Then [the praise-marchers] return to their camp. They stay the night in [their tents].
12 Then, on the [2nd] morning [of the siege], JAHshua gets up early. Again the priests lift up the ark of YHVH.
13 Again the 7 priests bearing the 7 shofar-trumpets [march] on in front of the ark of YHVH. They keep on blowing the trumpets. Strong [men parade] in front of the [priests]. Gathered [hordes] follow the ark of YHVH. On and on the priests march, blowing the rams' horns.
14 Again, the 2nd day, the [Hebrew Praise-team] circles the city once. Then they go back into the [Israeli] camp. Same for each of the 6 days.
7th Day: JAHshua Signals The Praise-Warriors
15 Then, on the 7th day, the [praise-team] rises early, around day-break. They circle the city as before. But today and only today, they [repeat the march] 7 times, ๐Ÿ˜‡!
16 Finally, the 7th round, when the priests blow the trumpets, JAHshua [yells] to the people, โ€œShout! YHVH has given you the city!
17 โ€”The city and everything in it are banned [by] YHVH. Only Rahab {Biggie} the prostitute can stay [with us], she and everyone with her in her [whore] house, because she hid the [spies] we sent.
banned = #2764 cherem.
18 And you [Israelites], keep yourselves totally [separated] from everything banned, or you'll get yourself banned. When you take anything [YHVH] has outlawed, you bring a curse on the camp of Israel. [Mixing with pagans] stirs up [disaster] for [your people]!
19 None of [Jericho's] silver, gold and instruments of brass and iron are [for personal use]. [They're] consecrated to YHVH's [service]. [Bring] them into the treasury of YHVH.โ€
Trumpets Blow; City Fortress Walls Fall Flat!
20 The priests blow their trumpets. The [2 million Israeli] people shout! When the people hear this trumpet-blast, and the people shout this great shout, the [city] wall falls down flat! So, ๐Ÿ˜‡, the [Israelites] rush up into the city. Every man [runs] straight before his [neighbor]. They capture the city.
21 With the [supernatural] mouth-sword [of YAH's Word], the [Israelites] utterly banish everyone [YAH left alive] in the city [of Jericho], including man and woman, young and old, ox, sheep and donkey.
#2763 charam (herem) = banish, not destroy. If YAH had wanted Jericho's survivors dead, He would have killed them Himself when he smashed their city walls.
22 Except that JAHshua had said to the two men who had spied out the country, โ€œGo into the whorehouse. Bring out the Madam, and everyone she has [sequestered inside the brothel]. Fulfill your oath to her.โ€
23 So, ๐Ÿ˜‡, the young spies rush [up the last remaining fragment of the wall. They climb] into [the whorehouse window]. They extract Rahab {Biggie}, and her father, and her mother, and her brothers, and everyone she has [hidden in the brothel]. [The spies] bring out her whole family. [CRASH! Behind them falls the last standing bit of the city wall!] Then the [Israeli spies] leave the [pagans] outside the camp of Israel.
24 With fire, the [Israelites] burn the [accursed satanic] city and everything in it. (Except the silver, and the gold, and the bronze and iron utensils.) [These] the [Israelis] store in the treasury in YHVH's sanctuary [tent].
25 Thus JAHshua saves Rahab {Biggie} the harlot's life, and [the lives of] her father's household, and everyone she [hid]. So Rahab dwells in Israel to the day [of this writing], because she hid the messengers whom JAHshua sent to spy out Jericho {Moon-Spirit}.
26 Immediately JAHshua 7-times [warns] the [Israelites and the banned people of Jericho]: โ€œCursed before YHVH is the man who rises up and re-builds this [Satanic] city [of] Jericho {Moon-Spirit}. He will lay its foundation [at the cost] of his firstborn. He'll set up its gates [with the loss] of his youngest son.โ€
1 Ki 16:34 tells of the death of Hiel of Bethel, one of the fools who tried to rebuild Jericho. Hiel met the fate here foretold by Joshua.
27 So YHVH stays with JAHshua. [YAH's] fame spreads throughout the whole country.
Or "Joshua's fame..."